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F ri. February 11th 2011@3:14pm( improving productivity: A Harvard Manae mentor still pack)

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Thursday February 10th 2011@4:40pm ( the first christmas letter(1973) from saudi… written by my mom)

Here is a letter I found amongst some papers… was written by my mother.. marion Gregory ziska… at the time of this letter… she went by marion ziska…( her marrried name to my father )then  ( gregory is her maidian name she returned to her maidian name  when she and my father  were divorced…) anyway…. wish i had all the letters… we lived there most of my child hood… from  when i was 6( turned 7 years old in saudi) …… first birthday there was my 7th b-day… until i was 17…about a total of about 10-10 and a half years….. but bording school when i was 14…

So many great and amazing experiences.. so many memories… I actually started crying after reading  the letter.. I miss my family so much sometimes… and my sisters.. and recounting these great and funny stories.. a life hardly anyone has ever had anything similar… even the aramcons… never two stories the same… and so unique….. i mean I’m sure  it was great growing up in the united states…or Europe…   but nothing like my childhhod… I had the oportunities in the states.. in europe.. and in the middle east…. 

I was actually more shy about telling everyone or anyone where i grew up or what it  was like because they will never in a milion years be able to understand… and most people think they know me or what it ws supposed ot be like… they also think  they grew up having a great childhood… and i’m sure they did…..but mine and my family… was really unique ..
it makes me laugh at the “new money idiots”.. like the idiot who thought his wad of cash would make him someone.. remember  that scum from  brooklyn.. gerard… anyway… they don’t get it.. they never will..
   and the imposter girls/conartists/.. will never get all the stories right.. or ever know all the stories.. or all the details… or any of the details….they will never know the smells… the tastes… the friendships.. all the conversations…. the memories… the events.. the weather.. the atmosphere…. they always get something wrong.. 

thought i should put in a note before or after explaining a few things…
 1- houseboys… the same as cleaning people… pretty much everyone in aramco had them…  they were always men… not women… except once my mom brought over a nanny for us.. and she was a woman.. but mostly  we always had a house boy to take care of the house… 

2- Aramco usuually took car of al the maintence things.. like gardners.. and there were grooms at the hobby farm.. they took care of our horses….and everything within the compound… many of the aramcons called the company “MOTHER  ARAMCO”   

3- even though my mom claimed she wansn’t a gormet cook.. she did alright ..knew a few things.. and there was kanario( sp?) he was a cook who cooked for us…  for parites or special occassions… ) 

4- the wine thing…my parents wer never big drinkers… and i think they only did the trail of how to make anything only once or a few times…. and probably for the best… my 6th grade teacher’s  husband made some sedeke  and  and gave it to a local arab and someohoe he got in toruble fo rit and was deported… remember we wer jsut guests in a muslim country….

5- my mom and all of us did  like the bargaining  for gold and items… funny story about my youngest sister… bargaining  for an item…only to pay for it with a large bill…HA! My mom was able to get some amazing finds….

6- in 1973… first trip my mother and father took…the african safari…  then she ended up starting  her own travel business…trips to africa.. india.. greece the usa…. all types of places..and she always took at least one of her chidren on each of her trips.. some times we all got to go… once in a life opportunities… and such amazing memories…

7- we never did move to Dhahran… livd in Ras Tanura the entre time we were in Saudi…. different houses but same great beach…and community… and people… 

8- i cant really remember the lemonaide stand… but i was always doing some type of busness… guess i was a born entrepreneur!!!!!!!! 

9- leaving st croix.. my entire family is caucasian…and  so the racism my mother was talking about… we were the minority….and different  colored skkin from the  locals…  and therefore  targeted for theft.. or  murder… not safe for us.. and there had been a golf course mascare…around the same time when my dad decided we needed to leave…

10- she forgot to mention alll the really neat things we did while in Holland…. there are the cutest pictures of the three little blond girls… i jsut remember lots of tullips…HA! and this miniutre town…. rotterdam right? and we even wore clogs when we first moved to saudi… not the really authentic dutch clogs… but these little shoes.. so cute…..   

11- there were no high schools…. so everyone went away to bording  schools… everyone went everywhere…some of the best schools.. some of te wildest schools… everyone picked ther own… even knew two boys who wanted to pick schools based on boy to girl ratio…sont know if they wer allowed.. just a rumor i heard…. anyway… when they came back we were called “returning students” It was great!!!!!! memories of meeting one trip in New york… and almost getting stuck in switzerland… we were all ready for a mini break…HA!  



over the 10 years… my mom collected charms for our  silver charm bracelet from many of our travels.. and dolls from all the different countries… somehow i only have my dutch doll and the german dolls… the rest of them are susposedly at my mom’s house… hope those didnt get stolen with all the other mementos and memories… the parasites and conartists… have stolen over the years.. like th eking fisel picture… i loved that picture.. and susposedly was given away???????????? i grew up with that picture in my life… God i hate the scum that has torn apart my memories and siffened off the possessions they decided to steal….    

so here is one letter… typed word for word  (except for the spelling errors..or typing errors.. that is all me..HA!…)     but a letter by my mother… … she was such a great writer.. and such a wonderful woman… the opportunities.. she allowed us.. the  wonderful and unique childhood.. I will always be so grateful and thankful for all that  she and my father provided for me… i was really blessed…   

” The ZISKA’S have arrived!  We are beginning this chirstmas letter in the middle of May 1973 and we have been living here in Ras Tanura Saudi Arabia since April 28th To all our relatives and friends who have been wondering how this move came about and what happened to us since  we left St. Croix the middle of March….  

We decided that as beautiful as St. Croix was, it definitely was not a safe place to live and raise a family.  There was much racism and hostility on the Island and in 72 we made up our minds tht we were going to move back to the Mainland.  Or first desire was to move back to Florida, however we knew that  we weren’t quite ready ( financially or emotionaly ) to “retire”.  So the resume sending and follow -ups began.  We had offers from just  about everywhere; Mexico California,
New Hampshire etc.  but nothing worth the move. We even flew out to colorado in July where El was interviewed by adolph -coors in golden.  they found it hard to believe he turned down their offer becaue we didn’t  like the weather!  It was aout 50 degrees when we arrived there that “summer” night and i still shiver remembering how cold we were!  We stayed in the Denver area for a few days visiting a department store there and seeing ski masks, woolen scarfs and mittens displayed in July only reaffrmd our decision!  In December El and i flew to Ft. Pierce florida to investigate another offer.  We were so sure this was goign to be it.. afterall it was florida and we wanted to get back to florida or so we thought. 

These past six months we were also considering the move to Arabia.  El declined the offer form the company in Ft Pierce and we called ARAMCO in New York then and there.  The ARAMCO stands for the Arabian American Oil Company and they are the largest oil producing company in the world and have been here in Saudi Arabia since 1936.  El was interviewed in Texas by ARAMCO the “summer of 72”  but we still had to firm up the offer and work out details.  El then flew to New York from St Croix and in December we decide we were going to make “the move” 

So this is why we are here to enjoy a new culture, to make some nice money and to get some of the foreign travel out of our system that we’ve wanted for years!  Now we feel that once we decide to settle down in the States that it’ll be for good, but until then we are still growing and prepared to meet with all sorts of events.  As long as this area remains peaceful and we are safe as American citizens we plan to stay awhile.   

Now getting back to March.. From st. croix we flew directly to Tampa and stayed in Brandon ( where we owned a motel) for a few hectic days checking over the motel and then sorted out all the contraband items we had in storage and got our personal effects ready for export shipping!  Our girls had been well for an entire year on St. Croix and May jean chose a couple days after our arrival in Florida to come down with the flu!  We could have stayed at the aprtments longer but they were filled and people were coming in from fairview in cleveland, so we moved out and ventured onto Disney world for a few days.  Now we’ve seen everything twice as there was nothing new since July 72!  El swears that he and Matte rode the carrousel at least twenty times this last vist to DW!  It was enjoyable and though MJ was still weak from the bug.  After orlando we flew to norfolk where we joined a recent and pleasant visit wth the mathews.. In virgina Maura came down with the flu  and by the end of the first week Matte had her turn! By the time we got to Cleveland the girls looked half dead and that cold Cleveland weather  didnt’ help! We can’t believe that once we thought we never wanted to leave cleveland!  We froze our entire stay and we know all our family were tired of hearing our complaints about the cleveland weather!  
the time went very fast in cleveland and we had a good visit with the parents and immediate family and apologize to most of our relatives and friends for not calling on them.  From Cleveland we went to New York and spent Easter Sunday plus a few days there.  El had his briefing in ARAMCO’s New York office a couple days after Easter.  It was nice to see St. Patricks cathedral again and  it was “entertaining” sitting among the many once -a -year visitors.  Compared to our little chapel at St. Ann’s on St. Croix we were lost here both bodily and spiritually.  We met some good friends in New York from St. Croix( fellow escapees) and got to see a few shows.  One we especilaly enjoyed was “Greece”  Can you imagine a play currently on Broadway reminising the 1950’s?  No one can be that old!  We always enjoy the talent in NY but forgot about the crooks until we were  actually there again … like  $28.00 for babysitter the first day!

After New York we spent several days in Amsterdam, Holland, which was truly the most scenic portion of our wandering vacation.  I still can’t get over the thorough cleanlines of holland woman.  We were told by one of the tour guides that the women wash ther windows 5-7 times a week!  Have never seen such sparkling windows and fresh lacey curtains in my entire life… would never make it the as a  homemaker! 

The few people we managed to see or talk with in the states semed very concerned with what we were going to do with “Nipper”( our german shepherd).  Well, we thought of the possibility of bringing her with us but in view of all the travel between St. Croix and here it seemed very unrealistic and nearly impossible as Nipper was strictly a one -family dog.  She really guarded our famiy on St. Croix and had it not been for her I doubt that we would have lived so long in one house without incident.  By the way, Nipper did have her puppies.. eleven(11) of them and that was quite an experience for all of us!   
Now that we are getting a little settled here we wish she were here with us.  The children especially miss her.  I miss her sometimes.. i doubt that we could ever get her back as the continental fellow who bought her  was very impressed with Nipper but we have written him inquiring about her.  To the girls  she’d be worth much more than the $4 a pound it would cost to bring her here.  Nipper was our first dog and i have a feeling she was also our last.. but i haven’t  told the girls that. 

We had pesonally dreaded the Saudi Arabian Customs as we heard how strict they were, howver, we found cusoms here a breeze compared to the US customs leaving St. Croix.  Incidently, Dhahran  has a beautiful international airport ( built with US funds) which has been awarded a prize in architectue.  When the customs officers here approve your luggage they mark it with a piece of white chalk.  When we saw that being done in the movie “Romanoff and Juliet” we thought it was an exaggerated joke.. but our new Sabena bags we bought especially  for carryons are now “zig-zagged” approved.  To all of you who think Arabian women’s faces are half covered with pastel colored soft flowing veils.. it’s not like that at all!  I saw my first Arabian woman at the airport  as i was stooping to pick up one of the wooden shoes that fell off maura’s holland doll.  I could feel someone staring at me and when I turned I saw a Arabian woman sitting on one of the benches there I must say I got a rush.  She was completely covered with a black veil and I was quite startled as i immediately thought she looked like a witch.  I was surprised to find the children calm as i was really shocked.  I since found out that these black veils are very hot and worn by all saudi arabian women out side their homes in the nearby towns and villages.  It’s nice to be an American woman.  When we go into nearby towns we dress modestly, nothing sleeveless or short, etc.  We are guests in ther onty an to dress otherwise would offend them.   Plus, it saves visual attacks by some of the Arabs who never see a woman outside of their home!

Now to tellyoua little about the Saudi Arabians themselves.  They are a very peaceful, simple people what an unbelievable contarst to the Cruzans of st. Croix.  Having lived on the Island we appreciate the luxurious safety here.  The Saudis are very generous and friendly  and although most of them  “all look alike to me” with the thobes and gutras… I do know who my gardner is and the shrimp man!  Abdullah comes around once a
week with “fresh from the Gulf” shrimp and his men clean them right in your front yard for you.  In addition to shrimp he sells many other things from  time to time.. a typical peddler!  One day he had some 1inch foam rubber. I had planned to buy something in florida before i left and include it in our shipment but never got around to it. I now have 1 inch foam rubber padding for the bar stools i plan to cover so you might say this peddler was a God send!  Like who would think you’d be able to buy foam rubber from  a shrimp man in arabia!!!!

A muslem washes each time before he prays and says his prayers facing towards Mecca.  A good practicing Moslem prays five times a day, at dawn , at noon, in the afternoon, at sunset and after dark.  The first time i saw my houseboy  pray outside i was curious and carefully observed him.  He stood upright, bendt forward, his hands on his knees, knelt and then bowed down till his forhead touched the gorund.  Several times he performed these rituals movements slowly and impressively, while he recited the formal prayers.  Our Mattie is very interested and observant and can imitate Ali very well. He gets a big kick out of her, his little friend (sa- dek- e  in Arabic)   Seeing them pray makes you want to participate and get involved more in your own religion.  and then you begin to wonder why religion seperates people instead of uniting them.  while deeply respecting their uniqueness, religon can remind all of us that we are all brothers living under the same God.
St Croix had beautiful blue waters, however, the Arabian gulf is even more blue.  Ras Tanura has a lovely white sand beach and we are enjoying it immensely.  Its about two miles long we are getting plenty of exercise walking on it.  The weather has not been very hot yet but they say it is coming.  Actually it has been more pleasant that florida as we get a beautiful breeze off the Gulf.  This beach-type vacation won’t last forever as we will eventually be moving to Dhahran which is approximatley 40 minutes by car from here.  We are presently living in the temporary 3 bedroom air- conditioned house and the location is excellent as it’s within walking distance to school, library, post office, restaurnt( surf house ) , beach, pool, aand tennis courts etc.  El commutes to Dhahran daily but he gets an allowance for  cab fares and lunches until we get permenent housing in Dhahran.  El has been driving our car since it arrived but he still gets the $24 a day cab allowance which ARAMCO allows “off the record”  they are a very generous company.  In Ras Tanura I really don’t need a car since our house is so close to everything.  It’s enjoyable to walk places for a change.  ARAMCO is going through a major expansion and the housing shortage is acute.  Getting back to driving, in the states people think nothing of communting 40 minutes by car, however, the drive on the road here is very hazardous as most Arabs drive less defensively than the cruzans and faster!  If there is a wreck you usually don’t have a chance for coming out of it alive.  Most Arabs sit 4 abreast in each seat and think nothing of passing on the right of a single lane highway.etc. there are many huge mercedes trucks on the highway and hitting one of those means “kha laas” ( done!) there is an old  proverb among ARAMCONS… “It is better to ride a crippled donkey than ask a strnger for a lift” 

Writing of the road here reminds me of something we find amusing although rather hazardous.. when an Arab has car trouble on the road he endeavors to pull it off to the right of the road but never quite makes it, and he then marks the section of  the road with several large rocks which is a sign that the vehicle  in trouble is his property.  However, when he eventually removes his car, dokey cart or whatever, he takes off leaving his rocks behind him( This is often referred to as the” permanent Flare”) Also amusing to us “expatriates” is to see a man with a goat boarding a local( townie)  bus or to see one hitching with a goat on a rope.  The first time we saw the latter our whole family was in the car and the girls of course were very disappointed because they thought it would have been great having a goat in our car. Enough of the road, rocks and goats! 

The other night at dinner mary jean asked her Daddy if she could open up a lemonade stand when the weather gets warmer so she can sell it to the Arabs.  Everyone had a gardner, and they do the gardening 3-4 times a week so this looked like a great business opportunity to MJ.  After her inquiry to Daddy, maura added “Then we could save our money and build a house in the country”  To this witty El responded… “What country?” and i still laugh when i recall that conversation.  Had anyone told us we’d be living in Saudi Arabia in 1973 I never would have believed it!   We never realized what a taste this would give us for foreign  travel and overseas employment……

Alchol is contrabrand here so everyone is their own “brewmaster”  The company sells kits so it’s employees can make their own “sa-dek-e” That’s the word that means “friend” in Arabic.  I didn’t know what it meant until i heard my houseboy calling Mattie his liitle “sadeke”  I correctd him and told him I thought it meant “alcohol” ….” home brewed”…. Boy did i have a lot ot learn … The company gives out a booklet called the “Blue flame” with all kinds of recipes for just about everything and anything.  I’ve already tried “dark” and “light”  and wine and it was all pretty good. We have been given welcome gifts ( bottles) and they’ll last for a long while.  

Also, there has been a party just about every week since we’ve been here.  Our first week we were invited to a “Come as you are Pajama party”  We declined  the invitation as we were still catching up on our sleep ( a 9 hour time difference) …. Plus it would have been embarassing!  It actually took us a good two weeks to set a new sleep pattern.  when it was midnight here , my body knew it was only 3pm and I’d go to bed very late and sleep very late.  Luckily El had a couple days off to get acclimated after we first arrived our work week in Arabia is diffeent than in the states.  The weekend is not Saturday and Sunday but rather it is Thursday and Friday.  I’m getting used to it now but at first it seemed very strange. We go to mass Saturday evenings here.
Although there are 36 self-directed groups one can get involved in here we are playing it cool and enjoying the rest and  dedicating  as much time to raising the children as posible.  I’ve been tempted to take up painting again as there are some excellent teachers here, however, I’ll wait until the children are in school in the fall.  The girls are just  growing up so fast and we’re trying  to treasure what we can of them while they are still ‘”our ” little girls.  Right now the beach and the swimming pool seem to be their greatest love so we are enjoying it with them.  In a few weeks all the high school and college students return for their summer vacation and we hear there is much activity during their summer vacation and we hear there is much activities activities during their presence.  In fact, they have a social director just to organize their activities.  A few of these college students give swimming lessons so we will let the girls take lessons and then maybe continue ballet if they want.  Mary Jean has turned into a little Ester Willimas but there is always room for lessons.  Since living here i found out that the first girl to swim the English Channel was the daughter of an Aramcon.  Of ocurs
e, I’m sure no one reading this letter can be old enough  to remember Florence Chadwick?  She had set many records at the Dhahran pool.  At this same pool one of our friends’ daughter’s broke the chadwick back stroke record.  These returning students also give acrobatic lessons for the children and Maura and Mary Jean ” want to”. 

I just keep thinking of those new teeth MJ’s getting in  and hope they’ll last a lifetime,  the “tooth fairy” has visited MJ twice since we’ve been here .  the first time she toothlessly smiled and reminded mom and dad that the fairy  had better leave “real” american money!  the second time she said that the Tooth fairy could leave saudi riyals if she wanted to this tme.  Mary Jean is learning Arabic in school so she is getting “with it”   Free arabic  lessons are available to both El and me but neither of us have started taking them yet.  My arabian houseboy speaks English well so I am learning a little from him.  It’s difficutl for me to come out with those guttural sounds but I’m trying.  

I was real proud of myself in Holland as i had the Gildres ( Dutch money ) down pat by the time we left but i’m still confused here.  I don’t think I’m really that slow and let me explain why… There are 100 Halalas in one Saudi Riyal.  This would make it very simple except that anything that doesn’t cost an even amount in riyals is part Quirsh.  ther are 20 Quirsh in one Riyal… That makes 1 Quirsh equal to 5 Halalas.  then you have the old money and the new money.  The new money is minted in Halalas; the old money was all minted in Quirsh.  so when buying from an Arab and his price is in Quirsh and all you have is new money you must divide your new money 5 to get Quirsh.  But when the price is Halals and all you have is old money you must multiply your old money by 5 to get Halalas.  However, as usually happens you have some old money and some new money… then you hold out your hand full of coins and let him help himself!  All merchants are very honest but usually not very bright, howver they will never knowingly shortchange you! 

Food is expensive here but we do most of our shopping at the commissary that is run by ARAMCO and we are compensated for the price diffenence in our salary.  A few times a week a bus goes to Rahima, a nearby Arab town, and i often make the trip as we all love the Arabian bread made by the local bakery  there.  It’s flat and circular shaped and so good that sometimes when i bring it home hot the kids and i like it with just butter on it.  Of course, our butter, is Danish ( very rich and creamy!) Yummy!  We have a good asortment of bread and baked goods form the ARAMCO bakery but its’ just not th esame as he local bread we savor!  Actually I’ve been very pleased with the selection at he commissary , but then i’m not a gourmet cook either.  When the kids have 4-6 different brand cereal boxes open at once i figure things  can’t be that bad. Many of the name brand cereals and other well known Americn foods are made directly in Europe which surprised me a little.  Up until now I always associatd the name Kelloggs with Battle creek Michigan, but our Kelloggs products here come from Manchester England. Nescafe from Switzerland etc.  Becaue the Moslems are forbidden to eat pork by their religion, Aramcons have to buy  buy pork in a special pork store in a section of the commissary and “sign it out”  Therefore, bacon, Polish sausage, ham, hotdogs, luncheon meants etc. are all avaialbe to us.  Lamb is an arab favorite and luckily for us it is one of ours also  and it is the most reasonably  priced meat.  When our freezer arrives we’ll buy the larger quntities of Danish meats and  frozen American vegetables form Dannan which has a very large fraozen food outlet.  Fresh vegetables are for sale in th commisary adn Rahimah and frozen vegetables ( birdseye) at the commissary but buying bythe case in Damman is what we’ll do in a co-op grouped and they are very poepular.  some of hte most delicious watermellons we’ve ever had we bought in Dammam. 

Shopping in Dammam  is very unique because of the Arab influence and this requires bargaining for items.  I really enjoy this hasseling with the merchants.

Since our car arrived in June we have enjoyed visiting the nearby Arab towns.  Al-khobar is very popular and had just about anything you’d ever want , American or European.  I think Khobar is the only place I know of where you can buy vanilla extract “under the counter”  Funny!  There are a few gold shops in Khobar, however, Dammam has all the famous gold suks, Up until the dollar devaluation gold could  be bought there for around $35.00 an ounce.  It is about twice that amount now but still less expensive than in Europe.  All the established Aramco wives sport a lot of gold bangles and gold jewelry.   El bought me (1) bangle for my birthday this month but it looks so lonely on my wrist… We have a good friend who wears about 12 at a time.  One woman told me that impatient “ugly Americans” will buy gold no matter how much it costs and then make it bad for everyone else.. i must wait to be more “ugly” 

Well, its now July and the temperatures are getting up there!  It was 104 degrees today!  Everybody sweats, or as the  old saying has it, “Horses sweat, men perspire and ladies glisten.”  Whatever words youprefer they say it’s a healthy and normal reaction! Luckily everything here is air conditioned, even our car thank God for favors.

Would you believe we are already planning on going on an Afraican Safari?  There is going to be a 15-day safari in October by this German woman who has been there 8 times within the last two years.  Her husband has been with Aramco since 1948 
and they may retire in a couple years to St Petersburg.  She has a tremendous reputation among Aramco travelers.  Being this close we feel its a good opportunity and  after all in October we’ll have been here 6 months and ready for a vacation. Just kidding.  We really feel fortunate to be able to take this trip.  El gets 43 days vacation a year and this 15 day safari hits two arabian holiday  weekends so it’s actually just  about 7 days vacation we’ll be using. So… if I still have my head when when I  get back I’ll continue this letter…
It’s now December!  last month we returned from  a fabulous African vacation and we highly recommend Africa to everyone! 
Words couldn’t describe the wonderfu expeences of the many thngs Africa is!  we were delightfully surprised with th ebeautiful country , th egorgeous animals, mount Kiimanagaro and its surnrise, the modern cities ( especially Johannesburg) frh freshness, the luxury ( Mt. Kenya Safari cllub) th elittle markets ( Madagascar especially!) the peole jsu teverything!  If anyone  reading this letter ever has a chace to visit that part of th eworld by all means dont pass it up! 

A couple days ago we started our “Grape juice wine” so it looks like we broke down before the year ran out on us it’ll set for a month and than we’ll rack it and set for another month.  Come February  6th we should have about 2 dozen 24 oz. bottles of our fist typ at home brewing. As I’m typing the closing pararaphs on this letter I can hear the bubbling “sweet noise’ from inside  a kitchen cabinet that is telling me it’s getting ready…. 

To our art enthusiastic freinds.. the Dhahran ARt group held ther 19th Annual Art Show last week and ribbons wee posted at teh end of the week.  32 local artists exhibited inthe shoe.  I fell in love with a large oil of King Faisal bu
t never dreamed of actually owning it.  Iwas leaving the show I met the artist’s husband and told him if his wife’s painting didn’t sell at the show I might be interested and made him an offer.  Well the painting  I so admired won 1st prize and he called me after the show!  I was so thrilled ! It’s an excellent painting and such a wonderful souvenir.  the husband isalso a good artist and I convnced him shold come into Ras Tanura to give lesons, so now all i have to do is get aout a dozen people together and our lessons will begin January 7th I thnk it’s going t be a busy year.  

In these last weeks before Christmas our girls ar anxxiously awaiting Santa like children everywhere.  Yes, he reallycomes ona camel here.. what else???!! The weather is very pleasant now and we’re told this is going t be a mild winter here .Just sweaters inteh mornings and warm and sunny inthe afternoons.  

It’s beena good year and we’ve been blessed with some truly great American and Arabian once in a lietme freinds. We thak God for them adn for our good health.  We certainly hope and prya the situation will remain peaceful as we’re  truly enjoying living here and would like to stay for a while for years (Inshaallah)( If God Permits) 
Happy holidays to all May God bless all of you with Good Health and Happiness! ( she signed it with love:   marion, elwin, and mary jean , maura and mattie)                                      

sunday February 06th 2011 @3:47pm ( have you ever had some one try to make eveything you like or do… make it seem wrong?)

pretty rotten prople right?? the ones who take  everything you do or say  and try to make it all wrong? yes its been happening from a bunch of false friends.. for years now… the fake moms ( who ar e usually the next 22 year old whore to door girls….)who are actually trying to make themselves look great while putting eveyone else down… .the ones who really want to meet the people you already know.. or date the guys you meet… or could meet…
they manipulate situations so you end up eating or haiving the same thing that a certain person usually does… so then all of a sudden you are supposed to be that person… wierd huh?  like someone would want to be a replacemnt part for someone else… and by being bullied into having or wearing or whatever…. then all of a sudden  your stuck with a bunch of people thinking you are somone youare not…  and the really mean thing is its done on purpose… at least the mean girls do eveythign to ruin my life on purpose….. with full intension of using someone ( me or someone else unaware.. who can be blamed for their ill behavior.. or for their lifestyle… or even jsut freakishly being from a different country.. or what ever they need to get a way with…. and it is mean and rotten!!!!   
an example of wierd….like when i didnt want to eat the omlet with peppers and spinach.. ( dont like that al all but  it  wasn’t my house … so didn’t  say anything…
same thing happened with thanksgiving this year…. dint go to th eritz… bu tthat was because i was supposed to be out of the way.. an i someohow got a really poor family who didnt eat real thanksgiving food… carrots.. which i hate.. and hummas..( i like but not on thanksgiving.. and all kinds of wierd stuff… done on purpose

I had people decide i was spanish because mysiter is a veritarian and when i would go and visit her in palm beach somtimes we ate black beans and rice…. because she thoguht of that as a source of protein.. but then i got all these peole who thought i came form miami.. and  had family in miami… no i do not and no i am not….

i went over this in another blog entry.. about freaks who think they can qualify you based on what you eat.. or how you dress ( which is very scary since i had so many girls steal clothes.. i have no idea what the hell they  were doing in my clothes…. UGGG)

but is everyone out there completyly fake and wacko? i am really tired of it… i not only have to prove who i am… and that almost all the bad tales told about me were a bunch of lies. but then have to  make sure that these people and ther selfish intensions don’t ruin anything i am trying to acomplish… and see if they are actully trying  mess up my life by manipulating situations… why? because all ther wierd stories. can either help or hurt … and i have no clue as to why….   

like the situation wiht yesterday… leaving a note about a movie… for wess….. kinda bullied into that.. especially when i don’t know him…. felt like the buling of having roomates i didnt ask to have… or anything really without my being able to  say no….or having the option of saying no… and for what purpose…  i want ot pick freinds based on how they  are… who they are.. and i am sure going ot take my time since so many people have proved themselves to be so horrible….  

 but since someone who does these manipulative things.. usually wants somehting fo rthemselves at any cost… like wanting  to date the guys who looks like scott renshaw.. or any number of fakes… then i am supposed to look like i am dating someone…  or be out of the way… really great girls right?

or the people who take a situation they know no reason fo rand make up some lie…  and i have todefend a simple action…

like having  a bunch aof  LV locks on my  purse….and turn it into some problem or something worng to do…. or now…. it is that i put my purse into a larger bag… that closes.. the purse i have now ( th eone who already ahs a replaced zipper ( osnt ask me how since i nver did it… and i bought it new…. ?????) anywya…. the zipper is broken so this larger bag will hold that and has been helpful for files and anythign else i want to thow in there instead of putting in my brienfcase….. and it helps to keep it closed( the purse that is…) …….since i am tired of having the 5 finger criminals steal any mankup or creams or even anythng they can get ther chubby little hands on….  .this is a little bit of a deterient….so now it is wrong to have this big purse/tote or bag…
jsut like it was wrong ot have all the babysitting supplies in my suv… someone being prepared with all sots of activities.. and having neat bins organized by activities.. was a problem for some mean girls who tried ot make it sem that i had so many things because i had to carry everthing i owned… as if i was homeless…  yes mean and rotten lies…. jsut plain and simple fictiuos rotten lies…  

one girl wanted to make it a big deal if i had a lot of keys.. another wanted to make my clothing  seem bad.. or my hair.. or what ever they could pick on… jsut rotten… dont you agree? what hapend to real freinds? i miss my real friends …. they were wonderful.. they would be nice and supportive of you rlife you plans and your goals… they actually liked you and wanted to help to make your life better.. not belittle you or make you seem less important .. orworse yet…. that your life and your wants or goals or dreams weren’t  valuable at all…   

Sunday February 6th 2011@ 3:40pm ( started this blog about the worst superbowl sunday in the www.mysearch for website at 12-noonish..and have been writing and correcting it all afternoon)

So I thought this was going to be a great day…. boy I was wrong again,,, I woke up early.. Actually in enough time to see the business show your business on msnbc… had an apple with some hummus… then into workout clothes… and watched Joel Osteen,,,, I had already been to st johns catholic church for the 3pm mass.. supposedly my mom was going to be there… but I never saw her…. guess I should just know since my aunt Fran Bodnar is in town.. and someone started playing messed up games with my life so I would miss seeing her and the rest of my family….. they have been doing this for about 7 years by now.. the parasites want to manipulate situations…. Get/give mixed up messages so that all plans fall through or are so completely messed up… that they can then swoop down and claim the Christmas presents,  the parties.. the luncheons.. all the fun and wonderful events and people… then they try  to pass me off for someone I am not… or use me or my likeness for someone I am not.. These freaks actually think that a person can be categorized by their country… or by what they are wearing…or what their hair cut is like… I know Gerard started using my likeness in 2003 when I met him and he wanted to see what my hair was like.. and how I looked in a baseball cap.. and from the back of my head… then of course  .. Depending on my weight.. and my likeness what clothes I am wearing.. and of course who I get ot talk to on the phone… or email.. my life is instantly destroyed..… voila… I am supposed ot be someone else.. or some other freakish and vile  use of me my name or my likeness…  so like yesterday when I was wearing the same cream brooks brother dress but with a cutter and buck cram and white checked button down over it and a tan/taupe/ or whatever color you want to call it… ( see me in face book with my niece .. it’s the same profile picture… with the same dress… ad sweater set…) anyway… the same basic outfit I  have worn babysitting.. and meeting my aunt.. and getting scones and croissants  and  ice cream at the ritz….. same regular et very normal and  very real person who gets mixed up withal sorts of girls who play games with my life for there own selfish intensions…. And  it is now as much s it has been the past 7-9 years  very manipulative and destructive to my life…. It’s as if they have systematically taken every single person and opportunity   and ruined it and taken it out of my life… and they did it on purpose.. like having me eat certain foods I normally would not eat… they did that for thanksgiving.. and even yesterday  when I was told to leave Wess a note telling him to watch a movie with me..  I’m guessing this  was to make it seem like  I even know this person Wess? Or I’m dating him or something?…. they are always manipulating something……   Which I do not even really know him…..

then today on the phone.. the conversation with the fake and wrong person on the phone… conversation started with the person asking why did I ask Wess if he was Brazilian..that simple and small things are still traumatic… my mom had this book out on the coffee table of monet… that  Carla forced me to buy a monet date book… and she tried to run my life while  she was my roommate… she went through my business cards and actually threw cards away that she decide were not people she wanted me to know or meet… she also one time tried to et me to sell my condo… and basically tried to get these people to hire me as a live in nanny  telling me that I could probably fit most of my things  in storage and I’d have one room to live in!!!When I had a successful business.. a great condo… and a life…. I guess she wanted… anyway.. its not anything against anyone from any country…even the united sates which by the way I am a proud  American citizen… but just was blessed to have been able to grow up overseas in Saudi… and to have had the opportunity to go to boarding school… and got to travel all over the world… and had a great life before these  idiots thought it would be fun to manipulate my life.. and lie and cheat and steal….  it is individual people who  have harmed my life I will never forgive and I do not like them because  of the way they manipulate my life… !   I explained that I was made to live  with a girl Carla from brazil who liked to manipulate my life and was the liar…..I told you she  lied about her portfolio.. then wanted me to teach her how to run and do my business.. then tried to make me look stupid by instead of putting money in the bank accounts… I had 3 of them at three different banks at the time  she wanted me to put money in envelopes…. With labels on them as if I couldn’t handle money…. She also wanted me to marry her brother who was psycho… so this morning’s conversation was like that… not being able to reach my aunt…( she couldn’t  hear me on the phone when I called her… I checked and made sure the magic jack was set to  telephone no headset… then tried again…. No… couldn’t get through… then called my mother to see if we could make a time for the movie…she or whoever did a conference call and then plans were made for 2:30 movie…  but my aunt Fran sounded weird… so I ended up going to the front of the guard gate to call…. And there was no answer on my mother’s phone line… NONE.. and I had just supposedly spoken to her…        


So it started all over again.. with these horrible girls and boys playing games with  my life… and manipulating my life…. All over again!!!!!… ie mixing up messages..   not allowing the real people I have been truing to cal or contact to get in touch with me……. all the same tricks and things…the parasites( which is exactly what they are….)  have been doing for the last 7 or 8 years of my life.. they attach themselves to any or all of my wealthy family members.. or friends..or even clients . and then they use the phone as a method for manipulation( see the congressman blog entry on  phone act as for laws being broken…)  or emails for manipulation  they hack…they make claims that they need :  a new house or a new car… or something like new furniture or whatever .. and so many times they actually use me and say it is for me… but to be honest I  have never seen any of the proceeds or gifts that were meant  for me… these criminals .. they take the proceeds or profits or gifts for themselves…they manipulate even to the extent of attending parties or functions that they were not meant to be a part of…. Or ever invited to… but they “act “ / manipulate and steal not only opportunities… but lives… and leave everything  for the real person in a complete mess….  …. as if they are  so this is how it worked this morning……. .

.so as I mentioned earlier… I thought this was going to be a great day…. boy I  was wrong again…I woke up early.. actually  in enough time to see the business show “your business”  on MSNBC… had an apple with some hummas… ( which by the way doesn’t make  me Arab…. Just healthy…. ) then into work out clothes… and watched joel osteen…., nice positive  message about having a great year.. blessing overwhelming…..people…. . god having the right people  lined up….for business… for connections… it was nice… and  I had already been to st johns catholic church for the 3pm mass.. susposedly  my mom was going to be there… but I never saw her….

So the messing up of my life… started with my aunt Fran Bodnar  is  in town… I am assuming also one look alike for scott renshaw… and  probably a look alike( double)  for a cousin or two….. .. ie mixing up messages..for the dinner at the Ritz on Thursday…. and on Fr.i when I was babysitting from 6:30pm-11pm then ran  a few errands.. ie getting mascara at cvs( saks 5th ave want open at  that hour to get any of the great chanel mascara .. so I got  replacement . and gas…. then tried  going back to the Ritz Carlton to … but the security guards didn’t want me there(?) …I was trying to just  kill some time until  the gormet  shop opened so I  could get the croissant and scones for  my mother, and my aunt, and myself…. I though ti ‘d bring them by a bit later in the am for a surprise  breakfast…. anyway.. But I’m assuming if there is a very important girl and boy….lets say an italian boy with a canadian girl…..or I don’t even know where to begin with all the people it could have been… whomever is was….  perhaps they didn’t want to be “found out”.. I even  was wondering how far karne kahels power had in hotels ….  or who she was with this super bowl weekend or who was so interested in manipulating my life and my family……. … anyway… i mean from the last time i was on the phone… and had the people telling me to take off the information on my websites that she was mean.. or a bully or was messing around with a guy  in a pool…while she was married…  usually the retaliation is pretty harsh…those mean girls can get pretty mean..and with their boyfriends money they have the capacity to do a lot of damage…. anyway… since my aunt fran was in town i thought i was safe….. OPPPs…. not today….or the last few days….

anyway…I was trying to kill some time until  the Gormet shop opened so i could get the croissant and scones for me, my mother and my aunt….and back to yesterdays events: then I went by my aunt frans condo…then when she wasn’t up yet.. I went by my mom’s house..waiting until I could again go by my aunt frans…  in that time I had some breakfast…. And an aunt fran came by…… she told me to bring by the scone after church….kept changing the time and the   day… but I ended up going to 3 pm mass where my mom supposedly was going to  be there but never saw her…. Then to aunt frans and gave her the scone.. and made plans for today.. the movie…it was going to be either 1pm or 2:30 pm… and I was to call my aunt this morning by 10am  so we could finalize plans…  which is why there was such a horrible morning….. UGGGGGGG after aunt frans… ( ans seeig the one little girl from  England…..or Ohio..or where ever the one who looked so strikingly like the couple who babysat  for at  la playa… the one I thought may have even been one of the  czeck republic nannies… .who knows who she really is…. Anyway… she was sitting by the pool while I was visiting with my aunt….   After leaving the beach condo… I went to my mom’s to tell her of the plans.. then  went to waterside shops… where I stopped into the chanel counter to say hi then onto the apple store.. to discuss an idea… then after finished with that and really having a great day.. I went and met with mr. webber who lives in the same building we used o t live in… and   not home until probably 8 or 9 pm if not later…. This all in contrast to the manipulation of this morning and the entire day…..  

Anyway….back to this mornings events… all so that i won’t go to the movie with  my mom and aunt… so that i will be out of the way so that  these idiot girls(I’m assuming its still the same conartists…whore to door service girls… can still lie and cheat and steal.. and the actors or scum who act like they are big deals can ruin lives.. and connections…  can steal events and can manipulate lives… they get some kind of sick pleasure out of ruining events .. lives and families…. like stating today… I checked my emails and for the telephone number I am not even supposed to have anymore( 561-594-5921)…. There was a message/number called at 4am…. but the new number that is also completely messed up…. Obviously….from todays  occurances….

But money and the control of a person’s contacts gives these criminals power…why doesn’t someone sop them!!!!!

So  when I called my mother’s home from the magic jack number… i had this “fake mom” who was trying to convince me that there are these horrible issues and problems with basically every member of my family……  of my family.. this horrid girl was trying to tell me something bad about every single  member of my family… saying  my sister maura was horrible.. that my sister mattie was horrible and that my aunt and mom were fighting..   completely wrong!!!!! Al of it!!!! … completely  evil to try to manipulate and cause havoc and drama and trauma and emotional distress for one phone call… and one movie!!!!  It got me so mad I packed up everything at went to my guard gate and  after calling from the guard  gate…I took my car and raced to my mom’s house when I  couldn’t  reach her on the phone… then when I saw she was alright… i raced home wondering what  damage the idiots could have done in a few short minutes…  and why they   could have wanted me out of my home… if it was the same girl from la playa.. who has been stealing the babysitting  businesses with  partner in crime jonathan… she may have been or someone who looked exactly like her… was actually by my aunts home once and was said she was british….?… at least there was one girl who said she was the girl tht i ran into with a guy who looked exactly like the couple I babysat for at la playa..but here again I could have been sitting for the sitters.. and the fake couple was a liar… again… because they had said they were from  ohio… but then from England????? What is going on????…a really mixed up story.. anyway…thought i saw a girl like her hanging out by my aunts condo… wonder  if she is conning her way into pretending to be me… and was someone who met my aunt at the ritz for dinner when all my  communications  got totally mixed up… i seriously hope there  is karma.. and a god who is just and that all these girls get all tangled up in their web of deceit!!!! and choke!!!!

anyway it is not 1;35 and i did not go to the movie….not will not  go to the 2pm movie… so another holiday  weekend ruined by manipulative disgusting worthless human beings… how self centered.. how rude. and how horrible…

how it worked this mroning..

excuse my typing… its going  to be worse than ever… my  1st nail  on the right hand completely broke off… totally bleeding and the band-aid helps a bit but it still hurts to type…

So now i know for certain that the magic jack phone is absolutely worthless.. but I figured it would be when the parcel of important papers and two credit cards and two keys were stolen… but then I keep forgetting that these car artists have somehow decided  that I don’t matter…. I don’t matter right???… so its o.k. to harm my life to ruin holidays… and to manipulate  my life and my family….  and it is o.k. they have already stolen all my money.. businesses…business ideas…  and done everything humanly possible to give me the worst 7 years of my life… for no reason at all.. i mean …. Am i in some type of competition to be me? to have my family?  for a husband?? for a new business?? for what?  i never signed up to have my life destroyed… never signed up and gave anyone permission at all to ruin any part of my life… and I want to know who is responsible for today’s ys disaster… what a waste….. what selfish and horrible people… I  think I  will also put this in the blog as well…    

Fri. January 21st 2011 @5:12pm ( whatabtmary email…. something about mary movie)

So today is the second day that the movie …. something about mary is on… i love the movie… not jsut because i love the short hair ( bob) cut cameron has in the movie… ( about the same length hair i’ve had for a while… well its grown a few times but basically i’ve had a bob hair cut  for ages…   its easy… you can wearr a headband.. or pin up your bangs to a side if you want…. and since my hair is sooo straight i dont have to do much in the way of styling… its great… 

anyway… teh movie also makes me laugh…. and it was the catelest for my main email address… i thought i’d be clever and save letters so i dont spell out teh entire word “about”  and by the time i figured out that people kept getting it mixed up and speling  out the entire word about … somone had already taken that email address…. pretty wiierd right??? I mean who woudl have thought of that…. i gues i did… but that was around  2004 maybe… i’ll check on the date i originated that email….
 I know I had a  then  and then  the      

watched a bit of lit last night… and today… but if you read my website  last night on the phone was a horrid night……

wednesday january 12th 2011 @8:21pm ( tv shows just my opinions on good and bad shows)

So i just  need to see if anyone has seen some of these great…. good…. or even bad shows…. television shows…….that is…

like teh show weeds…. i guess it is supposed to be this top rated show… it seems to e on a lot when i am searching for what is on television… at firs i thought it was a bit unique… something unusual… not the normal sitcom… but then watching it and thinking of writing children’s stories…  i really have changed my opinion… each and every show… not any redemptive lessons.. actually the opposite… i mean the lesson of not getting to create a profession by  following your passion..  or creating something positive a  career that you can make a difference.. a legacy to leave your children…  a positive difference in people’s lives… nope... don’t  create a business that is legitimate… this show gives you an alternative.. don’t be honest.. don’t have any morals.. lie…. cheat….. steal… and be sure to break the law and sell an illegal substance yep… this show… cant wait to see all generation of followers of this show… the kids growing up seeing bits and pieces until they can watch entire episodes… .. i mean seriously.. what was someone thinking?????

can’t some one come up with a unique story that is actually nice.. or the good guys win for a change?… is that too hard to be creative without bringing in every single  thing possible that is  bad in this world to happen in 30 minutes????. but yet it is how this girl pays her bills and lives in a beautiful house.. and hey gets everything she wants without any concern for how she gets it… yep some interesting lessons in that show…

almost as terrible as the teenagers who are pregnant and having children.. can’t they actually showcase the amazing teenagers who get great grades, who maybe do volunteer work who plan and achieve great things in their life time?.. do you people who create these shows even know that there are  even kids who create businesses?.. who help others with cancer?… who are nice and polite?.. who actually showcase the best of America… the brightest… wow… what a thought… to actually give people especially children and teenagers roll models to aspire to become..  ideas of how they can achieve their dreams… showcase great families that should be the norm for the American public…. or all people… 

and the third show… actually haven’t brought myself to actually even watch it.. but the previews were enough to make my eyes roll… Jersey shore UCK… that is all i have to say about it…. what a waste…… is another comment on any of these shows….

what a waste wen the producers and the writers and the people involved actually have the finances and the opportunity to make a positive difference… what a shame…
its the same feeling i have about con artists and criminals.. and bullies… JUST SO WRONG on all levels…. kinda reminds me of the commercials on bankruptcy… have you seen the ones where a ten year old is giving advice to claim bankruptcy… or the one on reverse mortgages.. what a horrible choice….

so onto brighter shows and more positive  thoughts… like i was really moved by the st Jude children’s  tv spot… its defiantly not on often enough.. but the children  featured….  again just the life force.. the positive attitude amidst all the adversity… and some of them actually have passed… but these are remarkable people no matter what the age… 

also just on the television this evening as a matter of fact…  the Susan Boyle story… also remarkable… and what a talent… but what a positive  and hopeful message…
that dreams do come true.…that all things are possible…..  i think the world needs a bit more of that don’t you agree?  

o.k. jsut needed to get that written down…  thanks for listening……or reading….. if anyone ever reads these thoughts… HA!luv mary jean  ziska

Monday January 10th 2011@5:30pm ( more hours worked for a tender loving care service and atlcprep)

 Monday again?  the computer has been seriously giving me a headache today so hopefully it will run fine and i will be able to add posts this evening… guess we will have to wait and see… i found a few of my logs so thought i would up date y work done on the businesses…. this last week once again i was almost coerced into starting a new career and business… this time i am to be a children’s book writer… last week some one wanted me to be a nurse…   then there is a long list of careers and classes i should take and careers i should be… now that i am thinking back on all of it i really think it had nothing at all to do with my wants or likes or even my own interests… i think most of these people wanted me to do what they themselves wanted to do…. for example:
taking the teacher certification 
course …. I originally took the course not because i wanted to be a teacher.. ( I mean teachers are great and all… but that is not my calling.. ) I took the course so that we( a tender loving care service could hire interns for both A TENDER LOVING CARE SERVICE AND FOR A TLCPREP( THE ETIQUETTE SCHOOL) . 

 when developing a plan for hiring employees i thought of Google… I absolutely love their mission statement.. their philosophy of business and the way they handle the environment /workplace and create happiness for their employees…. i thought of making the business into a great workplace, hiring the brightest people  with fresh insight into working with children… allow them to help create the class curriculum .. help to bring new and innovative ideas of both education and business into both businesses…. and allow a portion of their grade for the internship to be from not only the school but from the babysitting business… i actually created working profiles from  all the local colleges so that we could hire and interview the students…for employees but to create an internship program someone needed to be an accredited teacher so i took my $1000.00 and bought the ABCTE course so that i could become an accredited teacher…… and we could create an internship program and i was hoping that eventually we would be doing so well that not only would some of the students be able to  get college credits through the internships but that we would be able to have scholarships and full time positions for the teachers and babysitters… 

As you can or might   be able to tell… the goals and mission statement and even the executive summary for both  businesses… well lets just say conflicted with some of the  small minded babysitters who were more interest in getting their one or two jobs… or looking for jobs with the most pay….  for their pay so they could spend their money… just a shame when people don’t see the big picture… the possibilities.. the potential  and ruin what could have been… because of their selfish small minded attitudes that dictate not only the way they run their lives.. but the way they pretty much deal with all aspects of their lives….   just a shame… 

anyway…. other jobs and careers people want ed me to do because i guess they wanted to do those careers…
1.  real estate ( I was told i would look cute sitting at open houses… HA)
2.  nurse( i was sooo good at taking care of people )
3.  computer website designer ( since i had to learn to create the websites for a tender loving care service and for atlcprep… might as well do it for a living)
4.  teacher ( since i was getting the certification for the business why not just do it for a profession… ) also one person told me i should become a teacher.. that is how Matt Damon the actor met  his wife.. of course that was a lie.. he met his wife at a bar but the person telling me … well had their own selfish interest in order  to manipulate my life….. so these people…… do you know the type?

 So those are just a few of the professions that the babysitters/people wanted me to do instead of being involved in my mother’s business… of course this was after i had already basically worked two years without any pay… HA! and all the work was in place for a great business….ideas for it  to continue to grow and prosper…. you see… selfish women  and men who are always looking for their own selfish interests… just baffle my mind… i can hardly grasp the way these people  think….  I never want to be like them ever…. I honestly hope there is a special place in hell for them… manipulation for their own selfish reasons… just makes me sick to my stomach..

. its as bad as the manipulation of making sure that  i am out of the way”.… and miss opportunities.. miss  events… miss out of meeting people or creating great memories… they are just sooo selfish….

I think of missing the Christmas tree lighting  in Vail…. i may never get a chance to do it again.. and defiantly  with the friends and family i was with  a few years ago.. or holidays… birthdays… even just the real memories you make in life….  i guess i would never be so selfish to thin that if another girl were to be somewhere that it would change the entire experience…. wait .. unless it was an enemy…. hey maybe karne kahel was supposed to be in the spotlight????… the she or someone else was o much more valuable …..than my life and me… that…..   who knows… who cares it was small minded selfish… and so very pointless…

how vain  and ego driven .….to think that a group of people are so valuable that they alone could or should be able to experience life… or nice events or holidays… or have nice possessions… or that you are only allowed to have a great life for a short while…. until someone deems you not tall enough.. or thin enough or pretty enough or smart enough… in the words of that one song i absolutely love..sarah B. .”who died and made you king of everything?”

…..   that is not America..or the world for that matter… most highly evolved people… they believe that there is an abundance.. of more than enough… that great business ideas and great people think of the greater good.. aren’t sooooo dammm selfish…. 

That is not an act of  friendship or a great family…….. friends want you to have everything that will make you happy….

guess i am getting off tract with this monologue… think i will try to listen to that one song … I’m a little heated at the moment… and have already been on the treadmill or over an hour …. HA! luv mary jean ziska

october 23rd 2010 ( meeting a man who easily fits in everywhere esp. the ritz!)

Just a quick note… sat. night and the Ritz Carlton beach resort here in Naples Florida is wonderful… is always wonderful! Came to get my ice cream treat… the place is packed! I love the Ritz Carlton… should  place a note for any additional qualifications on my list …. that it would be great to not only met a guy who can both dress in a suit.. has manners, and owning a tux is a huge PLUS! but also enjoys the pleasure of wonderful accommodations.. atmosphere…  unbelievably wonderful food, and just generally  enjoys the pleasure of wonderful places to visit an travel and a style to maintain… but also it is always fun especially when traveling to be able to walk into any restaurant .. anywhere in th world and feel comfortable… so i’m not necessarily looking for a one dimensional person… but someone who is cultured enough to enjoy dinner and dancing at the Ritz… who can dress in a tux or proper suit for occasions and of course who can fit in anywhere… Guess in a way i think of my sisters… they are comfortable anywhere… and with anyone.. that’s not to say that they choose to be with everyone or be anywhere.. but they are like comfortable with themselves.. and can converse with anyone just about anything… and can dress appropriately and have the manners and etiquette to be able to be in any situation! 

I’m here today not only getting some ice cream.. but to pick up the most lovely card for a new addition to our family…  Its been a surprise to me and i cant get over to go and visit for a while… but am excited to give big hugs and kisses to each of the  nieces… I just love little cuties ….. you know the feeling after you have rocked a baby and they fall asleep right  on their chest…when they are so sweet and peaceful and content…  some of my favorite things… Also… chasing a little niece full of giggles… who loves to scream and laugh when you catch her and scoop her in your arms… those moments just aren’t long enough in a child’s life..  but so wonderful  or  what about a newborn  … who grasps your fingers and won’t let go…  or the smell of freshly bathed and clean little children… when are so attentive and anticipating their bedtime story… or even when i babysit .. the sheer joy the kids get when we create a treasure hunt and they search for the clues… and squeal with delight once the treasure hunt is concluded… always asking if they can do it again!!!   

I see or hear of children and families who don’t appreciate their children … who don’t realize the precious moments that will never come again… it shocks me really… because i grew up with such a great family… and such a great childhood… that i cant imagine not knowing the safety or security or love of parents who would do anything for you…   Don’t people get it?… these precious children…. they are GIFTS…. Blessings… they are not to be taken for granted.. not to be forgotten or even ignored… yes of course they can sometimes be trying… and will push you to your limits… but those of us who do not have children .. or who cannot have children.. they know how precious these little gifts from God actually are… if you see someone  who doesn’t see that in their own children do you have the guts to tell them to appreciate their children… don”t they realize these little people will grow up to be adults that may have the capacity to mold our society… to make a huge contribution to our communities.. to our lives… to the world… you don’t know their potential.. their path… their destiny… don’t limit them.. let them become the most amazing people they  were meant to be….o.k enough for today… its now 8:28pm  think i will go home… maybe see if there is still a full moon over by the beach.. then home.. nighty night, luv mary jean ziska  

DEcember 1st 2010 ( who are the people who think it is better to lose everything?

So here is a question… who are the people who think it is better o lose everything?  I have actually been told by someone that it makes you more God like…WHAT?… HUH? that it makes you a better person to not have any material possessions to worry about? What? HUH?……I totally disagree …. i have had so many idiots try to ” Teach” me these life lessons that they themselves needed to learn..or thought they they needed to learn… . and yet they aren’t really great lessons to begin with…and not everyone needs to learn the same lessons….

like if you lose everything you just have to start over…. what is so great about starting over?  you can never achieve what you could have achieved had you been able to succeed from the start…maybe you will reach a level of success… but just think if you hadn’t had to start over where you could have been?….


Wednesday December 1st 2010 ( eharmony description of my sisters)

 For  E-harmony, one question is asked …. who are the most influential person /people in your life… ( besides your parents) …..

I wrote :  My sisters have been the most influential people in my life.  They are both amazing women with varied interests  and strong personalities.    They have influenced my likes, dislikes my views and have been my best friends.   
They have always loved me and have been 2 people who i have respected the most.  They would  never steer me wrong, would always want the very best for me and would make my life amazing just as i would do the same for them. 

I am so proud to be the sister of both of them and brag to people about their personalities, their accomplishments and how wonderful they are on paper and in real life. They are beautiful inside and out! I LOVE THEM!  

even in my family  none of my sisters and i are the same…but the unique qualities they have… the unique experiences they have had has given them their unique personality.. and character… and i love them whole heartedly because of exactly who they are… i know them …as my best friends and sisters because of who they are…. not just what people say about them or what i have heard via “hearsay” that they have said… most of everything i hear i don’t believe anymore… but knowing the sweetness.. the intelligence.. the strength.. of their soul….maybe not many people are privy to the level of knowing them … but when you know someone … someone who would do anything for you… is your friend when your are crying g over a boy.. the loss of a job… or sharing the joy over…. a holiday… over a book… or movie… or just a shared memory…. someone who took the time out of there life to let you know that it  doesn’t matter  that you are a sister.. and someone they didn’t choose as a friend. that they would choose you as their friend…. and have chosen you as their friend… my mo and her sisters have this song… that is really old and it goes something like this….

Sisters… sisters… there was never such devoted sisters… when someone tried to split them up but no one could…
Lord help the mister who comes between me and my sisters… and Lord help the sister who comes between me and my man….     

*as a side note..  I didn’t get a chance to see my sisters this past thanksgiving…. and to think of it i haven’t spoken to them in a while… but there is this one saying i have on my wall of quotes…. o.k. maybe more than one saying … or quote…..

“No lapse of time or distance of place can lesson the friendship of those who are truly persuaded of each others worth….

“A Good friend is hard to find /hard to lose/and impossible to forget ”