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Hello world! Introduction to: written by Mary Jean Ziska

Hi My name is Mary Jean Ziska.  I first wrote a cute story in 2002-2003 for my sisters and friends about God’s plan for a perfect  man=”GINGERBREADMAN”  for each and every person.  My original plan for this website was to retell the story…

I.  Story:  My Gingerbreadman Story

2.  Qualities for a GREAT Soulmate/Gingerbreadman:  honesty, integrity, morals, values, …..

3.  Stories to illustrate Great Qualities:                                                                                         a.  stories/experiences from my life or experiences                                                                       b.  stories/experiences from friends and family life or experiences

4.  Items i find interesting… like Interesting quotes, books, tv shows and stories and my little monologues…. ( a chance to voice my  opinion and just to write my thoughts on various subjects…. )

5.  I thought it would be fun to join a few of the  dating sites and chronicle any dates or people i might meet and what they were looking for as in qualities they were seeking in a perfect  gingerbreadman or gingerbreadwoman…

6.  I thought i would use myself as a type of experimental subject so would also describe who i believed i was looking for… qualities… see if after these dates my qualities changed… and hoping that eventually i would be able to  find and have a happily ever after ending to  story…. I am a die hard romantic…. and definitely thought this would not be a way i would meet someone… but I am now 48 years old… ( as of this year 2014) and with the past 15 years destroyed…. I have a bit of a  different outlook on dating and marriage than i had in my 20’s ….. so in the process  of writing this blog….I thought i could use it as a sort of journal, an exercise in writing… and would also let you( who ever might actually read this blog…)  know a bit about me… what i am interested in… my  likes, my dislikes.. my experiences in life..  my hopes, my wishes and my dreams…. and see if there really is a perfect “gingerbreadman” for me…. somewhere in this world….

My hope for this website….  well, it was completely sidetracked…. and even though i have experienced the worst 15 years worth of experiences in my life… including  even recently losing most of the blog posts I had originally wrote….   I thought while trying to recover all the posts.. putting the record straight in this blog, and in my other blog  and  website of I might actually bring back the original purpose for my story and my website and blog … and try to restore the story… and in doing so restore my faith in human nature.. in love and in  God’s plan for our lives….    so its now Fri July 25th 2014 ….Let’s see what happens…. Thank you for joining me on this journey… luv Mary Jean Ziska