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Wednesday september 19th 2012 @ 4:08pm sections of last will and test. for mary jean ziska

hey did i happen to mention that i just now figured out that th same scum that had ruined my life actually must have started in 1999…. the idenity theft for the redit cards for capital one stated in 2002… but ther is anothe mortgage on my home by my dad… th origional one  listed in his name only for when we boguth this conodo..when he bought theth is for me… in 1999…. adn  it wwas for only 132,000.00…. i was lied to that it cost my dad 169,000.00….. so someoen might have scammed my dad adn bougth it from hiem.. and made a 32,000.00 profit… on mmy lis tof mortages the ones that included an entire fake or false line… of mortages someone  kept buying and  selling…   sother ethey made hundreds of thousands of dollars.. but for me alsone they made a profit of  82,000.00 before my name was on the mortage… and another lie… tha ti owed money to the IRS…. which i didnt … and which was the reason i didnt put my name on my mortage in 1999….. criminals all criminals… lall liars and all scum since 1999….. not one honet rpersonin teh bunch,,,, so this is why i wrote my will…. 

funural arrangements:  
   as for my funeral, i would 
a final blessing in a catholic church 
but more of a concert… during and afterwards and some of my favorite
christian and regular  songs sung or

toby mac:”made to love you”/ james
taylor”you’ve got a friend” & thought i’d see you
again”/eric clapton wonderful tonight’/news boys”shine”/song
from  stigmata “what ever happend to
mary”/dido”life for rent”/.

special initentions: want Karen Kahel and her group along with  Gerard Ahler and his group to be sued  for their part in ruining TEN or MORE  years of my life. I want a private
investigator to find each and every conartist/criminal/idemnity theif
responsible for lying/cheating/stealing/hacking/manipulatiing/starting from
when my dad/mom helped me buy my condo(strand).I was lied to about the cost of
the condo/lied to/manipulated/stolen from/harmed every  minute of every day since…  I want the state of Florida to be sued for
their misconduct and negligence in never listening to me about the abuse,  the harassment,the stealing, bulling and
their disinterest in assisting me to bring justice for all of it!  I want the state of Florida including patrick
weber and everyone involved since 2006-2012 to be included in the law suit and
in the changes that need to be made in their policies/procedures for
guardianship criteria and guardianship assistance and monitoring!  I want sanctions/disbarment   for them to be held responsible for the  misconduct/ negligence and their part ruining
years of my life ( from 2006-2012) 
instead of helping/assisting my life! I want the police/sheriff’s  department sued for not stopping the people
responsible for continually stealing from me or harming me. for not writing up
official reports or doing any thorough investigations into the identity
thieves, the  thieves  who stole my personal physical property.. and
the thieves who stole  my intercultural
property from my website, my external hard drives or internal hard drives.. who
stole files and businesses and who were allowed to bully harass and
manipulate/spoofed numbers never investigated… hacked voice mail and accounts
never stopped… businesses stolen/ lives/families  ruined and no police ever stopped anyone!
Caught anyone! but instead in some incidences… they actually protected the
villain/ the identity thief and belittled the damage and harm done to
me…  no one was ever prosecuted or  put in jail

condo dostribution: my condo in the strand golfing community located at 5632
Whisperwood Blvd. 1601  Naples, Florida
34110 to my  blood related DNA verified
family my condo in Naples Florida.  I
want to make sure that my  mother and my
sister Mattie have a residence they can call their home and no one can take
away from them. If both of them have  a
residence  that is safe from foreclosure
and they  want to stay  in their own home /and if an agreement can be
made by all 4 remaining members of my family to sell the condo and split the
proceeds equally. If one or any of the 
members needs a residence, then a payment should be made to the
remaining members  who will not be
residing in the the residence to eventually equal the  value of 
a sale. this seems very fair.. i want the payment to the other members
remaining to be only what they can afford so as not to be a burden as i want
the condo for once in its existence since i started owning it  in 1999… to be place full of love and hope
where  dreams can come true and
opportunities can succeed… instead of being the place where I  have lived the worst experiences of my entire
life.. and where i have had to experience due 
to criminal intent..the worst crime and loneliest years of my life…crime,
abuse manipulation which caused so such emotion devastation i would not want
them to go thorough any of those experiences in my condo which was supposed
to  be full of promise and joy and it was
not due to the  horrid people who lied,
manipulated, and cheated me out for the life I envisioned, in the life ,i
planned, and in the life i wanted!… No one 
stopped them…ever…. and they ruined my life forever! i don’t want my
family to be hurt by the same scum that hurt me….  I want their lives to be happy and this condo
to be an asset to their lives… to be helpful and to be a  wonderful experience for living here. i loved
you all and missed you evey minute of every day!.


monday sept. 03rd 2012 @ 3:34pm about blogging and supportive people

So labor day…. day of rest right?  i am watching  Julie  and  Julia or is it Julia and Julie… i can’t remember…. anyway it is about passions… about blogging…. and even about the supportative people who  want the people they love to be happy…. you know those elusive supportive and  unselfish people who are genuine friends and who want there genuine friends to be happy… really happy….from personal experience i can barely remember what it was like to have  really great friends in my life… the ones  who love talking to you on the phone, to enjoy hearing about your  dreams.. who light up when you  help them to find their dreams.. and to find their passions.. and to  believe in therm selves… and  know their future is limitless…. especially when you have those great friends  who support what you want to do and who you want to become ,, who love you just as you are but who cant wait to  be around when you grow older and wiser and  who just plain like you..,
i can say i barely remember what it was like…. because I think  my life has become as limited as having just one friend … an old roommate scott renshaw,.. at least i think he is still a friend….  
and no one on  the phone or on skype.. or in emails,,, has been supportive or  encouraging unless they get something  out of my choices in life.. and that has been for years, i think…. they want me out of the way… want to discredit any of my memories and  anything i say or do…..  they have not helped me to find the truth of whothe hell stoelk my identity or my credit… or my clothes… or my jewelry…. or who the hell are all the fake freaks on the  phone…    i get tossed around talking  to  whoever answers the  phone… and they are never my friends ….they have a limited memory of my life…. pretty much the last horrid experience  they put me through…. is the topic of discussion…. i get no phone  calls ..hey i was just thinking of you and  missed you,,,, or  i remembered this funny thing you did or we did together…or do you remember that time…. nope…. none of that…  no encouraging ideas of a business… unless they wanted to steal the business… so  like the pro-line Brooklyn  crook &contracting asshole,…. and  whoever stole the  M&M decorative painting …. that little girl will not have been the same girl who will know anything about being  in tree tops or on mount Everest.. or shopping with my mom  in Paris…. or boarding school, or working for  the etiquette school, or the babysitting business….or taking care of the elderly or even creating  websites,,, or even blogging… or getting  a Westlaw account to stop injustice….But  i did all of that…..  you have the girl who stole my life so she could become a teacher….. or some  girl who steals my birthday presents… or  my phone calls…. or my life….. and  they are not supportive about finding out who the criminals are…. OF course not… they are the criminals !

watching julieand julia … seeing how loving adn supportive her husband is… and how he wants her to suceed… wants her to be happy… hell he even help her set up her blog!   must be nice…  i used to have that .. with real friends  and real family… before imposter bitch stole  my life and wanted me to deal with the  leftovers….. that they think i should have….
i’m even thinking that  the most reacent of the  imposter life stealing criminal freaks probably got to go to france…. i ahd wanted to go to France with my sister who shares my same birthday… for years.. and i was promised for at least 5 years in a row.that i would get to go back…  but it never happened,. i figured that imposter freaks they are USUALLY JUST NICE ENOUGH AND MANIPULATIVE ENOUGH TO GET ME TO SAY… SURE I’D LOVE TO DO THAT…. OR HAVE THAT … OR  WHATEVER….. SOTHEY COUDL STEAL THE OPPORTUNITY….i MEAN SINCE THEY WERE ALREADY STEALING MY IDENITY …..THEY WANTED EVERYTHNG THAT WENT ALON G WITH IT… A BIRTHDAY PARTY… A PRESENT…. MY INHERITANCE…..ANYTHING I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET.. SUPPOSED TO DO….. 

 wait i was going ot use this blog post to elaborate of the joys of blogging.. on having supportive peple in our lives… and  my love for this movie….. but th e skype call and the crying has ruined my entire day….. and yes i did get to throw up earlier…,. and my eyes are still bloodshot…. but i stopped crying .. ate lunch an even some choc chip cookies i made that I was going  to share but am not now….. i am not goin to share or do aNYTHING NICE FOR THESE CRIMINAL CREEPS WHO ARE SELFISH ,,,, AND NOTHIGN LIKE MY FAMILY OR FRIENDS……  BU TI’M SURE SELFISH  IMPOSTER BITCH IS IN TOWN .., INFACT I WILL BET SHE WAS ONTEH PHONE THE OTHER NIGHT TRING TO TELL ME  THE LIES THAT MY MOM WAS AT A LAUNDRY MAT.. JUST A BUNCH O FLYING MANIPULATIVE SCUM….. PLEASE DEAR GOD MAKE THEYM DIE SO THEY WILL NEVER GET A CHANCE TO HURT ANYONE  EVER AGAIN… OR STEAL FROM ANYONE EVER AGAIN….. OR LIE  TO ANYONE EVER AGAIN….OR STEAL ANYONE’S IDENITY EVER AGAIN!……..  YOU IMPOSTER FREAKS… GO TO HELL!