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Sat. December 17th 2011 @ 1:16am ( what is it like to talk to an enemy… one of the ” karen kahel fan club”.. pretending to be my mom on my mom’s phone line… it is horrible… gut wrentching… and horrible… to speak to the enemy when you think it

So what is it like to talk to the enemy… or live with an enemy…. Today actually on the phone tonight…. At precisely 11:23pm …. Fri December 16th 2011… I had a woman on the phone who actually told me that she didn’t want me to meet some guy Brian… and get this ..she didn’t  want  me to meet Brian or anyone ..  because she was afraid that I would mention karen kahel..or all the hell  I’ ve been through in the past ten years.. and how my life was ruined by these criminals and whores…   because I would mess it up.. of  course  the woman couldn’t think of any positive qualities for  me .(DEFINATELT NOT MY MOM!!!!. and she also wanted to make sure that I dint say anything negative about Karen kahel… hummmm of course it wasn’t my mom…. Or even a friend.. but guess what… one  of the bullies form ohio.. no doubt.. so makes me ashamed to have been born there…. Especially  when I have to deal with  scummmm who are so reprehensible… possibly one of her relatives…(?)  or perhaps the bully herself… but its fri. night I doubt that she wouldn’t be out drinking or worse… bulling transgressing.. or   lying and ruining families and  lives..  …. Conning someone one.. to make sure she gets that leased BMW to  flash around… ha… .. gosh I wonder  if I should expect  that  unsigned….   Christmas card( covered with Jesus stickers… )  sent from  a  Cleveland postmark… and with  a mean message in it.. .. gosh  those made me cru for days… think I was actually getting a card from a relative.. but instead getting a card for the enemy…. And her Ohio state disgusting family….. or hummm but of course it is fri. and of course probably karnekahel  must be spreading her legs open for some  boy or two..  HA!…. just kidding… HA! you know it takes a lot of whoring around to get that leased BMW…. After ruing innocent people’s lives.. HA! Gosh and the way she handles people  on the phone.. even the  idiots she hires to do all her dirty work… .. I mean  what talent it takes to lie and  get people upset.. and bully… just sooo impressive HA!

(Of  course I am being  sarcastic… I hate the witch…. But it must take some talent to raise  children to be criminals.. I still haven’t found  out if the one little girl in port royal who stole my cashmere sweater.. and the  treasure hunt cards… and the Thomas bubble blowers…  actually was related to her… but she had the blond hair and the freckles. And the same  hair raising   persona.. you know .. when you are around pure evil and the hairs in your arm raise… yep this little girl did the same thing just like Karen…. k!

And I have a niece who has has the most beautiful blond hair.. and blue eyes… but is soo sweet… it has to be in the way the person comes into this world.. a bully  and criminals is a bully and criminal.. or the way they are raised. So if she is related to Karen kahel…. It just makes sense.. not an excuse.. but makes senses….

Opps I should say allegedly whoring around.. right.?HA! I mean if she is allowed to  say anything   and everything and I have to talk to some  witch on the phone. Who sticks up for her instead of her own daughter… .and  the idiot who comes for dinner is even going to act like the bitch…. And  to boot… I’m not  permitted to talk to any of my  real friends  who  by the way  would never say any of these things… to me… no real friend is going to  protect a bully… one  who bullied you… and protect or stick up for a girl who is  so evil she makes people cry.. on purpose.. then jumps up and down to say she won she won. Like  Charlie  sheen… she ‘s into winning…  and bulling and trespassing and I guess she believes she is above the  law or any rules.. or anything decent or noble or  honorable   When I wrote  about where are the men with integrity.. where the hell are the women with integrity.. the women who make those life long friends… that you can count on .. that   are loyal.. and decent .. and have morals and values.. and who stick up for their   friends.. and would never allow a bully “to WIN” … what is it like to talk to the enemy…. It is horrible.. it is  lonely and it is  unforgivable…..


what is it like talking to a witch..the emeny… the bully herself… who will twist words   and try to make your  life hell.. will try to  make  you  look bad.. well for the past two days on the phone that  is all it has been… I also had this person fred over for dinner  and   when she waked in with sweet bay  (susposedly… I was told  the ohio’s favorit place to shop…. ) and  then tried  to tell me acting as if he is Karen kahel… that even though  I hate her/him .. he will pray for me… what a crock. he didn’t pray for dinner… unless I pray  when I sit down and pray… before  dinner.. .but was trying to make “her” look like she is sooo saintly… a whore who  screws a guys in a pool while l I am babysitting her 3 month old son in 2005… who   purposely trespassed and bullied .. who harmed so many people  .. Without one word of sorrow…  did that whore actually think of praying for me when she was bulling me to tears(?) .. or  trespassing  to get a better chance to bully  no not one  bit of  remorse.. not one” I am sorry”…. Ever… and  to continue to do the same actions …. harass me.. and everything  she said or did.. to harm my life… no of course not but today someone is pretending that the bully and trespassing whore… is a saint.. What a  crock….

 I prayed for her too.. that one day she will be on her knees begging  for forgiveness….  And actually and for real remorseful for all the  horrid things she has done.. but t she was raised to be a  whore and a criminal.. so I ‘m not supposed to hold her responsible for her actions… I guess..  and then she has a psychology   degree so when she torments and torturers people using all her skills.. as a  vicious and brutal and mean  bully… I was told that it was alright…  thatmaking me..mary jean ziska…cry.. is supposed to be alright…  because eh is the one doing it .. right???? so what is it like to talk to an enemy and never be allowed to talk to  the actual people who really love and care for me… It sucks… I missed taking  to Kathy young… and Carolyn walters.. and  Kathie higdon… even my aunt rita would have ruined this girls life if she knew how  much she ruined mine….but then she died… so I don’t have the people I  love and who know me and love me ..and she keeps trying to isolate me from  anyone  who could be a friend… like this guy Brian.. what  if he was  someone who was great… clean cut preppy..conservative.. actually a person who wears a collared shirt to dinner…. and normal no issues and problems… and what if I actually  even  met him… and he might remind me of my old friend e scott renshw and was a real friend… who would  protect me from bullies.. and  make my life better but instead I am surrounded by pure evil… selfish evil and horrid  people who actually harm my  life… to talk to and to have in my life… just a bunch of enemies.. who  manipulate.. who still ..  bully and who  still  are as evil and fake as can be… I must say the person on the phone tonight failed  as my loving and great mom… absolutely without a shadow  of a doubt failed as a real mother….

I miss my mom and my dad and my  sisters Maura Ann Ziska and Madelon Marie Ziska and all my real cousins.. and all my real friends…. Genuine real friends….  Ones who actually make your life better… who don t bully you.. who stick up for you and  your  rights.. and for the people who   know your  positive  qualities.. and really like you… I mean really like you…. God I miss  them every day for the past ten years I miss talking to  them…. Please come find me .. Help!!!!!!!

 I hate the  horrid and fake families who have girls or boys on the phone  who do nothing  but harm my They aren’t as brutal sa the bullies who used to make me cry every  day…  but it still hurts..and it is still harming my life… ..HELP!!!!!!

… I never asked to speak to any of them… ever I call my mom’s phone number the expected expectation is that you actually reach my mom…. I  never wanted to speak to  these fakes who are in the karne kahel fan club.. ever! .. ever……… never ever wanted  to talk to any of her friends or her family… ever… I have built up ten years of hatred for all of them… I remember every moment.. and I will never forget… or forgive… the people who harmed my life…  they have nothing  positive but harm my life… and I never want them to forget the damage they purposely inflict… and the harm they  caused.. and lives they ruined…  I will never forgive them or forget any of it… they owe me ten years of my life.. and I am never forgiving them for that. Ever! I want JUSTICE!….but I must say.. I do like that new show on ABC>> revenge…HA! Hummmmm

Thursday December 15th 2011 @ 10:31pm ( What is a friend?)

What is a friend…. To night I had someone proclaim to be a real friend… but he isn’t  … while  I was crying at the dinner  table..and he grunted  to acknowledge  that I was talking…not commenting on what was  upsetting me… me motioned to the mysterious “boogy man” condo…. And like any true friends hurried to get away from the dinner   table not even listening to anything I said… no not a real friend.. I miss my REAL FRIENDS AND Loving GENUINE AUTHENTIC FAMILY….. Especially   on holidays.. or near holidays.. but today… having someone trying  to tell me how long my  mom would go on her travels to exotic lands…  and getting it completely wrong…   then the  oh… baby I am here to help you… just as lo gas it doesn’t  inconvince him… and  when I call my mom or call her phone. I am not talking to my mom or to a real friend… maybe at times the phone conversations will be nice.. but eventually they will always get something wrong…. Whether it is like talking to someone e who has read the information of your life but never lived it… it turns  out unauthentic… and wrong….


I miss the days when I could pick up the phone and actually talk to people who knew me and loved me.. who wanted to see me or spend time with me.. who actually did want to  make my life better.. and wanted me to be happy…

Speaking of phone conversation  I wanted to mention that I had a person hand me his phone… telling me it was my cousin Greg… and Greg was supposed to e in town… and I guess was supposed to come and see me.. or at least it was someone who wanted to get into my gate….  Anyway.. the conversation seemed to be pretty nice but a red flag went up when I told him I missed having a real date… and how I haven’t had any of those real dates probably in at least ten years…. And then ( this I will never forget…) he mentioned congegial  ( they don’t even have this workd in spell check…UGGG!!)  visits… like from prison.. and I about freaked… I knew a then…. At that exact moment…  I wasn’t  talking to my cousin Greg.. who was not in town to work on a roof.. but on some asshole who used prison terms … when thinking of seeing/dating  girls.. … AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! So who the hell was I spilling my guts to… who wanted to get into o my gate?

I also know my cousin Greg owns two wine bars and a coffee shop…  and if he was visiting  Florida from  Cleveland Ohio… why the hell would he be wasting time working on a roof…. When I thought of the neighbor who has a son who is a roofer…. Was it him or one of their friends e or co workers… on the phone.. I  just  feels so violated …..when you  think you are talking to someone and you aren’t …  when the freaks are actually having this other conversation. And not even listening….. When their answers make no sense in the context of the conversation you are having…

You can’t build any  real relationships… you can’t  even get to  have any real conversations…. You are alone and isolated… with a bunch of manipulating  idiots… who couldn’t care less… and who get way with lying, cheating and stealing from me…  who ruin  your  hope s and dreams… and who stay in my life just long enough for  someone to steal my identity.. or some wish or dream or hope that I wanted… and  they don’t steal it.. they will threaten to make me  feel that it will be taken  from me…

You can’t count on these people.. you shouldn’t  trust them ..and you definitely  can’t believe them or think they are actual friends… I have quotes on my wall about true friendship ….  What makes a true friend… how to  know what a true friend   ..

I MISS MY GENUINE LOVING FRIENDS AND FRIENDS….. and it didn’t help when I had freaks.. Telling me “I want the real may jean”…. And they” miss the real may jean”  then planning on anything… one person telling you they will  give you this..or help you with that… then you count on  their word being  a verbal contract.. and being something you can count on.. and then the next minute.. it all changes.. like a total new person making up rules of what they will help you with what they will do…  and then nothing gets done and more  things are broken.. and  you learn not to count  on anyone … that  the “freaks”  will only lie to you …. Yes lie right to your  face.. or tell you something and you have to try to figure e out what  or how whatever they are saying  will  affect your life  life…  hummmmm ..

I  wonder what they are planning on stealing this  time…..  after going through  a bunch of linens.. I am missing two large body towels  and two face towels… the ones my mom bought me from Niemen Marcus…  they were in my guest bathroom.. and since I basically wasn’t allowed to have any guests… ( psycho control freaks who don’t want me to have any friends…. ) they  weren’t used… like at all… practically brand new…

When I found that on  top of  all the other things still missing ..(like my pearl earrings.. and my diamond earrings.. and   of course the  kaki cashmere sweater… and the $240.00 stolen from  my black bag… last month… still missing…)

   anyway.. I spent two days writing my name on everything… except the two ripped pillow cases that someone left in my good linins.. And two   ripped white fitted bed sheet that also someone left in my good linens….  I mean what psycho freak not only steals or takes sheets or towels. Or anything from  anyone…. ( of course I  consider that stealing… most normal people do… right?)  but  then to rip them and then  put them back (?) .. what? like I wouldn’t notice?  

Anyway…. Besides someone thinking that I  am married.. or dating someone… or  some nationality that I am not… or any of the milions of stories that are completely untrue…. I just really miss my  genuine and loving friends and family…..  and I pray they can find me… and help me…  luv mary jean ziska

Wednesday December 7th 2011@6:34pm ( email sent to my mother askingfor cookie recipe… andthen tellling her about thngs missing and stolen recently… form my home…)


can you please send me the recipe for those delicious graham cracker squares… for the Christmas cookies… wish I was spending time writing out Christmas cards and making cookies and shopping instead of fixing everything everyone destroyed in my life… so as of today i am missing in that one package… the title to the Mercedes… my car insurance info and my registration for the Saturn…also the picture of Karen kahel trespassing… and a red and navy canvas bag is missing from my closet as well….i haven’t  gone through all my luggage.. but I’m assuming that if someone had to steal a bag. They also stole something to put in to the bag…  a few of the papers where  i wrote all the  combinations for  my locks on my suitcases…are missing with the same package….

its just always so upsetting and i always still feel so violated… when my possessions are stolen especially by some scummy identity thief… I’m assuming the thief was trying to either get the keys to the doors. Or get money they thought i had…  I pray there is a God who will eventually listen and protect me from harm… and that all the criminals and thieves will die soon…. Very  very soon…..  so they will never hurt anyone ever again…. keep praying to st anthony.. he never lets you down… what an upsetting day.. luv mary jean ziska 

 I  only left my home to go grocery shopping on December 3rd… That is when  I came back the lock to the garage door wouldn’t work…. And I had to call the  police go get another lock and I guess when the thief took advantage of knowing when I wouldn’t be in my home… and made ther move… when i returned from lowes… there was a silver jeep Cherokee  leaving the scene…. It was exactly similar to the one that also came by me and passed us when the “young” imposter (of mindy young)  who was pretending  to be  the real estate girl.. Anyway… remember she  trapped me in the elevator at the  one condo in that back of the strand.. do you remember that ?……..

anyway… on December third I  guess made the mistake of telling people where I was going …  and I got burned for being honest….. and  i keep forgetting the lessons I have learned these past ten years.. no one in my life or for the past 10 years has really been a real  friend.. no one really loves anyone … that love hurts you especially If you  let down  your guard… and if for one minute… you think this person by saying they love you will actually  be great and wonderful and protect you and make your life better…  if you think these people who say they love you  will not lie to you or cheat you out of something  or manipulate your life or play games to run your life… and they will ruin your life.. ruin your reputation ruin your friendships… ruin everything you ever wanted….  ruin your life.. or your  hopes or your  dreams…  ti will feel like you were being  beaten or raped…. Over and over and over… and they will never stop because they have no compassion… no soul… they will harm your life take what they want.. and they  don’t care how it hurts you or how it affects your life.. they don’t care about anyone but themselves… these crooks.. these horrid mean selfish  evil  people will ruin everything you ever wanted… and more….. so  if you think  they actually care or they actually  will help you or they are good or nice or sweet or kind… …any of that.. you better think again… because once  you have met one  horrid person and their family of criminals  and thieves and crooks and liars.. your life and your dreams and what you ever wanted to happen in your  life will never ever happen….. they will ruin everything until  there is nothing left  to ruin… and then they will jump up and down like karn kahel did when she made me cry and say she “won” .. she “won”….. so remember love only hurts… people only  hurt you and thieves have no soul… so they will hurt you over and over and over again…. I learned  … that  criminals “win” that bullies ‘win” and that miracles never happen…that psycho freaks can isolate you from and  limit your resources..that they will limit your connection to  the people you  know and the method you try to reach them and it will ruin  your life… that sick Italian psycho freaks will lie and cheat and steal from you right under  your nose… like Gerard alher..

that  bullies  like karne kahel… only succeed by screwing  people in power.. and if you have a bastard kid by  one of the powerful psycho freaks… you get a bmw.. you get to steal a business from an honest hard working  person.. and you get  to steal a condo  and along the way they steal their  identities…. … Christmas and birthday presents….along with personal   possessions…. And no one stops them…..  

Every memory  and joyous occasion you could have ever possibly had in ten years… i have learned that no matter what you do to protect your self  they will continue to ruin  lives until they are dead and beyond because these criminals teach their families  and children to be just as corrupt… I have had to learn that being  nice and sweet and  honest gets you punished…  I have learned to  not open my heart to anyone  .. they all lie and hurt you if you do… not to trust anyone…that basically  everyone  is out for themselves and  if given the opportunity they will only lie and cheat and harm your life… to never believe that any one has your best interest at heart… they are most probably  only going to gain your trust so they can harm you…  that even God in his infant power can’ t stop criminals…  and  I have learned that praying for criminals to stop  hurting you doesn’t  work.. that praying for miracles doesn’t work.. and that  each and every day regretting 10 years ruined and wishing you had died at 25 instead of your cousin Nancy…… (then you would have only met one criminal scum face to face…. )   And waiting for heaven  where you can finally be surrounded by great and wonderful people….is a dream you have every night…. and that may be the only dream that may ever  come true for the rest  of my life….

and who the  hell was I talking to who thought they gave me 45 thousand dollars??? for what??? i don’t have a new car.. or new furniture…. or new clothes… or anything i wanted in my life…   I didn’t get to go and  get an MBA… or even to take Harvard executive courses….. so who did you actually give that money to?…. some identity thief ..who what? got the money i was supposed to get for working on the babysitting business…and the etiquette school?  i would really like  to know.. and i would really like to see these girls face to face and tell them off.. not that it would matter.. a person who doesn’t have a soul…. won’t care that they stole  my life..  and all my hopes and dreams… anyway…  this email is from the real..original mary jean ziska…  ( no freaks and frauds  or  fakes…. allowed…. ) and i miss my loving mom and my dad and my sisters and my genuine friends. Everyday…. and i can’t wait to get to see the real people who love me and would never  hurt me .. in heaven…. I guess…  


  ps.. to date.. inteh last few months.. or actually last month since i wrote in my blog… i  had the computers broken again… the car switched from one that stays running when turned off… to not running when turned off… lots of extra miliage when i dont drive or leave my home…  ripped almost to shreds.. two pillow cases… oen bed fited sheet… oen creamer container missing.. still never found  that 240.00 that disappeared formmy bag when it was sitting in the garage…. 
the alarm mysterously has gone  off  at 5 am… ( when someoen said a writer was going to leave to go writitng early…. once at 10 pm when i  turned on teh alarm earlier than usual… 
and now all of this.. with the paperwork all in one package.. missing…. 
so still missing my dad’s gift of my diamond earrings.. and pearl earrings ..   my kakhi cashmere sweater…..  and of course this new addition of the red and navy canvas bag… adn god only knows what else…. that they migh thave stolen or “borrowed and put in the bag when they were stealing from my home…. and from me….  

i jsut don’t  understand  why they won’t  stop…..   and go ruin someoneelse’s life for a while….   not one free year when these assholes haent ruined one part of my olife.. in ten years.. not one entire year whne they havent ruined my life ….







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Wednesday December 7th 2011@ 1:41pm ( what every happened to real men…men with integrity?)


What happened to men with integrity… honesty… morals and values… men who stood for principles.. for doing what was right and for being just and lawful…. What happened to men who were real men.. who did what they said they were going  to do…  who followed through on obligations. On promises…  who you could trust… who’s word was valid and enough for a binding contract…   the real men of the world  who  were dependable and  reliable… who were not only intelligent but intelligent with finances.. with decisions.. who cared about their family… stood by their friends…  and who you could look up to as heroes… as men you would want  your children d to emulate..  great men who loved ther country.. there god…  their family,  and especially loved their spouse… were faithful  to their family and to their partners…. Who took pride in their accomplishments and their work ethic… I don’t mean just  manual labor kind of men..  But professional… intelligent, well educated…. who planned for great futures for their children…. Supported dreams of their wives.. Their children.. Helped them to achieve the lives they desired… believed in legacies… understood fratiturnity ….   Brotherhood…   who made a difference in their community.. in their country and in the world… the  real power behind industry.. and commerce…

Do such men exist anymore?   

And if they do.. where are they?….


So many man these days are more like boys who never grew up….lots of talk… no substance… men/boys who seem to pride  themselves in not working..  but have big plans for many cars.. and homes.. and material possession….. who play games with people’s lives never thinking  of the consequences or the destruction and havoc  they create… they  think of themselves…first… then as if to appear to be selfless. They throw in a useless offering towards anyone nearby… constantly changing their direction … never seemingly focused on any real goals …. Or having lack of ambition.. and never being able to complete anything. Even small projects….. to me that is not a real man…  my dad used to say that if you don’t have a destination any road will do… meaning that if you don’t know where you want to  go… well… then   take any road because your  goals will never be met without a plan of action…. And without a definite destination… goal.. end product….  He also always meant… I needed to have a goal… to reach for… a destination to achieve ….. and then make the correct plan of action… your road or path ….. and follow it until you reach the ending point…. The finish line… the destination…. He also made me believe that all or most goals were achievable… well my mom always brought in the belief that all things were possible… you know the old saying ..when there is a will there is a way…. Actually the philosophy of both complimented each other really well when I think about it now… so the point…. Being … where are the real men… and I am defiantly not talking about men who think muscles are the product of being a real man… but  a man who can be strong… and reliable… make you feel safe and protected… and yet be able  to  still communicate like an intelligent human being… and who has real feelings …. Emotions and gosh wouldn’t it be great if he was also romantic…. And…..  well heeled…. Perhaps, Creative, even with a streak of an an entrepreneur…  or adventurer…..

But honest, loyal, integrity, faithful, moral, decent,