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Thursday January 27th 2011@5:29pm ( ideas on the movie…”The social network”…)

 So when watching the movie.. the social network…. few thoughts

So what the twins could have done to protect their ideas?…
*noncompete contract/ i know i created a contaract that we had all or employees and potential employees sign.. the one situation i didnt know how to protect…if someone other than the person signing  the paperwork wanted to start a business or wanted to steal any paperwork for someoene create a similar business… steal unique ideas… or even steal clients… I  was wondering how to protect a busness from such thievery?….   

*written idea…plan.. detail of ideas….of  intellectual property…

so what else needs to be done to  protect intellectual property?

when would a  patent lawyer….be helpful?  or what type of lawyer would  cover all the necessary conditions for ideas/ and buisness practices to be protected? 

other nice thoughts:

I like this line… (i’ve paraphrased  it from the movie): 
harvard garaduates… believe  inventing a  job is better than getting a  job.. 

also  I remember this documentary…a special from msmbc… about harvard business school where a description of the benefits…of a harvard education… of busiess school… of  being taught to find soultions to problems… the process of finding soltutions… being the key ingredient  to finding solutions in life… a woman credited her survival of cancer to the ability to find a solution…. creating a foundaton that was then able to  do more in the research field…and the ablility to combine all the research that existed…thus helping to find a way to prolong her life…. amazing what the right education… the richt resources and teh right contacts can do !

Wednesday January 26th 2011@9:46pm ( rfid tracking devices to go in cosumer clothes)”

This post and idea of a tracking chip/app that is tied into a gps app and an app that will allow you to  actually purchase the item…. the same app could hopefully be able to prove ownership of the item… 

When  i was thinking of the clothing i had missing or ruined, and how would or could such a solution be found … i soon thought of a few questions that might warrent  a solution… … one  question was… could it be posible to  keep track of my own clohing?…putting your name in the clothing doesn’t seem to help… there has to be a way to designate ownership of the clothing in a more sophificated way… and more tech savy way…   

then i thought  of the tags in stores that would beep when you leave the store…
execpt those tags were too large and bulky… so there must be another way to tag clothing… but in a way that is not noticeable… 

next then i thought  of  how could you create or invent something  that could be sown  into clothing that would be some sort of tracking device.. so i went  online and got a bunch of different articles that contained information of gps devices…. of inventions.. and found the article  contained in this blog entry…. 

next i thought of the iphone apps.. of how there are a million diferent aps for a milion different things.. and was wondering about the purchase power of the phone... there are a few different articles that are interesnting about  using your phone to purchase items… no cash… just  the ability of the phone to register the cost and the item.. and deduct it from your bank account …. what a great idea.. if only this same app.. could not only purchase the item.. but be able to designate ownership once purchased…   

next i thought… what if someone were to   put an app on the i phone that could not only purchase  the clothing  but recogniz the chip….and also be the chip that would prevent theft in a store….and once purchased  could also then recognize ownership… by the exact numerial and unique pin number associated with the piece of clothing…

then if the phone could purchase and recognize the exact piece of  clothing….and designate the ownership of that piece of clothing … could it also  keep track of the clothing…. like a gps stytem… ( then i went on line and found  articles on keeping tract of chldren but mainly  the uses could be for alzheimer paitents…interesting use… and function for  such a device) 

next i was thinking   of rachael zoe and other high end stylists… and even the individual owners of high end clothing… or  the high end clothing stores themselves……. the possibilities of the people who might be interested in  using this  chip could be endless… ther are millions of dollars worth of clothing owned by many high net worth individuals and high end stores where a chip like this might be useful… and wanted…  

then i started to think of other possibilities for such an app.. one that had all your clothing preferences stored in an iphone …. one where you can see the picture of the piece of clothing on the screen….. 

what if an outfit could be shown on an i phone  screen.. lsay you take  all the clothing you own.. and if looking for an option for a black tie event…you might want to get an outfiit from your wardrobe….. or even get a new piece of clothing that would cordinate  with what you already own… wouldn’t  it be so much easier and so much more eficient  to have pictures pop up when the scanned clothing is stored in an app on your phone?…

or what if items  are at the cleaners?… to know which items are at the cleaners .. and be able to make sure they arent misplaced… or  forgotten as options for evening apparell….a gps tracking system might be easier…than digging through closets for the right outfit….

and can thse app/chips be put in shoes and purses.. and other accessories… the possibliities are endless…there was this quote from the social network…..about “fashion never being finished”…  i remembered in my marketing class when they were giving a lecture on products… ideal product being one that needs replenishing…and fashion is never ending . each new season brings with it new items that women and men buy… not only individual persons would be interested in these apps… and the benefits/advantages   they would create…but…
stores would probably be really interested.. i”m thinking louis vuitton.. and burberry…also saks 5th ave.. or neiman marcus…

infact,  i was wondering how many items are lost by theft each year?… would this help in the prevention of shoplifting?…of inventory control?  and be a better deterent than the cameras..or the large tags that most people recognize as anti- theft devices….  

so i wanted to put down  a few notes… wanted to be able to  to track my thoughts on the creation of these apps…or hopefully one app that will be able to do it all… and create one more solution for a number of situations…  now will these notes be enough for the proof of intellectual property?…     

RFID Tracking Devices To
Go In Consumer Clothes

From Katherine Albrecht


I have disturbing news from the RFID front lines. CASPIAN has uncovered evidence of industry plans to deploy RFID tracking devices in consumer clothing items.
A $600 million company called Checkpoint has developed prototype labels containing RFID spychips for Abercrombie & Fitch, Calvin Klein, and Champion sportswear. These tags contain tiny computer chips with unique ID numbers that can be read remotely by anyone with the right equipment.
CNET picked up the story on Friday, September 24th. You can read it at: “>
Potentially, people wearing the tagged clothing items could be identified and tracked as they pass through Checkpoint-equipped doorways and store portals, as they stand near Checkpoint’s retail “smart shelves” containing hidden RFID reader devices, or when they enter Checkpoint’s planned RFID “smart zones” in stores.
Checkpoint has an infrastructure of anti-theft reader devices already in place at stores and libraries around the world. (Look at the bottom of the next security portal you pass through and you may see the Checkpoint name.) These portals could be retrofitted to silently read and record the unique ID numbers contained in Checkpoint’s new clothing tags, or in any other item Checkpoint may be tagging.
Since there is no legal requirement for companies to tell consumers when products they buy contain RFID tags, this may already be happening.
Earlier this year, Checkpoint announced the purchase of 100 million RFID tags from vendor Matrics. Nearly a year ago, a senior Checkpoint executive boasted that “the technology is ready to pilot,” and revealed that “we’re working with forward-thinking consumer product goods manufacturers and retail clients on pilots.”
CASPIAN, on the other hand, will be working with consumers on an aggressive response to this privacy threat. Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a good fight.
In freedom,
Katherine Albrecht
CASPIAN Founder and Director
Links to more information:
Checkpoint’s RFID-laced clothing labels
CASPIAN’s press release:
CNET article: “Retailer to put RFID chips in all clothing”
Checkpoint is “the world’s largest integrator of RFID technology into
consumer product packaging”
Checkpoint and GOLIATH to use RFID for point-of-purchase advertising
Checkpoint buys 100 million RFID tags from Matrics
Checkpoint ready for pilots, demos “smart shelf” and “smart zone”
Learn more about “smart shelves” from our Gillette boycott site
Consumers Against Supermarket Privacy Invasion and Numbering (CASPIAN) is a grass-roots consumer group fighting retail surveillance schemes since 1999. With thousands of members in all 50 U.S. states and over 30 countries worldwide, CASPIAN seeks to educate consumers about marketing strategies that invade their privacy and to encourage privacy-conscious shopping habits across the retail spectrum.
For more information, see: and Disclaimer


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Wednesday January 26th 2011@9:59 ( steve jobs: people with passion can change the world)



Carmine Gallo

Steve Jobs: “People With Passion Can Change The World”

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Steve Jobs shows off iPhone 4 at the 2010 Worl...

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When I heard that Steve Jobs has taken a medical leave of absence from Apple, I thought about the role passion has played throughout his life and what passion means to today’s leaders.

Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997 after a 12-year absence from the company he had founded. Apple was close to bankruptcy at the time. Over the next decade Jobs not only revitalized the company, but turned it into one of the most important brands of our time. In those first months when the media was writing off the company as irrelevant and Apple employees/investors were not sure of the future, Jobs held an informal staff meeting. What he told his employees at the time rings as true today as it did then:

“Marketing is about values. This is a very complicated world. It’s a very noisy world. We’ re not going to get a chance for people to remember a lot about us. No company is. So we have to be really clear about what they want them to know about us. Our customers want to know what we stand for. What we’re about is not making boxes for people to get their jobs done. Although we do that very well. Apple is about more than that. We believe that people with passion can change the world for the better. That’s what we believe.”

When I work with executives to help them communicate their brand stories, I use those words from Steve and I raise the question, “What do you stand for?” and “What are you passionate about?” Passion and inspiration cannot exist in the absence of the other.

I’ve met many individuals who are financially successful without being passionate about their jobs or their companies.  But those who are truly “inspiring” are abundantly passionate. What are they passionate about? They are not passionate about their product, per say. They are passionate about what the product means to the lives of their customers. They are passionate about how their product or service improves the world. Steve Jobs is ultimately successful and inspiring not because he makes great computers, phones and MP3 players. He’s inspiring because he’s passionate about his customers and their ability to change the world using his products.

In 2005, Jobs gave a famous commencement to Stanford graduates and said, “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Remember those words because, as a leader, your best days are ahead if you remain passionate about your brand and its unique benefit to the world.

Carmine Gallo is the communications coach for the world’s most admired brands. He is a popular keynote speaker and author of several books including the bestsellers, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs. Follow him on Twitter: carminegallo

About Me

I’m a communications coach for the world’s most admired brands. Gallo Communications Group offers messaging workshops, media training, presentation skills and public speaking training to companies whose products touch your life every day. We help company executives tell their story and inspire their audiences, I’m also an author who writes books covering communications, presentations, leadership, innovation, and creativity. My books include international bestsellers such as: The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs, The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs and Fire Them Up: 7 Simple Secrets of Inspiring Leaders. In addition to leading workshops, I give keynote presentations at conferences, meetings, and corporations around the world. For speaking requests, please contact Tom Neilssen at BrightSight Group. Prior to starting Gallo Communications Group, I worked as a broadcast journalist at CNN, CBS, and other media outlets. I live in Pleasanton, California with my wife and two daughters. And yes, Pleasanton lives up to its name.

Fri. january 21st 2011@10:38pm ( article from forbes: happiest countries in world)





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 The World’s Happiest Countries

Most of the nations atop our list are democratic, business-friendly, and boast strong social safety nets.

By Christopher Helman

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Fri. January 21st 2011 @5:12pm ( whatabtmary email…. something about mary movie)

So today is the second day that the movie …. something about mary is on… i love the movie… not jsut because i love the short hair ( bob) cut cameron has in the movie… ( about the same length hair i’ve had for a while… well its grown a few times but basically i’ve had a bob hair cut  for ages…   its easy… you can wearr a headband.. or pin up your bangs to a side if you want…. and since my hair is sooo straight i dont have to do much in the way of styling… its great… 

anyway… teh movie also makes me laugh…. and it was the catelest for my main email address… i thought i’d be clever and save letters so i dont spell out teh entire word “about”  and by the time i figured out that people kept getting it mixed up and speling  out the entire word about … somone had already taken that email address…. pretty wiierd right??? I mean who woudl have thought of that…. i gues i did… but that was around  2004 maybe… i’ll check on the date i originated that email….
 I know I had a  then  and then  the      

watched a bit of lit last night… and today… but if you read my website  last night on the phone was a horrid night……

Thursday January 20th @6:30pm( U-blanket ….great idea.. I actually thought of it .. after college!).

kudoos… there is this website adn company called u-blanket… i believe the website is  and it is a webiste that creates unique blankets from old t-shirts….  was on teh treadmaill last sunday and saw on MSMBC… an interview for the business and about fell off the treadmill!

believe it or not… i actually had an idea like this in college.. and after college i even started putting together the t-shirts i had collected from all over the world  and from date functions…

here are the emails i sent and they sent back…. can’t wait to actually do something with all the t-shirts i have already put together and have a finished product…

Hi Brett,                                                                  January  18th 2011

Thank you for your extensive response to my questions.  I am very pleased at how careful you are with your finished product and it sounds great!! I cant wait to get started…


 Did i mention that i saw your program on msnbc( this past sunday morning ( early morning) great interview…. great marketing .. and like i mentioned before .. great idea… have you marketed to all the greek systems in colleges all over the usa?  I mentioned before that i didn’t know what to do with left over date function t-shirts and liked keeping them as menento…. that is what made me start putting together my own blanket…. ages ago…( 1985ish) . jsut thought if you havent tapped that market you might want to try… lots of disposiable  income…and  if i remember correctly the t-shirts were a big “MUST” for your date… and it’s a great keepsake… kudoos for doing such a great job!



Mary Jean ziska

A Tender Loving Care Service

Marion Gregory   Director 239-598-1515

Mary Jean Ziska   Assistant Director 239-287-2294

From: Brett Snowden <>
Cc: John Murch <>
Sent: Mon, January 17, 2011 10:37:44 PM
Subject: Re: New Message from uBlanket

Hi Mary,

Thanks for taking an interest in our blankets, that’s pretty awesome that you’ve been all over the world, those shirts will undoubtedly make a great blanket!

To address your questions – your shirts and blanket are shipped only by UPS, never the postal service so you’ll have full access to the tracking information via our website at all times. When you order you’ll be sent a link to log in to our website where you can view the status of your order and shipment tracking info. Additionally, your shirts have to be signed for, UPS cannot leave them outside our office of no one is there. One we have the shirts they are kept in a sealed tote separate from all other orders. Our internal policies require that only one tote at a time ever be open by our employees, thus eliminating the chance that shirts could be mixed or lost with other orders. When your blanket is complete it is stored in the tote until shipment. When we ship you the blanket it is first put in a waterproof bag then boxed, in case the package were to see rain during delivery. We’ve never lost a shirt in all the 100’s of blankets we’ve made. While UPS is obviously very good at what they do, we could arrange for additional insurance from UPS if you feel that it is necessary with your order. They include $100.00 of insurance as standard and i believe its about $3.00 per additional $100.00. We can also ship your finished blanket so that it requires a signature for delivery as well.

The panels on our blankets are about 15″x15″. A bit smaller if you order a border on your blanket. So if the shirts you’ve already cut are still large enough we will simply use them as normal. If they’re already smaller than our standard sizes, we can sew them directly to blank panels first, then sew the whole blanket together. Either way we can work with what you’ve got

Please let me know if you have any other questions. Sorry for the long response, but we take the safety of our customers shirts very very seriously.


On Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 7:09 PM, <> wrote:

I actually thought of this idea in college and started to put together a blanket or quilt with date function shirts and i had the unique opportunity to travel extensively al over the world so got to collet shirts from all different countires as well while iwas growing up. I have a few questions…
First, what is yor provision for the safety fo the shirts to be used in your blanket? I have some one of a kind shirts from many countires and would not want them to be lost in the process… can you guarantee their “safety” and also, I haved tried to put some of the shirts together in the form of a quilt or blanket.. can you work with a partially finished product? thank you for yoru kind attention to thiese questions… sincerely, Mary jean ziska

January 20th 2011 @6:55pm ( tons of comments for my post of the infant of prague January 12th 2011)

I just received a ton of posts for a blog post i put in mywebiste/blog for january 12th 2011…. about the infant of prague novena… the thing is … i only put in the prayer…. and most of these comments seem to be about the comments or written commentary i wrote about the novena… a bit on the odd side since… i never wrote anything extra about the novena except the prayer…. HUmmmmmm.

i called up scott to see if he was seeing the same thing in texas as i was seeing when i read my blog in florida… he said he was… but
now it makes me worried…. i actually got a bit worried when i copied and pasted the christmas card letters and newsletter from my constant contact account …. for example… in the constant contact  format.. the background of the card is an army green… but when it is posted in my website /blog entry it has changed to a burgendy color… ?  how is that possible?….. shouldn’t it be the same when you copy and paste letters? .. or pictures?.. they should remain exactly the same…. a copy is a copy….right?
Is it possible that it is jsut one more  way one of these little slimy girls may be doing something to my life again?…. without my permission?… and without my approval?.. slimy little parasites…. UGGGG.. wish thy woudl be origional for once and get their own life… but i guess  that is all they know.. hwo to pretend to be someone else or be something else… other than who they really are… 

A while ago think this lady at the bank may have  had me confused with my sister….  when asked about websites….. and creating them….I was the person who n who created the two webistes ….. one for  a tender loving care  service and  one for   a tlcprep … somehow people  think i am my youngerst sister who was the art director for blue /green… who created magazines .. who was the graphic designer… an extremely talented… but jsut because i had to learn to create a webiste or two does not make me her… 

I dont think she wants  any  of the goals I want.. in my life…. like harvard executive education classes… i never heard a peep from her about any of that … or even the kind of guys she likes… we have totally different taste… I definately love a clean cut preppy, atheletic and normal guy… someone very consertative…but i really shouldnt speak about her.. and what she may or may not want in a guy…. and though our taste in clothing is sometimes  similar …. I’m really pretty consertative in that respect as well…. … and in food she is a vegetarian… where as i love beef welllington… and though i hate fish… i constantly eat chicken……and even though i eat pretty healthy… i’m jsut normal… not fanitical in any way , shape or fashion… oh… except for hating criminals.. gerard ahler and karen kahel and anyone else who takes it upon themselves to harm and destroy lives….  

I love both my sisters…..  but i do not want to be either  of them.. i actualy liked being me… and  i think others liked me jsut the way i was..  we each had unique expereinces… some overlapped.. but each of our lives were pretty unique… and i like having my own stories.. my own expereinces… my own friends.. my own  boyfriends…. i was not and never will be a twin… so our lives weren’t that similar… and that made us each pretty special… with our own unique qualities.. 

I was known as being really nice and sweet… ( I mean i really  used to be soooo nice and sweet)…. i am still pretty nice and sweet… most of the time…  but i definatly have tried to change all that .. being  nice and sweet means you jsut get your  heart broken…. your feelisng crushed….  you get taken advantage of …..and really … it seems that most people  i meet these days are prurely out for themselves.. and as i was told before if i didn’t toughen up i woudl be slaughtered in life…. and guess the boys and girls who go about  harming people  have actually proved that to be true… 

like when scott ( an old roomate and friend )was coming into  town for a few days… actully to be perfectly honest think they have been in town for a while… but i only got the  oportunity to see him and his daughter for a few days…
anyway…. my first thought was to get a welcome  package with breakfast items… and some gifts… or treats that woudl be nice to have at a hotel….  but i didn’t …. then i was goign to get them presents with the girft card i had from christmas… the sweaters i returned… but we didnt get a chance to do that either… and ito e honest… i get so disappointed in people who i keep thinking are honest and genuine friends … it is so hard to tell if someone is actully a real freind…or not… i mean if they are a good enough actor or conartist.. they can make you believe anything right? so how can you tell? 

I used to do care packages for  friends/family who were feeling sick..with soup… and crackers.. the emergen -C- … and even sometimes if i got a great price on a dvd i would get a DVD from blockbuster….like 007 movies… or something funny…. i actually loved putting thought into care packages.. into gifts.. into being a real friend… but honestly…    
 WHY??????? I mean where are the real /genuine friends  now???????

Actually bought wallstreet II yesterday… ( and rented the movie about facebook… the social network…)  still like wallstreet II better than the first Wallstreet…..)
and teh social network… really pretty interesting…. of course now it’s worth about 50 billlion right????  all i can think of is ……wow…. to have such a unique brain to create something that is so popular… that makes so much revenue….  even like harry potter… is it the favor of God.. or jsut one human being who jsut got lucky… or what? actully i wonder if either of them think of God at all… so maybe… all the praying is for nothing???? but i guess i wil still continue to do it…. i have to believe that someday.. adn hopefully soon… god will answer myprayers… right??? even after a day of being frustrated… of even letting my mouth get the best of me…  I have to believe that somehow God knows me from anyone else….and  god will still answer prayers… right?  

Tuesday September 21st 2010

I am at my all time favorite hotel writing a quick entry and testing the blog capabilities.. and changing pass codes etc… so many things to try to fit into a blog… I had written before about how some guys like to test girls to see if they fit their bill… to see if they can handle stress… or money… or children… to see if they really like sports.. or just to see how they handle some random situation… i would call this game playing.. and really to me it is kinda mean… no one handles any given situation the same every time… and to put someone through a weird or uncomfortable or even scary situation just to see how they will react… seems like a very unfair test… don’t you think?  

I hate being tested to see if I am good enough.. to see if I am worthy of a date.. or of being in a relationship… seems kinds unnatural.. fake almost… to make up situations just to see how a person’s responds…. that was one notion I had wanted to  get off my chest…   
hummmm so many other topics but not enough time..HA!  more later… i wonder if anyone will ever read this blog…o.k. bye…for now… luv mary jean ziska