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November 29th 2010 @4:36pm ( tips and tricks for babysitting…..including thomas the train….. bubbles what a babysiting hit!)

So just rereading the bog post when  i was babysitting for one of the  sweetest 5 year olds….  and thought of some other tips and tricks for the babysitting crowd over the holidays….

Bubbles… HUGE hit….. its great for the 2-7 age group but really if you make anything into a game you can almost make anything fun ( don’t  test me on this theory.. maybe I’ve been really blessed to have had some great children to watch… and they have been open  to games… and puzzles.. and treasure hunts… and keeping busy with activities…  and  luckily not many who have been in the  “I’m bord ” crowd…..

but if you can find it… i bough this great kit… i guess you could call it a kit…called the Thomas and Friends… the bubbling Thomas Dip and Blow…. HUGE HIT!!!!!!!!!! to see the faces on the children when the little blue train makes a sound… then when  a bubble appears from the  engine…. what a hoot….or should i say… toot..HA! anyway… is been a lifesaver… for when the parents are sneaking out after saying goodbye……. or when you have a little one who tends to cry … or even when you have some really competitive little ones… who  even though they say they love their sibling…. would love to outdo them with a “larger” bubble…. HA! then the older ones who are up for a race by blowing the bubbles across the room… you won’t believe it but they actually will sometimes put away their games and get into playing…

Speaking of tried and true games and activities for kids….. how much fun is it to have them  bake and decorate cookies….  I’ve actually done all sorts of  holiday cookies  and even have some cookie cutters that are in the shape of the letters of the alphabet……so the children get to spell their names…. but my favorite …can you guess?…. yes of course.. gingerbread man cookies….HA!  Some of the children are so cute… will decorate them as their family members… or what they want to be when they grow up.. even a few children have given me their decorated  gingerbread men…. as hopeful future dates HA!

The best and most fun activity… a treasure hunt…..  if you get a chance get  a  real treasure box I bought one called the wooden pirate chest… by Melissa and Doug ( 1800284-3948)  Its wonderful… i have added to the original contents…and create these elaborate clues and activities for the children to  participate in…. I usually give them some treats ( like a chocolate…. doubloon ) or a real gold dollar…..and this shiny marble/stone that grants wishes…  then of course the homemade eye patch..or flag…. and you really can get as elaborate as you want… i often times will throw in a few of the activities…like brushing teeth… and getting into pajamas… and potty time…. between the activities… they often times  don’t even realize they are  headed right to bed HA!

Another crowd pleaser…. actually not too large of a crowd..HA!! but a great and fun game/activity  is this little electronic game of 20 questions…i often get the children to huddle around… and when picking their object  …. i tell them to whisper what they want  the machine to guess….  but we had to be careful not to let the machine hear…. HA! thy get a kick out of it when after 20 questions the game picks the object… or doesn’t … most times they will want to play again HA! I was told just  recently in fact that one boy liked it so much that his parents went and bought him one for his flight back  to England!

I could go on and on… about the love for band aids… with their favorite princess.. or superhero… or the numbered 15 puzzle…. remember those.. it is a square with a bunch of movable square that will slide into position… on each of these s1quares is a number from 1-15 and the object is to put them in some sort of order….. great activity when waiting for dinner to arrive…HA!


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November 29th 2010 @3:53pm ( Thanksgiving 2010)

My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas..    I really love the traditional foods.. the music.. the smells and sounds … the time with family and the  left overs!!!!

This year it was a bit different… last year my cousin Greg was in town and my mother and Greg and I went to the Ritz  Carlton, Tiburon (the golf resort in Naples… ) on for  our Thanksgiving meal!  both my mom and Greg were almost an hour late.. i think they may have gone to the main hotel since they were walking from that general area when i first spotted them..

well, this year no Ritz Carlton for me… i mentioned in Facebook that i almost was going  to spend the holiday alone eating at my house…. until thanksgiving ….  i had  quite a few bullies on my phone…..  a few mean and harmful emails and since i had checked my mail i received that anonymous bully card …postmarked from October 25th 2010….. i just wasn’t feeling very festive… pretty rotten since I  honesty do really LOVE   THANKSGIVING ... i had been watching shows on making turkeys… on all the best stuffing recipes… before the bullies get involved i am usually a pretty positive and upbeat person…. WOW… you should have met me before 2003…. talk about nice… and sweet… did i mention that my sisters used to introduce me as “the nice one”….   

so luckily, i got a last minute invitation to spend thanksgiving with my mom and Ron.  I brought over a pumpkin pie ( never come to a dinner empty handed right?)
and i must admit it was the most unique diner i have ever attended for thanksgiving… i got the impression that my mom might not have been in the mood for Thanksgiving this year as well…. we have never had a meal or thanksgiving like this one ever before in my entire life…..  we had tabouli… and chicken… with sides of carrots and spinach….(don’t tell her.. but those are my least favorite side dishes)…but she did make some traditional  stuffing…and for desert… pumpkin pie and apple pie…. and having those were great!  

i just love a real thanksgiving dinner .. the turkey… the dressing.. the gravy… the cranberries… the sides of veggies… and all the trimmings….YUMMMMMMM… just makes my mouth water just thinking of all of the delicious  treats…. 

it was even nice visiting and helping  to make sure she didn’t have a ton to clean up after the meal…. and it was nice not having to be alone…. and to be thankful…

especially for the pumpkin pie left overs…. HA! I was  eating them all weekend!  YUMMMMMM………

November 27th 2010@9:00pm ( the only offer of a date in many years!)

 So…… while i was going through  some of my date books today.. i stumbled across the date of September 1st 2007…it took only one quick look at the inscription to recall why the date was so special….

 it had a big heart scribbled on the date and i immediately began to laugh and a huge smile went across my face…

when asked if i had a husband …. or a boyfriend…. i of course had to answer….. no…. and immediately i received the best  offer of a “date i have had… forever….

this 5 year old boy…. decided he would be my “knight in shining armor”.. and take me on a date…

 i can still remember his face as i told him  he could take me on a date…( when he was older… oh course…… ) so we got out my date book…. and figured out  a date….  he continued to watch my date book( so intently) until i  actually put the “date”   in my date book… i don’t  think he actually believed me…until i had written on the pages….  HA!  He made sure to remind me that we would meet on the top of i think it was the Hancock building…( is that  Chicago right?) i think that is  what he said i can’t remember now… but….. as i recalled the day….  babysitting…. kids are really pretty wonderful…    i must admit i
don’t know if he saw  sleepless in Seattle or an affair to remember…
but it was  one of the sweetest gestures… i hope when he grows up he
will still be as thoughtful and think of such romantic plans for his
real girlfriends….  
 I’m sure he forgot immediately after the date was scribbled down…   but that simple heart …. seeing it today… made me smile… he’s going to make some girl very happy one day if he can be just as nice and polite and earnest in making a girl happy….  what a  wonderful gesture of asking  this  “dateless” babysitter  on a date…. HA! isn’t that just the sweetest thing?  

 So seriously,  what happens to boys when they grow up?…. do some of them completely lose their romantic  gene?…. or their care and consideration for women gene?… of course not all guys  mind you… i have met some amazing people/men who are compassionate, caring and considerate…  but….  they just haven’t asked me out on a real date… HA!


November 29th 2010 @ 2:15pm ( affirmations)

So when you are supposed to dream and plan for your life.. i don’t think anyone ever really want s it to be small or insignificant do you think they plan for average…. or mediocrity? No neither  do I…..

Do you remember when The Secret came out?… i had everyone and their brother wanting me to read it .. i was given tapes.. books and even cd’s….  its basically a guide to thinking and believing for the very best right? 

I had honestly thought  and  planned on having a business and life that was amazing..

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November 29th 2010 @1:25pm( movie: eat pray love )

 Just rented last evening from blockbuster…. eat pay love… I had been given the book ages ago and t be honest never read it .. then when the movie came out tho the theaters… had wanted to see it… but never did… and last evening … with my free movie reward in hand i thought why not?…  watched it this morning while on the treadmill and since i have the rental for three more days probably will watch the other versions… theatrical or directors cut…. a few more times.. 

Lots more to say on the matter.. but will just for now put in a blog entry and finish later.. one note… i had wanted to travel to Europe with my baby sister this past summer… for a few reasons…
1.   she had not as yet had the opportunity to backpack through Europe like my  other sister and i had the chance to do..or get to have the opportunity to go to school in Europe…
2.  we share a birthday… she was born on my 4th birthday and my mom leaving my party to go and have her is one of my earliest  memories…
3.  she became on of my best friends and i couldn’t think of a more wonderful person to share a wonderful summer…
4. plus it was to be her 40th birthday… my 44th birthday… neither of us had any children.. or any serious boyfriend commitments or even job commitments… so it was a perfect time… or would have been a perfect time..
5.  its always more fun to go and travel with someone ….. traveling with a friend  and sister… who has traveled a large portion of her life … ( is an experienced traveler / thinks somewhat like you… would want to stop at the same sites.. interested in similar experiences…) well.. it would have been a blast! 

Alas (does anyone ever say that anymore?.. i think when you say alas. a deep sigh must also accompany it don’t you?… so here goes…. ALAS….AHHHH  we didn’t go … i actually mentioned the fact my mother for the past 5 years had actually been promising a trip back to Europe… to France mostly.. i wanted to go back to school there ……wanted to refresh my french, look up old friends all over Europe…… and see the sights from a more adult perspective…. my mother had these miles rom her Nieman Marcus card.. think they are called world perk miles… or something similar…… (with enough miles you get plane tickets….. is my understanding).. so each an every year i would  have a conversation with her  about going back to  Europe…. especially France…..  one year my aunt Fran and my mother both wanted to go along.. and they planned to  go to Lourdes..  the miracle site….. one year i even got as far as calling and speaking with all my friends in Europe telling them of my plans and finding out if they would be available so i could see them again….  another year we even called to see if the school was still there… and checked on classes and made plans…. but each and every time…. something happened and i never got to go…… now a days.. i often wonder   if anyone got to go in my place… HA!  

This was my idea… that we( my youngest sister and I ) and would get to go to Europe for the entire summer and blog about it … from  different ages and perspectives… write about everything….  the people we could meet .. the sites to see… restaurants…. everything… trains planes and automobiles…  maybe even a romance or two… gosh…. i think it would have been great fun… or if not a blog for ourselves… maybe we could write for a magazine…  or a guidebook…. or even start an adult version of the LET’S GO series…. I absolutely loved those books…. when i was backpacking with an old roommate.. we had tons of fun going through the book… i can remember one time jumping on a train… not exactly sure where we were going… but once we found out… we looked up the town /the city… and a hostel… place to eat… what the town was noted for and had a wonderful time…

so if we didnt get to devise a bit more mature LET”S GO book… the perhaps i thought my sister and i could eventually sell our adventure as a story… or if we had enough events and experiences.. we could make it into a book….  HA!… yes i always have a pretty well thought out plan..not that i had the entire trip all mapped out or anything … but generally the purpose…with a side benefit of taking a great trip with my friend and sister … make the memories pretty permanent  and to me this would be a great way to finance the trip as well… sell the stories…

 Also, i might get to see many of my old friends that i haven’t had the chance to see is ages.. and  along the way there would be an amazing adventure… wonderful memories and tons of pictures…. then as a side note perhaps we could sell some of our stories.. or if any videos of ours were great… maybe we could use them as a type of documentary… or at the very least a terrific home movie…HA!


November 27th 2010 @ 8:46pm (7 habits of highly efective people)

” for our purposes, we will define a habit as the intersection of knowledge skill, and desire.  Knowledge is the theoretical paragon, the what to do and why.  Skill is the how to do . and desires is the motivation the want to do In order to make something a habit in our lives we have to have all 3.  Creating a habit requires work in all 3 dimensions”

“Happiness can be defined , in part at least, as the fruit of the desire and ability to sacrifice what we want now for what we want eventually.  ”

Habit #2:  Begin with the end in mind

“Begin with the End in mind is to begin today with the image, picture, or paradigm of the end of your life as your frame of reference by which everything else is examined. 

Most effective way i know to begin with the end in mind is to develop a personal mission statement or philosophy or creed.  It focuses won what you want to be
(character) and to do (contributions and achievements) and on the values upon which being and doing are based.

Habit #4:  Think ( win -Win)

“win-win is a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks mutual benefit in all human interactions.  Win -win means that agreements or solutions are mutually beneficial mutually satisfying.  Win-Win sees life as a cooperative not competitive arena.  Most people tend to think in terms of dichotomies:  strong or weak, hardball or softball, win or lose.  But that kind of thinking is fundamentally flawed.  It’s based on power and position rather than on principle, win-win is based on the paradigm that there is plenty for everybody, that one person’s successful is not achieved at the expense or exclusion of the success of others

November 26th 2010@1:19pm( favorite movies I own!)

Favorite movies I own and love!

Bruce Almighty
 Ed tv

The Prince and Me /Prince and Me II  / Prince and me III
The Holiday
Love Actually
Four Weddings and a Funeral
Nine Months
Down with Love
Ultimate Gift
There’s something about Mary
Siding Doors
Coco Chanel
Coco before chanel
The Bachelor
My Best Friends Wedding
P.S I love you
Catch and release
Lucky Seven
Truman Show
Nanny Diaries
The First Wives Club
Something’s Gotta Give
Because I said so
Mad Money
The family Man
Keeping Mum
The Thomas Crown Affair
All the 007 movies…..
Just Like Heaven
Just Friends
It’s complicated
Working Girl
Julie and Julia
My sister’s Keeper
How to lose a guy in `10 days
Pride and Prejudice


Fri. November 26th @12:41pm( bridal plasty??? what is up with this show?)

So i haven’t seen it yet but there is  a new t.v. show where not only is it a reality show.. and one where anyone can be eliminated…. but get this…… it is based on brides going through plastic surgery so they will be perfect for their husbands.. and their wedding…. what does a show like this say about our culture?… about women?… about the quest for perfection and the reality t.v.  shows????? so Kelly Rippa started a show where someone can make an invention and it can change lives… and families.. and i guess in a way the plastic surgery is like that as well I have nothing  against  plastic surgery… or brides wanting to look great.. I’m just wondering why?????  maybe all these reality shows have great intentions… but i hope these women are doing the plastic surgery for the right reasons.. that they have great self esteem and ..I hope they are happy with themselves and their husbands to be.. hope  the show doesn’t get into bride wars where it hurts  all the other contestants who are not the “winner”…..

My cousin sent a cartoon of the Disney princesses that showed women in todays situation with their  princess story….   wonder if i can insert it  into the blog… it was really funny….  Sleeping Beauty woke up to a really old man… or never woke up…   Cinderella/Cinderella ended up at a bar….   up at a bar… don’t remember the specifics of that one… then red riding hood… i think  she was chunky and had eaten all the food out of her basket… then one of the princesses went and got plastic surgery… but i called my mom and  we couldn’t remember who that princess was… anyway….if i can find the cartoon I’ll try to inset it… if anyone else knows about it… just let me know…. 

Fri. November 26th 2010?@12:24( bruce almighty the movie)

 So Bruce almighty has been on television almost each day this past week. It’s on again this morning….

So does anyone have any ideas of what they would do if given the chance to    be God for a while… the righting some wrongs… and having all the material possessions that seems pretty easy and obvious… but i was thinking about it …. knowing the intentions  of people… what they really wanted when then invited you somewhere.. or  being able to tell when or if a  person is lying.… when  someone was manipulating your life for their own selfish intentions…. gosh.. wouldn’t that be great!…. knowing the future… and being able to make sure the people you love are safe form harm… and happy….  those gifts would   be pretty sweet wouldn’t that be great!

Some other movies i loved and never got to mention…
Notting hill…. and point break…. sliding doors…. Bridget Jones… Oh… tons… I’ll mention later…. when i really love a move i end up buying it from  blockbuster… then days you want to change your mood… just like great music… for me…. movies are great  for a smile… ..

Sunday November 21st 2010/ @8:42am(bucket list update)

Yes, I am up very early… already went to church and stopped by the Ritz on the beach to get a scone and croissant… and instead of my usual tea i am getting a capachino…. it feels like i haven’t been here in ages but i guess that is because i really haven’t been here in a bit… in fact i hadn’t left my home for  about two weeks i guess… i would get on the computer or do more research for or write in this blog…  so my car battery died.. nothing really wrong with the battery just hadn’t moved the car at all…. i ended up getting some great help for  jeff who is at Publix right by my home… so thank god for the Ritz Carlton and for Publix…. my hero’s and saviors this week!

The bucket list was on television a few days ago… and  it is so funny since i put a post about it in my blog… but i wanted to mention more of my own bucket list… gosh I could go on and on about it.. but most of the things that were on the bucket list.. i had already done by the time i was 18-22… like going to France.. i actually went to school there…. then seeing the Taj Mahal… and the Pyramids… and an African safari.. even being on Mount Everest… i was really blessed in my childhood… actually most of my life…. only until I met that ucky con artist…. oh you can read more about the truth of all of that … in… anyway…  oh so more about my own list… on my bucket list….

Some of the funny things i put in there… like…. when i cut my own bangs in college… the moment when i stood in front of the mirror… and went Opps….. right there and then i  decided i should have learned to cut hair the proper way…HA!… of course i never did take any lessons… and my bangs today are fairly easy to trim… they are straight…HA! 

 whenever i would see any thing that i thought looked fun or interesting or would be great to learn to do i would  put it  on my list…  ( I more or less called my list the list of things i still had to do or still wanted to accomplish)….

when i was 14 this this friend from boarding school .. Beth, well,  her dad had a little plane… so i actually thought  of learning to fly …. (i originally  came up with the idea…. when we took this tiny little flight to Mt. Everest.. as the plane  flew and i looked out the window…. i thought…. if something were to happen.. someone else should know how to fly the plane…  then i thought of how wonderfully freeing it must be….. to be the one to fly the  plane….  wow can you imagine…. I’m not talking jumping out of an airplane… not my style at all… but to be able to fly the plane.. glide in to a very small runway on the side of Mount Everest… wow!….  the trip to Nepal… and Mount Everest was one of those trips that my mom and i got to do together… no other sisters… just us… it was a really great idea she had for bonding and making some amazing memories…. she planed special trips for each of my sisters and myself… with just her.. and of course all the other trips the whole family got  to go… but this trip will always seem extra special for me… because no one else got to go…. o the memories are ours alone… you know? no one else can interject their perspective… no one can say it wasn’t sunny when i remember it being nice and sunny… no one else in my family got to ride a yak…. and i rode that yak  to the resort… my mom tells the story of how the yak ran away with me and this big tall man jumped in front of the yak and when it stopped i immediately jumped off…. a bit harrowing…. and a bit terrifying when i looked over the edge of the huge cliff to where a very small and not very sturdy  fence… ( if you could call it that) stood between me and the very long drop off a very tall area  of Mt Everest!  HA!
Tons of other items on my list… some of them were more or less ways of living… like having a spa day each month…. preferably at a great spa like the one at the Ritz Carlton…. here in Naples is great! and having flowers delivered every few weeks to my home…. I read once in a magazine that that is something so very nice and special to do for yourself.. to fill your home with the fragrance of beautiful and aromatic flowers…. whether someone sends them to you or not….so i thought that was a nice idea… to treat yourself as  you would want to be treated ….  also i could go on and on but I’ll add more to this later…