Monthly Archives: September 2016

Letter in mail announcing a foreclosure and sale of my condo… I am crushed!Need a Miracle!

I received a letter in the mail last week that my condo was in foreclosure and to be sold at auction on the 1st of sept…. and it was sold for $161,000.00 I am crushed….. Praying for a miracle in the form of finances to buy it … get it back! only have until the 10th… i think…. Please Pray! for me- mary jean ziska.. I ‘ve lived in this condo since 1999!

Please pray for me to save my condo….to rebuy it or remeed it from the foreclosure sale that occurred 9/1/2016…. I have lived here in Naples in this condo since April of 1999…. The shock of a lifetime was the note in my mail that in 4-5 days there would be an auction of my condo…. i had been trying to clear it for rental options to try to pay a lawyer to help remove the fraud bankruptcy(2014) by marion gregory/linda yerger and antoinella scarpa… which started as a chapter 13 …. then to a chapter 7 giving me a personal debt…. and then this…. not to mention the 5th 3rd bank account and stolen money from 2015… my life has basically been systematically ruined…. Please contact me and help in any way possible…. tel # 941-305-2246 or email to thanks LUV mary jean ziska