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Saturday April 09th 2011@3:06pm ( the women and when harry met sally…. great shows!)

Must say… powerful women like powerful women freindships.. so refreshing to see… the women with meg ryan was on today on TBS…  really nice to see women stick together… and to know that women realtionships can last and arent cut throght or petty adn not immature…

Guess i am so sick of the small minded and selfish  women who will have the afairs.. who will ruin lives and families…. jsut to get what they want….. can you imagine… what a nice world it would be to actually have real genuine freinds in  your life… who have your back so to speak…. and who see the value of your hopes and dreams… who actually help you to acheive your  hopes and dreams.. and who cherish real freindships and relationships!…..  

anyway… today that movie and when harry met sally…. one of my all time favories… is on…  again with  meg ryan…. and a very nice relationship… .. back in the day when realtinships i gues could actully be relationships.. and not have some major life changing  and horrid issue  to overcome…   AHhhhh L’amour….

Fri April 1st 2011 @ 2:25pm ( note sent ot police and sheriff for additonal monitoring for residence)

To whom it may concern:  April 1st 2011 @1:46pm


My name is mary jean ziska and my address is: 5632 whisperwood blvd. #1601.  It is located in the  Strand off Immokalee Road. I am requesting assistance in stopping intruders in my home and to have the intruders arrested a soon as possible.


I am requesting assistance in monitoring my residence.  I have had people who somehow  go into my home while i am not there ( usually while away babysitting and for long periods of time) I came home yesterday and I believe that while I was away babysitting from 10:15am until 7pm ( and also out of the home until 9pm doing errands ) that someone was in my home. 


I believe this for two primary reasons.  there was food left on the floor. ( blueberry and  oat which i don’t even have in my pantry or in my fridge or freezer.I made blueberry pancakes about two months ago and froze them… the blueberry on the floor was not two months old.  Nor was it where I normally sit.  I live alone so no one else has been allowed in my home or eating at my table that I am aware of or by my invitation.


The second reason is that i have introduced many locks to try to prevent such burglaries and trespassing and breaking/ entry into my home. I have also put a lock on my fridge since I  found that these intruders made themselves very comfortable in my home and would often eat my food  one bold trespasser even slept in my bed with someone and left a gold emblem witha mertle Beach golfing insignia … these criminals have even worn my clothes and of course i have reproted when they have also stolen items…. 


Acording to the florida  statutes and the laws that pertain to burglery and tresspassing I really need to file reprots and  make certain that they are caught so I can prosecute for both civil and criminal charges….


I am asking that I have an extra patrol check into my residence the days I am baysitting while Ii am not in my home.  I give full permission to    any officer  to arrest any persons in my home when I am not there I don’t care what reason they may use to be in my home. I have given no authorization to anyone to be in my home whie I am babysitting! 


Tomorrow April 2nd I am sitting

babysitting for the Eatons in Pelican Marsh from:  9:30am-1:30pm 

babysititng  for the Orrs in Port Royal rom  7pm unil 11pm  


Thank you for your kind attention in this matter,


mary jean ziska



A Tender Loving Care Service

Mary Jean Ziska   Assistant Director and


Fri April 1st 2011….. ( note on honesty… integrity and the girls who don’t have any of it!)

So I’m a bit upset today…. having someon in your house whe n your not ther can actuallydo that to a person…. but these cummy whre to door servce girls shoudl have name sont you thnk… i mena everyone shoudl know karne kahel by now… i’ve had the opportunity to tell everyone including the police and the authorities… everytime she bullied and harmed mylife…but i thnk maybe givivn her allthe credit for being a deceitful horribel perosn who manipulates lives and destroys hoeps and dreamsand runes familes and everyhting i ever wanted out of lofe mybe that is givngi a small minded and deceitful human being too mauch credit… she didn’t do all the lying and cheating an stealing herself… she had help she planned and pltted and contrived various scheems to steal and lie to be deceitful and to harm nromal hapy individuals…

there is erin donavin form new jersey..lived in autum the time i babysat for her……. i had paperworkd stoelen  from my briefcase concernign clieint  and ffiles and even blank forms stolen….when i babysat for them…. but she is supposedly moved to chicago…. and her hubby got a beter job wiht meryl lynch….

a group of babysitters who broke into myhome and consistentlytook files of clients…. and of course the babysitters from la playa and even some of the sitters who were suposed to be loyal to my mom and our business…  

i had items stolen for bbysitting…supplies i had to go out an buy again… 

the best i can surmise…along with not having  any honesty, integrity, morals  and values…
this group of girls and boys… whether they come from  great families.. or dont… whether they have any money or not…  they obviously are nto my  true freinds.. they are not people who have anyinterest other than makign sure they thnk of themselves first…. and only them selves…. they take care of their own.. which now makes more sense when erin told me that she “thought  i was one of them?????  ”  I had no idea what she was talking about… abu tthought maybe sinc eshe did theater.. she thought i was some actors or fake lke so many of the people i’ve had to meet….. but now i thnk it must mean somthing a bit mroe sinister.. the grop of girls and bos sho choose a victim… use there house steal ther busness… steal they idenity..and steal whaever theywant …. I was tld even recently concerning  a guy in a white mercedes.. the fake friend.. fake scottrenshaw… sho had on  airline piolet glasses.. and who was comign into my complex at the exact time i was leaving..agian to go and babysit….. and i was told that the guy was hiding…. to seehis girls…. ( there were threein teh car at the time…

So perhaps someone decided that myhumble abode was good enough to test out ther girls… and seeif they could cook can clean… and  care for thier children…. and do allthe necessarey  duties…. whatever that may entail… ( think back on the mertlyl beach emblem left…. ) UGGGGGGGG…