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wednesday august 29th 2012…. maybe no great people left on this planet….

yep… maybe there are no great people left on this planet… wait … ann romney … her speech  was amazing…. and  i got to speak with my old roommate scott renshaw … who was nice…    but other than that…. where are the great  people who are noble, honorable, honest, descent, trustworthy… who have scruples, and morals, who   are inspirational, and normal….  i miss those type of people in my life…. every minute of every day….  i miss my friends, my family,  and  great people  in my life …..every minute of ever day…. 

Wednesday August 29th 2012 who starts a conversation with …

Who the hell starts a conversation with … I need to tell you something but I don’t want  you to get upset.. when they know darn…. well that the information will get me upset….  

Then they  say that they are writing an email to Patrick Weber about  automatically taking the money … the $500.00  deal they  came up with together.. with out my knowledge.. with out my conscent…. More like the winkning blinking patrick weber and his black  arm-banded witch…. Or the voice sounded like  a “kimberly”, or “Katie”..  some dingbat….one of the paralegals   who actually  work for the HOA… not my mother  no real mother would ever allow such  a horrendous deal….  Who would be so worried about  being paid on time? excited that they want to have patrick take out money directly form my account to pay her… or them….  But yet…. Not at all concerned about the selttlement ? about the settlement that  is not what was promised by Patrick weber .. at all… not what  would be livable ????? The person who is getting the money right?  What a greedy and horrid person!  … so if it’s not the bullies on the  phone I get these fake and greedy  parasites… great!…..

I left a message for them to look up in the bible….  1kings3:16-28…. ABOUT A MOTHER OR I MEAN A FAKE mother who  is willing to cut a child in half because she  doesn’t care about  the child… because it is not her child!