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Happy Thanksgiving 2015

Happy thanks giving everyone! So many things to be grateful for in my past…. growing up in Ras Tanura Saudi Arabia…( ARAMCO) and all the great traveling and amazing experiences i had while there… for a great family and great friends while growing up…. for boarding school… for school in France… for college… University of Florida… for backpacking in Europe… starting a business from a hobby… for my condo in Naples Florida… and for God to come through… ( I am thanking him in advance… for his abundant provision)… for him to answer my prayers for a HUGE financial miracle… so i may accomplish all the hopes wishes and dreams he placed in my heart…for god and the police and sheriff to stop all identity theft… and the horrid after effects of the id theft…. including returning / repairing / restoring all that has been broken / stolen destroyed and ruined… these pat 15 years… removing the fraudulent chapter 7 bankruptcy… and I pray that God helps to return the 1222.66 dollars stolen from me and placed into the fraudulent 5th 3rd bank account… AMEN!

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Capture 1 10-20-2015 4:03PM
meeting with KEL attorneys drove all the way to Tampa to meet with attorneys who claimed they would help and if they couldn’t help would help me find the next steps to try to fix all this mess on my own… and i thought I’d be able to get assistance with everything… boy was i not only disappointed… exhausted…. but Oh soooo mistaken…

Went to Kel attorneys and also while in the building the absurd thing happened… was directed to Morgan and Morgan… you know the people on tv.. “FOR THE PEOPLE”…. was in the actual office… and had to actually call from sitting in the receptionist area to try to get an appointment… HA!…

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Capture 2 10-28-2015 5-48 PM conversations with Ashley from Rocket Lawyer to retain legal services

… this video says it is 51 minutes long where as the last video says it is only 37 minutes long… HUMMMM … should have been the same content… so should have been the same length right?
I had someone edit a video I did a long time ago to miss the fact that i grew up in Saudi Arabia… it sounded like I was raised in Florida…. to me it seemed that my personal property.. my intellectual property had been altered.. and not by me… I am putting both versions of this video on my blog- to see if any hacking had been done…. I just had a compete email account deleted sometime between when i created it October 27th 2015 and yesterday ( 11/19/2015) I had created and used that new email account to email a request for help to tons of Christian lawyers for their HELP!

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Bradenton doctor and what i am still trying to achieve while here

We returned the medicine to the manufacturer who was very professional and nice about the return. In fact we have already been reimbursed for the purchase via a check in th mail! The box and medicine the doctor sold us… It clearly read on the box that it was for athletes foot and ring worm when I went to the doctor about toe fungus… the after effects of a really bad pedicure(the birthday gift certificate for a pedicure from the Waldorf Astoria… Naples grand in Naples Florida…)

the second medicine this same doctor prescribed… an acid to kill the warts on the bottom of my foot.. also an after effect of the same pedicure a the Naples grand… Waldorf Astoria Naples Florida…. i used it for about a week or so when my skin started peeling in big layers… after a week of the skin peeling off.. there are the same little warts on the bottom of my foot… Anyone have a REALLY GREAT Dr. who can help? please contact me… ASAP! thanks….

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Saturn repairs- Cadillac dealership(Bradenton) and Lowes( local car repair in Sarasota) Report filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration/ After car repairs at Lowes about ten times i used my car and then the front door drivers side did not open from the inside of the car… It still does not open from the inside of the car… Also left message with lawyers who worked on the GM recall to see if there was any connection to other repairs/ areas that also need to be replaced/fixed due to any faulty parts…

As of today 11/19 2015 I have not received an itemized warantee from Lowes and still missing a $25.00 bike lock I used for extra lock on car steering that was on car when we took it into Lowes…

As of today I have not heard any further information from GM on any additional recalls

I received an email from the lawyers who sued GM for the faulty ignition switch but was a form email stating their involvement in the case but nothing further on additional parts that were broken or need to be repaired when the faulty ignition is repaired

Have not checked on further information on report but will update when i receive further information