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Monday November 23, 2010 @6:37pm ( the bachelor… movie)

 so does everyone remember  “the bachelor” you know…. the movie … way before the tv show…  i had forgotten how much i really liked it until i saw it  again today…. I actually liked it so much that i even bought the movie from blockbuster and many times while  babysitting and after the children are asleep and if there is nothing   interesting on t.v… or i don’t  have any interesting magazines or articles to read… i will watch it ( i keep that movie… Sabrina( with Audry Hepburn… and the wizard of oz in my purse fo emergencies…. HA! …..  yes  a very sappy chick flick… but who wouldn’t want the great guy who knows who he really wants to marry….  and is able to get the girl of his dreams at the end of the movie…. right? the couple who really know and love search other and are getting married for all the right reasons…. right? LOVE……

A cousin of mine wanted me to write stories ( don’t ask me why… but i came up with a few interesting twists on a few already written stories…..  so get this….

what if…. what if…. in the movie the bachelor…  he had to marry some other girl that he really didn’t love just because he couldn’t find his real true love?… what would or might happen then?… he is stuck for ten years right? So when the girl comes back…   what would you have happen?  


November 16th 2010 ( some favorites/books a little on the business side)

 Just wanted to jot down a few books that are some of my favorite books that are a bit on the business side but still favorites….. i  just think are wonderful… if you have read them perhaps you would agree…
1.  The girl’s guide to building a million dollar business by susan wilson solovic

2.  The new gold Standard ( 5 leadership principles for creating a legendary customer experience courtesy of the Ritz Carlton Hotel Company) by Joseph A. Michelli

3.  Google speaks( secrets of the World’s Greatest Billionaire Entrepreneurs, Sergey Brin and Larry Page) by Janet Lowe  

4.  Customize your career ( how to develop a winning strategy to Move up, Move ahead or Move on ) by Roz Usheroff
*”fireproof” your career without crashing and burning
*surefire ways to make your employer need you
*proven tips for bringing value-added services to your company and clients 
On a side note… Roz is just  an amazing woman i had the pleasure of meeting and  befriending   her through my sister.  Roz was one of her clients… and as everyone  does….. she just loved my sisters….so me being the “invisible sister”…( HA!) i got to meet her through them…. 


November 16th 2010 @2:34pm movies this past sunday great day….

 November 16th 2010 @2:34pm  have been wanting to enter a post since Sunday…. Sunday was not only just a  beautiful day weather wise… but it was such a great day for movies.. Have you ever had those type of days when you  just wanted to watch a bunch of movies… the weather was pretty cool… i had walked showered.. and ten actually got back into PJ’s  and watched a bunch of movies…  well if you’ve never done it… i highly recommend it just once in a while other wise someone might think  oh…. who really cares what people think right?… but seriously… just once in a while… so back to my some of the all time favorites… guess what movies  i got to see.. the movie that inspired my email address……something about mary.… yes i get a kick out of that movie almost each time i see it… except for not being a doctor.. or living in Miami… i do have her similar hair cut… and have had that hair cut for years.. and i did have a dodge durango … for a short time.. ( it was my work vehicle for my faux painting business). . black with a tan interior….the original l plan was to have that as my “work vehicle and then have a really cute sporty car for my real vehicle…. but then….. 

Also in the movie she( Cameron playing Mary )  was looking for “Mr. right”…  sorta like my search for mygingerbreadman…right?  and of course she  kept finding all these guys who were liars… even ones who forgot their wallets…HA!!!!HA!  

then a movie message in a bottle… I had never seen it before.. movie with Kevin Costner.. and Paul Newman.. really loved it… don’t know about the ending …but liked the letters in a bottle idea… guess that is a bit like throwing messages out on the internet an seeing who may or may not ever read any of these posts….
its an exercise in faith right?… faith that the right person will somehow  find their right person… and live happily ever after  …
other great movies I’ve  seen recently… the meet the parents movies.. so funny… and then there was a movie  that I don’t know if a lot of people know about it.. it was on the hallmark channel.. called the  the Ultimate Gift… I really loved it… even cry almost every time that i watch it it moves me that much….It is a movie about an inheritance and the gifts a grandfather gives his grandson that change and mold his life….
 ( memoriable quotes from that movie….the gifts he gives his grandson
1.  the gift of work
2.  the gift of money
3.  the gift of friends
4.  the gift of learning
5.  the gift of problems
6.  the gift of family
7.  the gift of laughter
8. the gift of dreams
9.  the gift of giving
10.  the gift of gratitude
11.  the gift of a day
12.  the gift of LOVE

 If you haven’t seen the movie you really need to see it… it is wonderful!
Of course there are so many movies that i have enjoyed seeing .. I’ll add on when i get a chance! luv mary jean ziska    
.. ..

Can it possibly still be a saturday post…. this one about heritage/ancestry/

 So its still Saturday… told you i was in the mood to write in my blogs…. here is a bit on heritage  and ancestry…  so when you’ve lived a life like mine… born in Ohio… moved to Florida.. then st. Croix virgin islands… then grew up in Saudi Arabia… then boarding school…  Florida again… then .. France… so like a military brat… i started thinking where do i fit in?  am i supposed to be from the north.. or the south.. or middle east.. or Europe…. seriously… where do i fit into just one neat little box.. the answer is….. i don’t… i really can’t be smashed into one box and labeled and have someone say… there…. she is this….. or she is that… and it’s honestly the  same in all  areas of my life… 

Speaking of heritage…. father… Czech. at least our last name is…actually a pretty funny story about our last name… something about a general who was famous… put horses shoes on backwards.. won a war for being clever…HA!! and bohemian…. and probably some other eastern European countries…
                                            mother... Irish and Austrian…. and also probably some other countries i have no idea about….

speaking of home..….when someone used to ask me where i was from… the easiest answer was … its along story… and move on to another subject… at times I  would start reciting cities.. countries.. or whatever… but sometimes it just didn’t satisfy anyone… if i said born in Ohio… they would want to know where…. if they asked where did i grow up.. and i said Saudi Arabia… they would want to know how  and why i have sandy blond hair and blue/green eyes…  it never seemed to satisfy with only part of an  answer….  is home where your heart is now? or where you grew up?… or where you can go back to visit?….  

11:36 on August 19th 2010 and addition on August 28th 2010

 So my computer  or my using it today…is  a bit challenging… the posts won’t keep to the fonts I choose… or the size type…. since these hardships are making it much more burdensome to write my thoughts in a free flowing manner …I’ve decided to write down all the ideas whether they exist in a man or not …. the ideal perfect gingerbread man!

New day… 
August 28th 2010 and the computer is running great… so ….
So here goes… from my typing …..ahhhh….to gods ears….  now if there is a guy out there who will fit all these characteristics… for real…. and this contest can actually take place… then…. maybe there will be a large jackpot… who knows.. maybe wouldn’t it be funny to have a million dollar jackpot to find the right guy …and if it catches on… perhaps another woman will be able to find her right guy…. having a million dollars or more for a contest to find the right guy for me…HA! boy would that be fun….

Now, I’m a pretty average, normal  girl… who has or had some really wonderful  expectations of finding the perfect guy for me at the right time… (I don’t think they are too high in the expectation category… so lets see if he can exist…. you be the judge…)but as I mentioned,  time keeps ticking… and I thought I’d help out a bit in this search for this guy… I once got a card at a card store… it read on the outside ….There is a perfect person out there for everyone  (when you open it up it read… ) Yours is in ( pick any country far, far away…..) with this mother and nine sisters….  

So here is the delima… if this guy is sooo far away… ohhhh lets say in Sweden..or Denmark… or even Germany or Switzerland…  the internet is probably one of the only ways to get a message out there to him right? Aside from the old note in the bottle trick…(which I think only worked in the movies If I’m not mistaken…HA!) 

Anyway… back to this mythical man who may or may not exist….this great guy…. one who is honest… I mean really honest, not even in a habit of those little lies… because if someone can’t be honest in the little things… why would I be able to trust them in the really big truths… like being faithful.. so he has to be faithful… and trustworthy… someone you can turn to and tell your most personal fears or joys and you know they won’t betray your confidences… so this is pretty much describing your best friend right?  So this guy would have to be a friend… the person you want to share your stories… your life adventure.. want to help you achieve your goals and dreams… and would be someone you could or would want to spend time with…. not all your time.. but be able to definitely want to “hang out” with you and somehow could make even the most mundane tasks enjoyable just by being there… isn’t that what a great friend is?  

o.k., how about a great sense of humorkind, thougtful, romanitc, considerate   
someone who has a great outlook on life and is positive… o.k realistically no one can be positive all the time but wouldn’t it be great if  after a bad day… you had a friend  who could and would listen… maybe even a shoulder to lean on or a hug and a nice comment like ” don’t worry… we can work it out… lets  put our resources together… I know we can solve this” not someone who talks down to you… or make you feel inferior… but a person who believes in a relationship as working together… as someone who has your back so to speak… I mean , life can really throw a curve ball every now and then… its nice to know you dont have to go it alone…

How about varied interests… like, athletic… but loves the theater… is that possible?  or is that a contradiction?… How about a great cook a great father or potential father… you know the kind of man you sneak a peek  into a room when he doesn’t think anyone is watching… who is rocking or singing or even dancing with a baby… now is it possible for that same man to still command a board room meeting or company? Seriously……do these guys still exist?…. I mean on the t.v shows.. the qualities that are supposedly beneficial to win a game like bachelorette or bachelor…they don’t necessarily seem to make for a great guy to settle down with do they?… I’m not looking for a game player… I am who I am and though I may change for better or for worse… ( hoping changes are always for the better right? I am hoping there is someone who likes me ( as in the famous words of Bridgette Jones…) “likes me just as I am”    Wow maybe even loves me Just as I am… 

would absolutely love someone who has traveled a great deal in their life… and who still enjoys traveling … but I must admit that I definitely prefer traveling in a more comfortable style than when I was in  a teenager or in my 20’s when backpacking and jumping on a train and sleeping on a couchette was a solution for “making time” to get to the next destination… now I would really love to have someone to travel with who enjoys similar expectations for traveling in a more comfortable style… there is jsut nothing nicer than a great hotel with the softest sheets and the best of service and comforts… when after a long day of sightseeing and excursions you can enjoy a nice dinner and a great room ….now at this point in time of my life… that  is  a great way to travel….   dont get me wrong… I can still rough it at time… but it is so much more pleasurable  to  make travel /vacations and trips so nice and comfortable….  so i guess that is enough for today… does anyone have any great qualities to add…. and yes…if you want to correct my spelling… please feel free to let me know!HA! thanks for your input and your time… luv mary jean ziska  

thursday November 11th 2010 thoughts/nancy and john’s writing

Today, dont know why but  was on a search for my cousin  john’s writing…

wait i know… this is the  thought process.. vetrans day… so emailed john ….then thoughts on his writing and on nancy on my grandmother… pop… and cousin nancy… so started a serch for his writing…. you know he is really such a talented writer…
 he’s written a few books…

midnight in monaco
bad men driving
loner stories

Acutally when i went to and looked up john lawrence sheppard they will actually allow you to read some of teh pages…. so of course i did… and teh story aobut my grandmother dying.. didnt think readign it woudl affect me  and instead i could acuually picture her… and ended up crying … odnt know if it was also thinking of allthe people in that family who have died.. my aunt from breast cancer, her mother, her father, her daughter…. too many in one family … i mean i knwo everyone has to die but i still have so many questions…. like the recipies or stories that died with with  my grandparents… the truth aobut so many things tht died with my cousin… such a stong yet secretely sensative woman that died when my aunt did….      

Wednesday November 10th 2010… seeking a great german guard dog!

 While  reminiscing about childhood experiences…. about  how as a child i got to grow up with German Sheppards… what a wonderful experience….  our first German Sheppard..Nipper….. was shipped from Florida….. someone wanted to remind me that  got her from a breeder in Florida and shipped her from….Brandon when we were moving to st. croix virgin islands ….. yes my parents invested in property in Florida … Brandon Florida…. in fact…… they ended up having a 16 unit motel!  and actually did really well in most of their choices… I am and will always be really proud of my parents and the choices they made while i was a child….

Pretty smart actually… when they were first married they bought a home in  Cleveland Ohio… later  they had a beach front condo in Naples… a motel in Brandon…. some property in a ski resort in the Carolinas… some other property…..elsewhere….

While we were young  my parents actually  part  owned a motel in Brandon Florida.. with my aunt and uncle……. i remember visiting with my cousin Nancy ( now deceased- who was only 4 months younger than me..) Each summer we would take these long walks and talk until  we had caught up on all the experiences of the year… and we were back to being best friends….   I  remember visiting and going on huge shopping sprees with my mom…. when we would go on vacations from Saudi we would shop for a full year….  for the next year of clothing… of growth…..a full year of growth….some years she did a great job …..a few years with some serious growth spurts…. well…. we had to go shopping else where HA! but then it was fun to go and travel…… to go shopping… who doesn’t like to go shopping right?….  

Speaking of Florida… my sisters were born in Florida…I was born in Ohio….  we had this babysitter (who mysteriously enough looked like Karen Kahel) …. UCK right?… double uck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  she also looks eerily like the  Washington housewife..  you know the one with the same white blond hair…   no one liked or trusted.. who lied and snuck into state dinners  at the  white house….. the one who was a poser and a wanna be?… what was her name? anyway… she looks just like  karne kahel and the babysitter we had when we were  young…. I  think the babysitters name was was Laura… A

Anyway…  Just a side thought….  maybe people who look the same …. act the same? or somewhere in the  genetic cosmos.. they are related…. so that is why they have the same lack of morals or values or ethics….  right? Someone should  do a study on that… …HA! ….  not only did i get bullied by Karen as an adult… but who knows what that person who was the babysitter….. then…. was like….especially if there was a correlation between people who look alike and behave alike…  seriously someone  should do a study on this….

I even babysat a little girl and her brother while her mother was out… she had been given a referral from a girl named karen …..  she also looked like a younger version of Karen Kahel…. UCK…. Trust me i kept a close eye on my belongings just in case  was genetically related to the girl who bullied me…  

Anyway… what was i taking about?…..before i got off the subject….  oh yes… growing up with German Sheppard dogs… and other pets… what a joy to have nipper…. and then our second nipper we actually got in Germany….  so when i was calling and trying to get the information on the second Nipper…. we figured out it was Reg ens burg  Germany…… we found a great kennel: />


Wednesday November 10th 2010 charm bracelets

 Memories….. tangible memories like photos and letters.. keepsakes…. and this blog entry is all about charms.. and charm bracelets….. how wonderful to look on these items  and know how thoughtful the gift…   not only the thought and preparation in giving such a special gift… but  the knowledge of the person who  gave it to you…  My mother collected these silver charms while we were young and traveling all over the place….  I wear the charm bracelet today …. it not only symbolizes and reminds me of the places /countries we were luckily enough to travel through but it reminds me of my mother’s thoughtfulness….
Countries on my bracelet:
Italy, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Austria, Egypt, India, Jordan, Africa, Spain, Holland, USA-Florida, and the keys-Florida, a big heart that says happy birthday and two charms that fell off… were England and Greece… other charms that i haven’t put on yet….

Charms i need to collect from countries i already have traveled and visited…. ( many….. )

there was a time a little while ago when everyone seemed to have charm bracelets… with other trinkets  attached… and charms that meant to each individual as much as my charm bracelet means to me…  I’m just really glad that my mom was….. and still is so unique and individual in her meaningful gifts…  one year when she came back from Saudi… at Christmas she actually gave us frankincense,  gold and myrrh (sp?)… like the wise-men…  another time for a friend of her’s Pete…  she gave him this preppy puzzle and them proceeded to give him all the items that  made up the puzzle….  pretty clever right?… another time…. we went on trips to celebrate birthdays or holidays….even once gave us sand from the rubalhahli(sp?)  ….  she was really great at  making holidays special and memorable and most times went to  great lengths … to make them  extra special…. all the time and effort  that went into all the holidays and gifts…. was and is still appreciated….  

I just think a charm bracelet  it is such a thoughtful and really  meaningful gift and memento.  I am so glad my mother gave me this gift… i hope someday if i ever get married and have children of my own… that i can pass along not only the charm bracelet idea… and travel experiences and a life full of memories when traveling to places together… but i hope she would appreciate it as much as i do now….  Thanks MOM!

Tuesday November 9th 2010 why do people have to put you down to make themselves feel superior… low self esteem?

So today… on the phone I had someone who kept trying to make me look bad and feel bad… about myself and my family…. I was also  told to “get over it”….   meaning anything that had to do with my other website and blog…     ruined most of my day to be perfectly honest…. and here is a thought….

why do people have to put you down to make themselves feel superior?  is it low self esteem… really? or just an evil personality that likes harming or hurting people … like say a bully….. 

the person on the  phone wanted to remind  me that even though my mom and I and my entire family got to live over seas.. got to travel… and had a really great way of growing up….. and got to shop in Paris  and Italy… and shop  all over the world honestly…. really….and this happened when i was only oh say…. 12-14 years old … and that even though my mom had a successful business taking tours to India and Africa and Greece.. and i am so proud of her accomplishments… they wanted to remind me that she started a few businesses here when she moved back to the states in 1982….

In fact even though we were living on the beach in a condo that my parents had purchased… this person on the phone wanted to make it seem like my mother wasn’t very valuable…  her ideas for starting a tender loving care service were forming… and   i do believe she had a notion of starting   few other businesses at the same time….  

its too funny the person on the phone  today must be really insecure…. thinking that a person is one dimensional… my other was not only a wonderful entrepreneur… she was a great artist… writer, creative gift giver, and so talented in so many avenues….. and i trusted her design sense  and her advice on so many aspects of life.. people/ relationships… and making the right choices… she was constantly giving us advice on travel… on making sure we were protected from any types of crimes happening to us  or changing us… … and she would have given her life for any of her three daughters to be happy…. she provided us with an amazing and very comfortable lifestyle and allowed us to see so much of the world… it is hilarious that someone would want to belittle my mother and her accomplishments and who she is and was ….  perhaps she wasn’t  always conventional… but unique is just marvelous….In fact when we went to see Secretariat( sp?)  the woman  who took over her father’s farm… turned everything around… and in the process raced a horse who won! What a woman… right?  but not only was she strong… she was able to instill in her daughters and probably all her children.. that all things are possible… that woman can accomplish a great deal… and that goals can be accomplished and dreams can come true…  a woman like that is amazing… and i had the privilege to see my mother  as that type of woman…  ( personally i loved the way the main character dressed.. always loved a really classic style…. ) but you know what… everyone has their own unique style about them… and you have to love them for exactly who they are….
..  so to the person  who was trying to make my mom into the owner of a cleaning business.. or somehow make it less than wonderful for her to be the owner of  a tender loving care business…  I  don’t know exactly what you were trying to accomplish(.?) Are you the same person who wanted me to talk badly about my sisters? Who by the way I think are amazing…. … but it is …really  hilarious…. 

it actually almost sounded like a  naughty little child who would say NAH… NAH after trying to bully someone … so guess it must be low self- esteen right? to put down another individual who has done nothing to harm them…  or someone who can’t see the entire person for who they are?  Maybe if they think they can make my family look bad or in some way they think it makes them  look better?.. then someone will like them better?  I mean when Karen kahel bullied me to tears  at the front  of my complex… and she jumped up and down saying she won she won….. did she actually believe that by making some one cry… that she was better? that some boy would like her better? because she was a bully…. i think it actually does the reverse… but someday when justice is accomplished.. and people are held accountable for their transgressions…. someday…. maybe…..someday…..    HA!!!