November 29th 2010 @3:53pm ( Thanksgiving 2010)

My favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Christmas..    I really love the traditional foods.. the music.. the smells and sounds … the time with family and the  left overs!!!!

This year it was a bit different… last year my cousin Greg was in town and my mother and Greg and I went to the Ritz  Carlton, Tiburon (the golf resort in Naples… ) on for  our Thanksgiving meal!  both my mom and Greg were almost an hour late.. i think they may have gone to the main hotel since they were walking from that general area when i first spotted them..

well, this year no Ritz Carlton for me… i mentioned in Facebook that i almost was going  to spend the holiday alone eating at my house…. until thanksgiving ….  i had  quite a few bullies on my phone…..  a few mean and harmful emails and since i had checked my mail i received that anonymous bully card …postmarked from October 25th 2010….. i just wasn’t feeling very festive… pretty rotten since I  honesty do really LOVE   THANKSGIVING ... i had been watching shows on making turkeys… on all the best stuffing recipes… before the bullies get involved i am usually a pretty positive and upbeat person…. WOW… you should have met me before 2003…. talk about nice… and sweet… did i mention that my sisters used to introduce me as “the nice one”….   

so luckily, i got a last minute invitation to spend thanksgiving with my mom and Ron.  I brought over a pumpkin pie ( never come to a dinner empty handed right?)
and i must admit it was the most unique diner i have ever attended for thanksgiving… i got the impression that my mom might not have been in the mood for Thanksgiving this year as well…. we have never had a meal or thanksgiving like this one ever before in my entire life…..  we had tabouli… and chicken… with sides of carrots and spinach….(don’t tell her.. but those are my least favorite side dishes)…but she did make some traditional  stuffing…and for desert… pumpkin pie and apple pie…. and having those were great!  

i just love a real thanksgiving dinner .. the turkey… the dressing.. the gravy… the cranberries… the sides of veggies… and all the trimmings….YUMMMMMMM… just makes my mouth water just thinking of all of the delicious  treats…. 

it was even nice visiting and helping  to make sure she didn’t have a ton to clean up after the meal…. and it was nice not having to be alone…. and to be thankful…

especially for the pumpkin pie left overs…. HA! I was  eating them all weekend!  YUMMMMMM………