repost of how many girls does it take ot make up one fake perfect girl?

so here is the question i posed to my old roomate scott renshaw when i was chatting with him last night online…. so how many girls does it take to ame up one fake perfect girl?

some has to be able to:
golf, swim, play tennis,  run, make a last minute picnic, be hostess to a dinner party, great with kids, animals,  be thin enough, tall enough, pretty enough( opps almost forgot that one and these shallow halls… sure want to make sure their girls are pretty enough HA! )   educated enough… oh and scott reminded me that  you can’t  have a “whore to door service  girl”… with out the whore part of it … HA!

so since no one really can be all those things… all at once…. and all the time….except for the girls who lie cheat and steal everything…. and about everything…. how many girls does it take….(?)

and how do these lovely conartist do it…. they use innocent girls to do ther dirty work… like a cleaning crew to make sure their house or condo (they break into to use for ther games)…  is clean enough… or a cook to make it look like they can cook… or a babysitter  to make it seem they are great with kids ?… or a girl   who can  play golf or can swim.. or can run… whatever the criteria… then make sur ethey all are baout the same height and weight… and can share clothes… or from the back of ther head .. if bychance you took a picture of them.. theymight be mistaken for the perosn who is trying ot catch er next victim… i mean  mate…HA!