gain another repost of the blog post…. how many people does it take to create the fake perfect girl

so here is the question i posed to my old roommate scott renshaw when i was chatting with him last night online…. so how many girls does it take to make  up one fake “perfect girl”?

this girl has to be:          and be able to:
golf, swim, play tennis, ski or other winder sports,  run, make a last minute picnic, be hostess to a dinner party, great with kids, animals, artistic, great decorator, nurse, teacher, great at sports, look great in all situations, musically inclined, and always smile and be happy,  and have enough energy to be up for anything, be sociable, fun, popular, nice, basically perfect at everything, al the time,   be thin enough, tall enough, pretty enough( oops almost forgot that one and these shallow halls… sure want to make sure their girls are pretty enough HA! )   educated enough… oh and scott reminded me that  you can’t  have a “whore to door service  girl”… with out the whore part of it … HA!  

so since no one really can be all those things… all at once…. and all the time…….. how many girls does it take….(?)   

and how do these lovely conartist do it…. they use innocent girls to do their dirty work… like a cleaning crew to make sure their house or condo (they break into to use for their games)…  is clean enough… or a cook to make it look like they can cook… or a babysitter  to make it seem they are great with kids ?… or a girl   who can  play golf or can swim.. or can run… whatever the criteria… then make sure they all are about the same height and weight… and can share clothes… or from the back of their head .. if by chance you took a picture of them.. they might be mistaken for the person who is trying to catch er next victim… i mean  mate…HA!  

then of course you cant forget all the supporting characters… the people who make the entire process possible.. the ones who get all the real girls out of the way…. and make sure that the only people surrounding the guy or girl… depending on the victim… are only  isolated and surrounded by their chosen “players”… then devise some sort of scene that will allow the  girl or guy to be just  great…. or look great anyway… and in the process you can’t  forget to make everyone else  look bad…..  nothing real about he entire thing… no real conversions… not anyone really knowing anything about anyone…. or any real situation… it all goes back to the TESTS the boys think will allow them to chose the girls they want…. but i can tell you from  experience going  through bad experiences just  to test someone is not….” like”.. or “love” or even “friendship” ….

I went out and bought two cds… last night… the one by Sara Bareilles called kaleidoscope heat
remember i have the song #5: king of anything  and # 6:  Say your sorry…. is now also one of my favorites…… 

the thing  about saying your sorry…. it doesn’t change a thing….. it really doesn’t make anything better….
here are the words of that song….(i’ll put them all in later….)

“say your sorry( wont you please) say your sorry say you’re sorry -circus of silence- down at our feet paper cut tigers starting to bleed – hang from your tightrope above  the mess just say your sorry no more no less 
words you won’t  don’t feel them like I do……. 

 So what happened to real romance?… and real relationships?…. and having real meaningful conversations?… like meeting someone you dont know and want to get to know so you spend hours talking…. or going out on dates… sharing stories… and actually getting to really know the person!  

None of this lying to  be someone else…or manipulationg ….. but real honest to goodness relationships…. Sheesh….. isn’t anyone in this town normal anymore?   but also  wonderful…