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september 11th 2010

Today, 9/11….
I can’t believe its been another year…  don’t know how those families who have lost loved ones are coping… losing someone you really love never goes away. …

the feeling of being violated, of having no control over harm that has been inflicted upon your life… the criminal element who are still not taking responsibility for their horrid actions…  unnecessary loss that can never be replaced…   moments they can never get back….  the birthday parities that are missing that one special someone.. the holidays that have one place setting empty…. these people and families are just left with joyous memories of a “better” life…  no…”better” is that  the right terminology… maybe just a  “different” life before pure  destruction invaded their existence and destroyed their innocence… destroyed  their true belief in the goodness in human beings… in life itself…. 

the questions of why… why didn’t all the criminal who violate innocent people on a daily basis with no conscious… why weren’t they all in those buildings… instead of great men and women who were hard working… who loved life, their families… these people had hopes and dreams just like us… they  didn’t commit crimes…or harm anyone.. why didn’t the criminals who do commit crimes on a daily basis… why didn’t they  die that day?    I can personally think of three people i wish had been in those buildings… people who do not care that they harm others… one girl who would jump up and down laughing and taunting as she proclaimed “she won she won ” while she bullied another human being to tears….  this girl and the other 2 people I mentioned… have not a care for others.. their selfish concern for themselves and their own selfish wants…  just prime examples of horrid and worthless  human beings… this bully in my opinion doesn’t deserve to be on this earth when great men and women  who actually cared about others.. made a contribution to society.. who made a positive difference in other people’s lives…. died in 09/11….
 I just don’t get it…  

Why are criminals around anyway?  girls who trespasses and bully … boys who lie, cheat threaten and steal…. people who  manipulate anyone’s life for their own immoral  and selfish uses…. why are they here?  They only ruin lives…. families…. and hopes and dreams… they never build  anything … like businesses… they steal businesses… and clients… they destroy and so far I can see many of them  are never punished… and I want to know why… there is a quote that I have on one of my walls along  with many  reminders that human beings are not supposed to be all bad… it goes like this…”

” All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for a good man to do nothing” Edmond Burke

So I ask you… what would you do if you saw injustice being done …. to a stranger… would you care… would you stop and make a difference… or what if it was to your mother… to your sister… to you daughter… would you just  passively sit by and allow criminals to do their  harm?  Or would you be a hero… and stand up for justice.. for what is right…  would you be someone who men and women and even children could  look up to and be proud of?  On your grave stone would it say you went along and allowed injustice or did you stand up and do the right thing… stand up and be your own person…   
 there is another quote  from the bible that promises hope…. 

” For I know the thoughts that I have for you says the lord thoughts of peace and not evil to give you a future and a hope”  Jeremiah 29-11 

Think of all the dreams stolen and the promises not able t be able to be kept… all the futures and lives that are affected forever because of criminal behavior… not even just major  criminal behavior.. but even minor criminal behavior when left unchecked can cause devastating damage to a person’s life … to a family and possibly forever change the course of their lives forever!  

I for one will not stand by while someone is being damaged by selfish criminals.  I will stand up for justice and for the laws and hope that you will to….

Think long and hard about your actions… about how your actions will affect someone’s life… we do not live in a vacuum… one day is not the ending or beginning of our lives… but that one day when someone has the chance to manipulate it… can destroy a future.


september 10th 2010

 September 10th 2010 
With some help from the tech. guy in Go Daddy…. I think I have an album with actual pictures…. Please check it out later…  hopefully everything will work with the blog… the website… and with the photo album… so this entry is kind of  a test… while I save and publish everything all over again!
luv mary jean ziska  

PS… I will add comments on the pictures later… I think can do that with this website!HA! I seem to comment about everything ….

september 6th 2010

 Its labor day and a new entry for September!  I have been signed up for e-harmony for a while now and have not really had much response.  well, that is not exactly true… there were supposedly 900 something matches…  yes that typo is not a typo.. I said.. nine hundred….and change…so… as for all these perfect matches…  still no dates…. actually not even any responses….I first started to do these introductions  with what  they call an icebreaker… no response… I was told … ( should I really listen to all the helpful advice?HA!) anyway I was told that was too impersonal.. so now I send everyone a sample of questions and then see who responds… yesterday there seemed to be a few actual prospects… of course I am not sure if they will live up to the entries that they have posted on
EHARMONY I’ll have to wait and see…

back to some of the qualities… for the mythical perfect guy….. so intelligence… has to have gone to college and be intelligent… yes I know, I know… bill gates quit Harvard… but that is not the point.. the point is that he went to Harvard..that he was accepted to Harvard.. that he a billionaire who is not only doing great and wonderful things for philanthropy… but that he also created an amazing company and products… so yes there are exceptions… but intelligence, creativity, articulate…. definitely a must… 

Another  important quality… communication, and romance…. I am a die hard romantic… or at least I used to be… I would put my whole heart and soul into romance…. love to plan and execute romantic get a ways… or trips… or even dinners or day’s activities…. I must admit I am a bit of a planner… and love having everything work out according to plan…. of course sometimes things don’t exactly work out.. but having a great sense of humor would be great for him to have at such moments…. 

ideally I am  physically attracted to tallish, blond haired, blue eyed, slim athletic build…. type Those are the guys that can turn my head… amazingly  enough I have rarely been able to date guys that fit that physical description…. but I am still looking HA!  

Just wondering what most families and their friends are doing this holiday?….. for me I bet it would have been a great day to be out at the beach…at least  i’m sure if the beach today was as nice as it was yesterday… i bet it was nice… I went out to my aunts condo which is right next to where we used to live… on the beach…   or if I had one at a beach front condo…. one with a boat dock… go and have a nice lunch out on the water…or at a local yacht club…  maybe time with friends or family and  a jet ski.. or water skiing… here in florida it was a great day for most of the day… lots of people out on the golf course…( of another thing I would love to learn to do.. play golf)…and get much better at tennis… also take a real cooking course in france or italy… no in france…. also  would love to take so many classes… and travel… gosh… travel all over the world  again….
But since I am alone… i just did chores… so no boating.. no picnic lunch.. no friends over for a nice lunch… or even a game of golf…maybe if this contest ever would work this will have to be the last lonely holiday I will ever have to spend…. HA!   luv mary jean ziska