Tuesday October 25th 2011 @ 7:42pm ( goop is hiring!!!… i emailed mysister .. she’d be perfect for the job… and for the life style… and for everything….)

I have a great sister who was an art director of a fortune 500 country…. I have to brag a bit… she is sooo talented..   and so creative and can do so many things…. well when i saw the  email with my goop newsletter… post….  and ad add for these great jobs.. i emailed my sisiter right away… here is the ad:

Goop is hiring
Director of Social Media
Jr. Web/Graphic Designer 

must be london based to apply…. send resume to :  jobs@goop.com 

 Wow…. what  a fun opportunity for somene who is talented beautiful,  creative , single,  and did i mention ……. sooooo talented   … like my sister….  

it was fun seeing an add or something that makes you remember  the person you love… and is oen of yoru best freinds… it was soo fun havin gmy mom come back from all her trips around the world.. she would always have presents for us… her three daughters.. and  so often it was  items she picked up because she knew  the itmes would make me happy… or she thought of us when she saw them…. and i learned to do the same thing.. its soo fun to share what the people  you love …. love… to get  a trinket that makes tehm smile.. or to call them whe a great movie is on they love.. or a t.v show that they are interest in… or an article or book… that makes them  jsut share a piece of  yoru life with them… or i guess ther life with you….

mysisters were great about hat as well… when you have  your sisters as  a part of your  best friends…  group….. and even when you have those great best friends you get to know for the majority of your life… who know you soemtimes better than yourself.. who jsut their presence  and kind words makes your life better….. and who youwant to do all those  same nice things for them because they do allthose nice things for you.. and they do it jsut because they like  you… not for some alterior motive…  

anyway i miss my genuine friends…. myloving family…. and  allthose people who have  taken teh time to make my life better… and all the kind gifts, that had meaning and setiment  and showed you cared.. and you knew me and loved me…. to those people… thank you… and i miss you