Sunday October 09th 2011 @ 1:10am… where are my friends?

so this is a really big quesiton on my mind this evenign or i guess this morning….  so where are my friends?  i cant seem to connect ot them.. and i cannot seem to find them ….  its been at least 8 years… since  carla told me  on christmas eve.. that my familya d freinds thnk i am dead… and i’m starting to think  she may be onto something…HA! ( maybe this isnt a laughing matter….)  sine the identiy  theives started in 2002…. and  no one seems to be able to tell  that i am  really like for real.. the  origioanl mary jean ziska… born 1966…..  and  the wierd comments.. and the   horrible  exereinces i have had to endure…. are still not fixed….  

anyway… jsut need to say.. i miss my frinds and family.. have missed them every day since probaly starting  in 2002 and  if anyone is reading this.. please feel free to contact me…. really….. would  love to hear from  you… tha tis my genuine real authentic friends… and family….   wow how i have missed you…  luv mary jean ziska