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Wednesday march 16th 2011@ 12:22am( guess what?… i’m supposed to be engaged!)

yes you read correctly… i was checking my emails this evening.. a bit late but to my surprise i received an email  congratulating me.. on my engagement….. and letting me know the proper steps to  prepare for the great wedding…. all this  from peggy post… ( who is a kappa alpha theta like myself….and  in my alumni association here in naples….) and the emily post institute! …..

I just didn’t know whether  to laugh.. or to cry… so i did both! …. then i wrote this email to my old roommate.. who i think is still a friend… and i wondered.. another case of mistaken identity???? the same name.. in the same sorority…. or should i be worried again about identity theft… so will also put this email in  the my search for justice  blog as well…. shesh…. pretty bold if it is identity theft… to make sure that not only some of my sorority pictures were stolen… then also to make sure to get an announcement  for  my sorority…. i mean really bold…. ( of course i have a few other adjectives..HA! i could use… )  but will save those for private time in the car.. or in my home.. where all my frustrations  are allowed to come out…

Hi Scott…                                 Tuesday March 15th 2011

Did that get your attention?  HA! well the congrats announcement from  Emily post institute sure got my attention.. so not only did some little girl steal my sor. pictures… and my name.. and i guess my future husband( ha… ) i guess she is engaged.. will most likely be stealing all the presents i would ( like any of the other holidays… like my last b-day… and christmas… etc….)  be getting and all my friends  congrats… Sheesh… will this never end!  Iso hate wanna beeeeeeeeeeeessssss…but htis is worse.. its actually fraud… and theft…  adn  really…..idenity theft….. but it makes perfect sense since I am babysitting up a storm… I knew it was for weddings or engagements..parties… even just  regular spring break….usually it’s anything to KEEP me out of the way….( how sweet and thought ful..right?…..if they had anything to do  with it…that is exactly wht they have done in the past!…. but a lot of times it was to break into my home…. sheesh!  ) 


I have been thinking alot about the past…  when i was 18…. and left here after high school… to go to school in france.. i should have never come back… i woudln’t  have met gerard ahler… never been bullied.. never had to meet the  dreaded ohio state whore… i mean bully and trespasser… karen kahel… and i would  have been able to succeed and have a great life.. business  family children.. and never met any mean and horrid selfish people and the scummy criminals whove ruined everything….  wish i could go back and have done that….  even now i wish it…. that or a 10 million dollar  winning lottery ticket… 


babysat for some people and the one son looked a lot like you… you and your  look a likes.. you’d

better keep better  track of all of them….. sheesh…


anyway.. found  some great old cards from when my sisters and family and friends  knew i was alive…. and actually really loved and liked me… and along with pictures.. and all sorts of things… I  am missing a page (1) letter from a friend  i made while in cap d’ail…. from  the script writer friend i have… Beth Serlin….

do you thnk if i ran away now… that the little scummy imposter will just  keep on living my life?  It’s a shame that this entire town … allows it to happen….youthink someone would have morals.. values…and ethics… but what can you say about actores…i mean conartists.. i mean liars…cheats and thieves… and their “whore to door service girls”… I hope and pray that  there is a just god…  and stops all this soon…. no more lies.. no more manipulations… and no more stealing of my real life! and he better step in pretty quickly…    I’m really tired of it.. you know my life was jsut as valuable…. if not more … i was never fake!


I was going  to write this entire episode in my blog… www.mysearchfor my blog but i think i just may copy and paste this email that i am sending to you… its easier and its getting late…  and i still need to say my novena…   

If you hapen to run into any of my friends or family… please let them know.. i’m not getting married… no real dates for that matter…in …. forever…. please tell them to stop giving all my life… or hopes and dreams to all these fakes…  and please tell them…I really  really love them and miss them….thanks…. luv mary jean ziska 

A Tender Loving Care Service

Mary Jean Ziska   Assistant Director

Fri. march 11th 2011 @ 8:56pm ( thoughts of returning student days… night time pick up at the dhahran airport..and breakfast… no matter what time!)

so last night… after babysitting, I went to say my novena… then get gas…  ( mobil on the  run. ton of police cars and one limo… couldn’t have felt safer!HA! ) … then home… and was a bit hungry so had breakfast…at midnight! 

blueberry pancakes…
I  was flooded with memories of returning student days.. of flying into the Dhahran airport the night lights of the  air strip… the rush of heated air when the doors open and walk down the stairs to customs..( yes it was that long ago when there were stairs that you had to walk down and walk into the terminal or to a bus that woudl take youto th eterminal….  then  after customs….  seeing your family… and at last….. home… and special time…. long talks about the trip… then about school… then about  anything on my mind…  really great memories…  and of course accompanied  with breakfast …. no matter what time…. and anything I  wanted.. .  eggs.. pancakes… anything that was for breakfast….

I will always remember those special nights and special  times…. of course  breakfast last night   was yummy…( I had heard this recipe.. where you add vanilla and  cinn. in the pancake batter with the  blueberries… I had made them and frozen them…. so it was nice and easy but what I missed was the conversation….  but it did bring back all the memories…  Ahhhhh sweet memories…. 

Tuesday March o7th 2011 @9:27pm ( positive afirmations by mary jean ziska)

When i was going through my posts and found my post of my affirmations but it wasnt finished… i could have sworn tht i had written allthese out… but itwas pretty much blank….  so these are affirmations…wihses dreams goals… whateer you wnt to call them… but if given a perfect life..ones with no restrictions… this is the life i would  have… these are the gifts to family and friends I would make… and….

Positive affirmations by mary jean ziska
( written July 10th 2008)

I am so happy and grateful now that God blesses me and…..

1.  I have an overabundnce of all that is great/wonderful and nice in my life

2.  I am a multi millin dollar winner of the florida state lotto lottery

3.  I am a successful in life/ in love/in business 

4.  I have more money than i could ever spend in my entire  long lifetime.  I have an unlimited amount of money and financial resources at my disposal  all the time.

5.  I invest intelligently adn have profitable investments

6.  Abundant amounts of Money come to me daily and easily and frequently and honestly and in my own name.

7.  I succeed at everything i attempt and i get credit for the success

8.  I am surrounded by real God derived connections in freinds/family/loved ones I will live my entire life surrounded by peole who are divine connections and who truly, honestly love and cherish me and each other.  

9.  I am very healthy in  all areas of life ( physically, socially and emotionally adn spiritually) happy energetic and fit.

10.  everyone that i meet in  my life or surround myself with is happy healthy and is a positive influence, and a mulitonnarie with no issues or problems are honest and nice, helpful and honestly like me

11.  I have a family who loves me wants the very best life can offer me, is honest moral and has class, style poise and taste 

12.  I have a family who loves me and anjoys spending time wiht me and likes spenidn time with me and asks to frequently do activities with me such as yachting, shopping, movies, vacations, spa treatments, theater, meseums, functions, dinners, lunches, brunches, church,  and who calls and keeps in contact dailywith positive, joyous messages and great ositive and happy news every day! 

13.I have an amazing family that has great lives of ther own and together we are unstoppable they are all successful each member of my family is successful and they create happiness, greatness, wealth and prosperity everywhere they go!

14.  God blesses me every day adn i am grateful for teh blessings!

15.  I wond a beautiful fully furnished beach fornt pent house condo inteh enclae located at 4601 on gulf shore blvd. anaples flroida tha is completely paid off adn had a lifetime of maintence fees paid for in advance.

16.  I am blessingmy birthmother adn DNA verified mother wiht her own beach front  condo in either teh triese ( 8787 bay colony florida naples flrida)  where she can enjoy her retirement.  At the residence she will have a personal chef adn a staf to take care of daily maintence and chores.  

17.  I am blessing my birth and DNA verified father with a luxurious haome in Palm beach flrida one block form my sister’s home wher ehe can enoy his retirement adnd be close to his grandchildren.  At the residences he wil have a persoanl chef adn a staff to take care of daily maintence and chores. 

18.  I am blessing my birth and DNA verified sister  youngest sister with paying off her homes in Plm beach flrida and in colorado.  at teh residence she has a personal che adn staff to care ofr alldaily maintence adn chores.

19.  I am blessing my birth and DNA verified  middle sister  wiht paying offher home in palm beach florida at the residence she has a personal chef adn staff for car fo alldaily mantence adn chores.  

20.  I also own a beautiful and luxurious home onteh beach in palm beach one block away orm my DNA verified sister adn father.  At teh residence i have a personal chef and staff to care for all daily maintence and chores. 

21.  I retain ownership and completely paid off condo in naples florida. profesionaloy furnished and available for myself oar for  friends  or family to visit at the residence i have a personal chef and staff to care for all daily maintence and chores.

22.  I deposited teh 100 million dollar check in my safe /secure bank where my money and safe deposit boxes are ultra secure and able to be accessed only by me and verified throught helatest technology using biometric access processes.

23.  I have amazing accountsants and bankers who are trust worthy, honest and moral.  they assist in maintaining accurate accounting of all financial matters and assist in creating wealth and safe secure methods for only me to utilizeteh accounts.

24.  I make a positve difeence in theis world through philanthropy and asit in making dreams and wishes come true.

25.  I am truly ,honestly loved by my true soul mate and will be married and live happily  ever  after  for  real 

26.  I am able to bless everyone ( friends and faily especially!) that are good adn  kind and ncie to me.  Iam constantly able to bless them allthe time and wiht special personal gifts and favors.. ( and see them pass along goodness and blessings to others)

27.  I have a safe, secure life, for myself , for my famly, and for my extended family.  I wil lhave additonal body gurds if needed ) the latest in security technology foru ourhomes secure phoen lines an dcomputer lines and ma able to keep and maintain a safe secure envirement everywhere i go.

28.  I travel aorund the world an dvisit allmy friends /family allthe itme and a t a monents notice.. an onmy onw private plane or car or yatch.

29.  I am able ot make new /nteresting divine connections and have amazing influential friends in my life every day!  Mulitonaires who are mentors, frinds and guides throughout my life! who asist in making my swihses and dreams come true to allow me to have th ebest happes and most fulfiling life possible so tha i can in return help others!

30.  I have many  amazing, ture and honest freinds! I will maintain these freindships thourout my entire lifetime!

31.  all the people i know and meet will be prosperous, generous mulimilionaires who are passionate about life and make a positive difference ini my lfe and in the world!

32.  I have only the  best and finest qualities in  freinds, material possessions, accommodations and in all areas of my life!

33.  I am achieving many additional degrees and certification and am completig many course and seminares  including harvard executive education courses.. an MBA and possibly continue for a doctorate degree form an ivy league school.

34.  I am creating numerous prosperous business blessing people  wiht fulfilling their passions theri dreams hopes and joob fulfillment alog with being a capital of industy i am bale ot give back to athe comunity adn ecomomy through my successful businesses.

35.  I have a minimum of 10 homes all paid off,  all rofessionally decorated, and all available for myself /myfirneds and family to use with my permission.  Each home residence will have  a personal chef and staf to care for all tdaily maintence and chores.

35.  homes:locations:
a.  penthouse beach from condo in napels florida
b.  condo  onthe beach in bay conoly with ritz access
c. condo at tiburon with golf access and ritz access
d.  home in palm beach a block
from   my sister and father
e.  one home /villa in Monaco
f.  one home/ villa in switzerland
g. one home in Pais
h.  one  home in australia or hawaii
i.  one home in greece… on a ncie quiet island
j.  one home conso in dubai
k.  one home /condo in california
l. one home/condo in vail colorado

transportation:  own a jot for travel / own a yacht for travel adn vacations/own cars at each of the homes:
cadillacs suv hybrids/ bmw/ mercedes/ porche/ rolls royce/ bently

36.  I am protected form all harm evey minute of every day of my life
 fromhackers/ fakery/ fraud/ manipulation/ con artists/ trespassers/ bulling/ idenity theft/imposters/ any mean selfish eveil person who steals businesses, ruines reputations, ruines relationships, family, ruines reputation, and has selfish and manipulative motives andintensions that harm my life or the lifes of my family or friends.

37.  i am always anad throuout my life protected from anyone who oudl ever hurt aor abuse me or steal form me or bully me or harm me in any whay shape or form!

38.  I live a happy , safe secure and abundant life full of peace laughter and joy.

39.  I have an amazing designer wardrobe in each of my 10 homes.

40.  I have a personal assistnat and stff whoare honest, moral, trustworthy adn oyal and love ther positions because i can provide them wiht additional fulfilment of achieing theirown personal goals and dreams.

41.  I have a personal trainer and work ato achieve a ver well defined thn and healthy, fit body. 

42.  I have the best haridresser/ spa treatmens and maintain manicures, pedicures massages for maintence and enjoyment.

43.  i have impecale etiquette and manner in all occassiona but i am still allowed ot be my bet self possible and am genuine, real, nice sweet intelligent and still have fun!

44.  I will live a long an d fulfilled life and leave a wonderful legacy.

45.  I am so happy and grateful now tht God listens and answers and grants my prayers requests, affirmatons and wishes every day!

Tuesday march 7th 2011 @5:10pm ( lifelapse …. also from wsj today)

There was a really cool video that had three creators of a product called  
 life lapse.. If I understand it correctly it’s aim is to capture  life on the go from a first person perspective…. they explained it to be like the data from  twitter but with a video… when i first saw the video i thought of lots of possibilities….

found the video under:  wsj for  all things digital

Tuesday March 07th 2011@4:33pm ( this morning comments on cnbc…. concerning ali al naimi and the worth of having an ivy league education!)

  Its really neat to hear a familiar name or know the  people they are talking to on the television… last week it was weird.. they were doing interviews concerning the oil situation in saudi with man who may have had his own opinions.. but i was a  bit shocked that they just didn’t speak with ali al naimi…. raimi’s dad… who is now the oil minister of saudi arabia…. who I thought would have had a much better view point on the oil situation.. and since i believe a few years ago erin  actually did an interview… with him…i knew Raimi from growing up in saudi and knew his father by name… and by sight… so it was nice to see that today at lest they had a reputable quote from ali al naimi… concerning the oil situation…. and the saudi perspective… actually last week they actually mentioned ARAMCO….. always love hearing about  the company that supported  my childhood…. HA!  

the article and discussion is concerning and ivy league education…. and the value of it… my answer is that it is definately worth it… I ended up going  to  university of florida which is a fine school… but it is the connections the associations.. the ideas and the overall people you associate with in high school  and college and of course  your own motivation , intelligence, and overall  drive and even your life expereinces that will influence  what you are able to achieve… and who you are able to become… but if you have the  opportunity to  enhance your expereience… to make the most of   your entire college expereince… then i say YES… do it….
Today there was also a mention of a

Ivy League Diplomas Still Worth Price of Admission?

Published: Tuesday, 1 Mar 2011 | 1:28 PM ET

Text Size

By: Mark Koba
Senior Editor

They’re often called the elite eight, boasting U.S. presidents, Nobel Prize winners, Wall Street CEOs, world leaders—as well as famous actors and musicians—among their alumni.

But they’re incredibly expensive and getting more so—prompting many students and families to ask: Is an Ivy League diploma really worth the money?

No. And, well, yes. When it comes to education, they may be a draw with other schools, say analysts. But if your concern is getting and keeping a well-paying job for a lifetime, the Ivy League is still hard to beat.

“When an employment recruiter looks at an Ivy League degree, they will usually look at it more carefully,” says Elena Bajic, founder and CEO of Ivy Exec, an online executive job search site. “An Ivy League education makes a candidate stand out, even before a recruiter talks to them.”

Besides a high-profile degree, Ivy league schools provide a social network that other schools can’t duplicate—emphasizing it’s who you know as much as what you know, says Brian Eberman, CEO of, an education comparison site.

“From an undergraduate perspective, the primary advantage of Harvard or Yale is the connections that college creates between the students and their peers,” Eberman explains. “Those connections can be quite valuable over time when it comes to jobs and salaries.”


For the eight schools—Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Yale, Dartmouth, Brown, Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania—their pedigree is long established. Seven of the schools are older than the American Revolution. (Cornell was founded in 1865.)

And admission standards for all are intimidating—they mostly take the top ten percent of a senior high school graduating class with the highest of SAT scores. All have sizeable endowments and get plenty of financial support from alumni while drawing first-class teachers.

“Students at higher end schools are taught by faculty who are leaders in their fields,” says Dr. Patricia Brandt, associate dean and director at Stanford University. “To work with these faculty is to engage in study at the farthest reaches of the subject.”

While not the most costly of U.S. colleges—Sarah Lawrence has that distinction at some $57,556 a year—Ivy League school fees average around $55,000, more than the median American annual income of $46,000.

Link1CNBC Education and You 2011 - See Complete Coverage

But Ivy League grads should be more than able to recover those costs when they enter the working world, according to statistics.

Depending on  a graduate’s degree, the lowest median starting salary for an elite eight ranges from $49,400 for Brown to $59,600 for the University of Pennsylvania.

According to one study, that’s about 32 percent higher than a graduate at a non-Ivy League, liberal-arts school.

A mid-career salary ranges from a low of $99,700 from Columbia to a high of $123,000 from Princeton and Dartmouth.

Those high-end salaries are a direct benefit of a high-end education, says Amanda Griffith, assistant professor of economics at Wake Forest University.

“Research suggests that educational expenditures and peer quality are related to future success in the labor market,” adds Griffith. “Students that graduate from top institutions can expect higher average salaries.”

Griffith says that an Ivy League student might also be getting a bonus even before taking a job.

“Students at higher tuition schools often receive significant funding from university endowments and alumni,” Griffith says. “As a result, students will get a salary benefit by not having to pay the full cost of their education.”

As for the actual learning behind a diploma, some experts say other schools are now equal to an Ivy League degree.

Harvard University

Paul Glamou | Aurora | Getty Images

Harvard University

“They enjoy a reputation that can’t be equaled. However, it doesn’t mean the education  matches it,” says W. Kent Barnds, vice president of enrollment, communications and planning at Augustina College. “Many other university programs have caught up with them academically.”

“Businesses are giving less preference to Ivy League grads since the advent of specific program rankings,” says Dr. Mel Schiavelli, president of Harrisburg University of Science and Technology in Pennsylvania. “Yale does not have an accounting program that equals the University of Maryland, and accounting firms recruit accordingly.”

And not everyone who wants to climb the corporate ladder needs to be an Ivy Leaguer, says Katherine Cohen, CEO and founder of IvyWise, a private college admissions counseling company based in Manhattan.

“Some of our nation’s political leaders and Fortune 500 CEOs have come out of Ivy League schools, but there are still many more who did not and succeeded,” Cohen explains. “Employers are more interested now in what a student has made of his or her college experience.”

But some traditional firms still head to the Ivy League for new recruits because they are considered special, says Bajic.

“Senior execs like to hire within their circle. And companies like Goldman Sachs [GS  161.30    2.15  (+1.35%)   ] , Credit Suisse  [CS  43.30    -0.20  (-0.46%)   ] , McKinsey, BCG, Bain and others continue to put a preference on Ivy League grads because they see them as intelligent and driven,” Bajic says.

In the end, however, it may be just as important to take stock of one’s life as it is to brag about the college they attend, says Stanford’s Brandt.

“After a certain age, people don’t ask each other about their SAT scores or where they went to school,” Brandt explains. “Such individuals value each other based on how they have moved through life and what good they have done for others.”

CONTINUED: Yale senior says connections are worth tuition

For many college-bound students, the lure of a Dartmouth or Cornell remains intoxicating.

Christopher Stanley is a 21 year-old senior at Yale and has already secured an investment banking job on Wall Street after graduation. By picking an Ivy League college, the native of Los Angeles, Calif. admits to taking the fast track he saw others get on.


Getty Images

Yale campus

“My high school really set the tone for me to attend an Ivy League school,” says Stanley, a student athlete who chose Yale over Penn and Brown, as well as other colleges that offered full scholarships.

“There were so many kids from my high school football team that got admitted to Ivy league schools and got great jobs and were off to do great things with their lives,” Stanley explains. “For me, the choice to attend Yale involved the ‘Oh’ factor as a resume builder.”

The ‘Oh’ factor comes with the first step on campus, Stanley says.

“We’re constantly told that we have been selected because we are better and special,” says Stanley, who will graduate with a double major. “This gets instilled in our brains from the moment we enter Yale.”

Stanley warns that an Ivy League school is not for everyone—at least when it comes to finances.

“I’ve had great experiences at Yale, but the school itself does not breed success. If money isn’t an issue then come here,” says Stanley, whose family paid for his first three years before he received a full scholarship as a senior.  “If money is an issue, you can probably get a good education elsewhere.”

As he sums up the last four years, Stanley concedes the opportunities that lay ahead may be worth more than the education he got.

“Is my degree worth it? Maybe not,” Stanley explains. “Are the connections worth it? Definitely.”

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Tuesday march 7th 2011 @ 4:48pm ( article form the wsj: bulgari gives LVMH a bump)

 I only got to see part of the article  on line for wsj but very interesting  addition to louis vuitton..

” paris- LVMH (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton SA)  already luxury goods industries No 1 player is propelling itself for ahead of its 2 main rivals with the 4.3 billion
(6.01billion ) takeover of italian jewerly Bulgari.
   An acquistion that bolsters the high fashion and jewwey industry stategy of grouping many lables under one roof.

very interesting yes? i think so…. lots of possibilities….

Tuesday March 07th 2011 @ 4:14pm ( theta groups…. LOVE KAPPA ALPHA THETA)

so the perks of actually being a part of a sorority… the alumni associations .. all those amazing woman who are accomplished .. who have a love for philanthropy… and making their lives count … i am so proud that  Laura  ush and her daughters are Kappa alpha thetas… so many others are  also members of the kappa alpha theta… even Peggy post… from the emily post institute..  infact the emily post  institute is where i wanted to take their teach the teacher classes… and have the etiquette school be associated with such a wonderful organization….. 

within the organization there are so many perks.. and so many wonderful  additions… today infact i found  that there is a blogging group…. and have shared this blog (where i am writing right now.) with them as they have shared their blogs withthe other members….
Mine again are: ..  and   

How neat is it to share ideas… and blogs…  

If i am allowed to share the blogs here i will add their links….

Tuesday March 07th 2011 @3:32pm ( letters i wrote to the catholic churches in naples for x-mas)

I wrote christmas cards to all the churches in naples… 
To  St. John’s catholic church I gave the x-mas card to Father John after church 
To St. Williams catholic church I gave the card to a woman named Helen who was outside the church when i went to deliver the card and it was closed.
To St. Anns  and Ave Maria  I actually still have the cards…. Opps… and wanted to hand deliver  them…. to introduce myself to the priests.. and perhaps get a chance to tell them about my novena… and ask about novenas… when it will be granted… and why hasn’t it been answered yet.  

I also sent a card to joel Osteen ministry… and a small donation to St. Jude children’s hospital… and then to different departments of the Ritz Carlton beach resort, stores at the waterside shops…. and had plans to make sure to  get cards to friends on facebook… and reconnect with as many friends family as i could locate…. mainly i had created a card  and newsletter on constant contact.  I wrote cards of thanks and acknowledgement for being friends, and for being a positive  part of my life…. 

… of course no cards to any bullies… HA! or anyone who harmed my life…HA!

I wish i could actually know for sure who would be on the good list or the bad list at times… like santa… wouldn’t that make life so much easier? HA!      

So there are a bit of variations for the cards but each and every card had a heart felt message:

To  all the priests, and associates of St___________ Catholic church!  I just  wanted to take a moment to thank you for your unfailing gift of prayer, faith, love for the catholic communities  and for  our catholic faith.  

I began a novena to St. Jude on August 12th 2009 ( for my own intension of a huge financial miracle and for protection from all harm and evil!)  I also started a list of those  people who asked for prayers who who blessed me.. and of course  from those i wanted God to Bless and Protect! 

I added your church to my list and have asked God to Bless ad protect all the priests and associates of ST____________ catholic church!  I say it every day and have been saying it for the past 1 year ( 4 months…. but by now it is over 6 months….) 

i pray that God increases your passion for God’s word, for the passion to shine through your sermons.  that your parisionaiors … all the people who attend  all the masses in naples.. become better christens and and catholics and for God to bless each and every person and priest who works for the church and goes to church! 

I pray that faith is increased and that God’s miracles and love are evident all around!  that he actually answers all our  prayers and i hope this card and the next year brings much happiness  love and prosperity!  

May all your wishes , dreams and prayers come true! Please continue to keep me in your prayers and thank you for your continued prayers of protection from harm. 
If you need to reach me i have a # of ways to be contacted: I have blogs where you can comment or email addresses associated with each website:  and 

I am still working with my mothe’s ( marion gregory ziska) businesses 
@  and   

Again,  thank you Merry Christmas and Happy new year may God bless you and Bless us all, luv mary jean ziska