september 17-18 2010

well it is official… once again my blog post (that I started about an hour ago )  was not saved… no auto save at all… Uggg again frustrating.. and I was just getting into writing …

 well another late night call to the help people.. I  got a  message via email  from the help and it just  told me…..

 “not to worry that everything will be saved because we have “auto” save in go daddy”

… somehow mine  is not working! HELP! but the funny part… OK it is kinda funny for a while… then it  it is so frustrating  trying to tell someone what is happening … ( the posts not auto saving...) and then have a person  who is genuinely trying to help… tell you that

him:  ” Well, it is not supposed to be doing that..”
me:  ” yes… that is why i am calling you… it is not responding the way it should…”  and the conversation continues…
him: no it should be auto saving… 
: but its not…
but it should be 
but I’m trying to explain its not…..

so maybe it is the amount of words? no it didn’t save even one word… o.k. so now what… i am actually thinking that it must be two blogs… so I guess  I will have to either write out everything in long hand..or in word save and hopefully when I post it I will have my writings back… weird..

Its like I am in some alternate blog… with a  fake me  getting some posts… and the real me…not getting the posts…  but the real me… me…. mary jean ziska is getting the raw end of this since the impostor is stealing not only my posts…  it feels more like my identity.. because it is  my words.. and moments from my life…  my life… uggg..

in real life.. its like when I had  my driver’s license stolen in 2005 with credit cards for a month…  its such a pain..trying to solve the situation….. if there was a “fake”person… getting the posts… or just identity theft situation…  wow..  can you imagine how much trouble some girl will be in when she is found out to be the fraud!HA!
but lets  just hope that the person  who set up my bog screwed up and somehow  made a double…  or there is some very simple explanation!