August 14th 2010

Today August 14th 2010, I had a brain storm!  Last week I watched Julie and Julia, and  I decided  that I can also write a blog… on the world of dating !  … or more specifically my NON dating world…

Here goes my attempt of entering into the dating world using E harmony, and any other method (that is normal of course)… any interesting yet safe method that is… suggestions are welcomed …  I  may  even try…. and any recommendations  I may even  attempt…..that anyone may give me on the dating world these days…. 

So ….. today I googled mail order husbands and got the laugh of a life time… I will tell who ever is interested in a laugh the exact website if you really want to know…  but needless to say… I honestly think the site I viewed must have been a joke!….  get this…. man with a tattoo… who would like to date someone with the same name on the tattoo… or if anyone wanted to change their name to the name on the tattoo….he didn’t want to bother dealing with changing the tattoo….HA! what a hoot!!

So here I start this blog… at 44 years old…never married no children….  with every intention of meeting my gingerbread man… I mean for real… if God is listening… I must be ready by now don’t you think? HA! 

I also just finished saying a novena for a full year… actually even a few days over a year  according to today’s date… the novena was for a huge financial miracle for me…. then of course my affirmations and dreams and goals to come true… and I have a list of all these people who have either asked for prayers.. or have been wonderful and nice to me in my life .. the ones you really hope are blessed with great fortune.. with happiness. health, and all their  wishes to come true…
Do you think that God is waiting for me to meet my gingerbread man until after I have had my prayers answered?… or like in my story… the right guy for me just isn’t ready to meet me yet?  

So I am new at this posting… I hope the stories and comments I receive can be inspiring for those of us who do still believe that there is this perfect  person for each one of us (yes I know I’ve heard it a million times there is no perfect person… but what I mean is …. my perfect person ….the perfect fit for me…and yes I know it is not the same as yours…. of course….)  

My goal or mission is to see if the gingerbread man theory I created in 2003… will come true… to see how the dating world is going these days… to let you know the funny and amusing stories of the dating world… and eventually,   hopefully to find Mr. Right … My …. gingerbread man!  Who knows…. I even thought of doing a contest… with a cash prize…. for the person or group of people who can find me my gingerbread man… I haven’t figured out all the details… and my mother was clever enough to come up with a byline… the “Internet Bachelorette”…. just not on television…. (no real names will be used in any of my stories)…. and hopefully no crying….
Eventually…  I will  have to put a time frame on a contest If I decide to do such a thing…. 

Hopefully… a fairy tale happily ever after ending  to a small story I wrote ages ago for my sisters and girlfriends….  thanks for listening… hope to hear from you soon, Luv Mary Jean z.