sunday october 9th 2011@12;55am… how damm hard is it to have a real genuine conversation these days?

so here is the thing… how hard is it to have a real and genuine conversation these days… i will get ton the phoen with someoen … and they give me a play by play of the dog they are walking.. and teh  weather.. and the stops they make… but when i hang up.. no real conversation ther at all.. its liek a waste of breath….i ean i understan d not every conversation needs to be intelicutal or deep or solve world hunger.. or  even touch on  really valid topics… but  maybe real  quesitons… like how was yoru day.. and how  are you doing… and actually mean  it… and listen to athe answers.. and then go from there…  youknow… back and forth  with real genunine conversation… bringing up past events.. and laughin gabout  current situations… and no restricgtiosn  on what can and cannot be said…  as if you were being sensored or yrouconversation was being recorded.. but autaly really care aboutteh person on the other end of the phone… and take teh time to give real advice if asked… and not interject  personally motivated manipulation…. you know… and wow.. if you can actually talkabout hoes and dreams.. and inspire someone to  believe  again.. in anything… in ther passions.. in ther hopes intheir dreams.. in their lives, jobs… hobbies… in anything… to actually make a conversaon something tha tyou can remember  tha tinspired you… and theat motivated you… een tha t made youalugh… and made you happier.. to feel a kindred spirit onteh other end of the phone… and to knwo the next time you pick up the phone you  will be able to continue or start a new conversation… not  a new freindship.. or have to start all over like a blank charl board with a new dreaft… but hopefully be able to be talkign to a real friend… on e with a history… and a presen tand who wnats to hve many conversations  in teh future…. that to me is the  basis of a real genuine conversaton… no acting.. no fakes.. no fraud… no phonies… and nthing false… but a real genuine authentic conversation either in perosn.. or on the phone.. or even through skype..or chat.. or however  you want to connect to another real human being.. and give  a smart part of your self  over  to another.. to share a moment in time and in life… that is geinuine and real  and cannot be duplicated.. nor stolen… not faked… but just real….    and  when you tell them you love them… that you actually mean it..