July 7th 2012 birthday card to my sister happy birthday…(to both of us!)luv mary jean ziska hope

July 7th 2012

Another year
already?  … Really?…… Ha!  Can you believe we’ve survived yet another
year! And here we are at another birthday! 
One of these  years perhaps we can
spend our birthday together!… When God Grants us a   year free of problems HA!  Hopefully soon, both our lives will be

Marie ziska… what can I say ( actually a lot HA!)  I am honored to be your sister, to share your
birthday ( July 7th ) and to remember you as my  best friend and  to have 
grown up with you.. To have such a pure bright, wise soul for a baby
sister has been intimidating at times,  
but a sheer joy  to experience!

I wish your
entire life had been filled with “pure sugar and spice and everything nice” I
have loved having the “light of your 
spirit “ shine even near me- to have had such a loving, beautiful, kind,
generous,   sister in my life!  To grow up with .. was a blessing- Your
unconditional and devoted love from a best friend and from you and Maura is a
true sisterhood! 

I wish for
thisbirthday adnthis year that yoru hopes and dreams  come true, that yoru heart is filled with
love, that your pocketbook ( ie finances) 
are overflowing that your passions are fulfilled and that you enjoy yor
birthday surrounded by friends and family! 

A special
note to my sister madelon marie ziska.. you hold a special place in my heart
that can never be replaced will never be forgotten… My love for my  sisters and family and friends is timeless
and never ending… 

Mattie, just
the  thought  of anyone even hurting you   or your dreams  causes me pain and tears… your spirit filled
with love, generosity, and positive life affirming inspiration is so unique and
so valuable and so evident to everyone you meet.. you are life enhancing in
your ability to see and be your authentic self! What a gift!

May guardian
angels protect you from harm, may your prayers be answered immediately, may
your impact on the world be as positive and inspirational as you are to your
family and to me..

I’ve loved
you from the moment Mom brought you home from the hospital my first memory..
maybe even before  when mom and dad left
my 4th birthday party for your 
arrival into this world!

You have
been a bright light in this world for me and everyone you meet!

I miss
having you  as my best friend, and in my
life everyday ! You are a treasure that is irreplaceable!  Ay God Bless you & Protect you always!

All my love
forever and ever my baby sister… luv mary jean ziska

( the real
regular person, now a bit older, at 46… by july 7th HA!

To madelon
marie ziska

Ps:  You are beautiful inside and outside.. your
intelligence, your  wisdom , your
friendship, your kindness, … there are so many positive adjectives… to describe
you… You have so much to offer this world….I pray God allows you to shine! Luv
mary jean ziska

Mattie, I hope you got this present sent form neiman marcus… and the card with money in it…. I keep getting conflicting  information  on what  you did receive.. and when you did recieve it… know that i love my sister madelon marie ziska… you were/are a blessing in soo many ways…  you will always  have a treasured place in my heart… my sister my friend…  you and  Maura i miss every minute of every day…. you were my strength … my love for you both… never ending… and always present….. no matter where you are..i will remember everything  you brought to my life… ..  i will stand up for you always… i will love you always… and i will remember you always as my constant best friends….my sisters..   luv mary jean ziska   



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