Fri. July 27th 2012 @ 9:09am where is the mythical william….

Blog post: mythical “William”

There’s a gentleman I meant, you told me not to worry that the right guys out there claims his name is William is 42 years old is tall thin blond has no children and is professional.  He said he was religious ethical and moral didn’t break the law as profession has changed a few times.  This mythical William is supposed to be either a stockbroker, a lawyer, read something to do with me winning or to steal at a lottery!  Sounds like a dream in which case more than likely since this is not a real person is mythical money and does not exist.  I’m thinking, but the oen of this gentleman in person is speaking to me and may be trying to reassure you that women of my age is granddaughter star in law or someone else but great guys still exist and in which case is talking…  At me…  And not really to me.  When I first heard the name William of funny story hadn’t thought of in a long long time came to mind the assure that this gentleman.

As you may recall my mother has a babysitting business but how ther went to that subsection and I use to meet absolute me sing people and family’s on breaks and holidays from college and even after college up until today…  Which is 46 years old.  As babysitting for a family in an amazing high-rise here in Naples and had a son named William.  This absolutely adorable young boy at eh five years old, requested and make a date with them to meet him on top of a tall building in Chicago.  I remember the name being sleepless in Seattle and an affair to remember and humor him as we decided September would be a great mom had a great ad in my book or safe couldn’t wait to tell his parents how cute of a request and out adorable for him to decide that should be someone he would ever want to date of course when he grew up…  You will be amazing!  Of that point in time it was probably the only person who had actually officially asked me how the needy in forever and it touched my heart!

It’s amazing when children can say something out of the blue and it makes your day!

So, we’re we’re WHERE might this mythical WILLIEM really be?