Saturday july 23rd 2011 @ 10:30pm ( teh ntoe i wrote adn gave to teh ritz carlton gormet shop…. simialr to allteh thank you notes i wrote and gave out yesterday… )

to everyone at eh Gormet shop ( rttz carlton beach resort naples florida )

i dont knwo if in a card i can honestly and with teh sincerest heart let you know how gratedful and thankful i am fo r yoru kindness  oyour friendship adn your warn smilesagreetings over these past years.. but inthis card i will certainly tryto convey the epth of my appreciation!
When people or teh workd woudl seem to make me cry or bully me.. i knew when i woudl ‘run away.. to teh ritz carlon beach resort  come to  the gormet shop and get my vanila icecream i knew  somehow things woudl start to get better mytears woudl stop  your smiles and warm hello  great and familiar faces were always so freindsly sweet an cice and chaged whatever was going aroun me.. i jstu want to take a moment to thak you fromteh bottoma o fmyheart for al tyour kindness decency adn freindship and to let you know that you mada  positive diffeence in my life an i cant begina to tell youthank you enough.. incase i sont get a chance to bring any small gifts acrds aro giagngerbtad men this  holiay season  i want to make sure you ar aware of how much i appreciat al of ou guys and all teh peole and the ritz carlton beach resort ni naples 

I guess you can consider this a bit of an  early holiday /christmas card wth teh warmenst of wishes for ou and yoru families.. i am stil saying that st jude novena everyday and include  your an yoru familys with a prayer for protection form harm adn for blessign youadn yoru families may bl yoru wishes adn dreams come true adn may ou ahve a great new year! with sincerest than kyou for everything luv mary jean ziska